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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, they have yet to announce whether or not Spirit of Rebellion will have starter sets associated. I think it would be smart to release them consistently because of the importance of characters in this game. If you try to build a deck on boosters alone you are at the mercy of pulling characters that will synergize. Even if starters continue to be 20 card decks, having 2 guaranteed characters is important to give anybody trying to get into the game something to build upon and variety in that regard is pretty essential IMO.
  2. I'm looking to trade Han Solo and some rares for the last 2 light side Legendaries I need: one with the Force and Poe Dameron. Take Han and any 2 from: Electroshock, Force training, Qui Gon, Nightsister, Padawan (2 available), DL44 (2 available), outpost, diplomatic immunity. In exchange I'm looking for One with the Force and Poe.
  3. Hello! I've already had some successful trades through Facebook and Reddit, so I figured I would post my list here as well. I'm located in central CT, but will ship anywhere in the US. Looking For: Legendary One with the Force Poe Thermal Detonator x2 Rare Ackbar Rebel Trooper Force Protection x2 Hired Gun Uncommon Endless Ranks For Trade Night sister Immobilize x2 Infantry Grenade x2 Qui Gon Jinn x2 BB-8 Diplomatic Immunity x2 Force Training Black Market The Best Defense x3 Nowhere to run Confiscation Return of the Jedi Jedi Council x2 Hyperspace Jump Shoot First Second Chance x2 All In Flank x3 Echo Base Emperor’s Throne Room x2
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