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  1. Not sure if it's a save or a load bug: I regularly (always?) lose Titles on my lists. E.g., add a Gladiator with the Demolisher title, but after saving and reloading the title is gone. Same for other ships
  2. Can't speak for all the guys around but I happen to be on rather friendly terms with the creator... Of course there will be hangars for wave 2, problem is, the ships aren't available yet in germany and I can't afford buying both the english and the german version (my boys insist on having the german version) so you have to wait until they have arrived here. Even more unfortunately, at the moment it looks like they won't be available at the same time as the english version So unless you intend to have an english version shipped to me I'm sorry to tell you that you'll have to wait for the german release. I'll keep you posted about the ETA! Just a quick update, Wave 2 has been released in Germany and SirWillibald has been working on the new hangars: http://www.moseisleyraumhafen.com/t5462p75-armada-sirwillis-workshop#167055 Nothing released yet, but should be done soon
  3. They were also used in the recent Darth Vader comic series from Marvel, e.g. in issue 12: https://comicstore.marvel.com/Darth-Vader-2015-12/digital-comic/40465(Click on See What's Inside for a preview)
  4. They do! But shipping to Germany/Switzerland (which I checked) is still not too cheap, so it barely makes sense to buy there when you just have to pay a little bit more to get it locally
  5. I see two other potential options for the future: Winning the same title 3x in a row means you're World Champion for life, the rest of us will now continue competing for the new title of "World-excluding-Paul-Heaver Champion" (alternative title: "Best of the Rest Champion", "Emperor Paul's 2nd in Command") FFG acknowledges that Paul is now actually part of their team (I mean, 3 cards designed by him by the time Worlds 2016 comes around), and he's only allowed to play X-Wing for fun Either way, great job by Paul, impressive feat!
  6. Where? The image of the preview article shows the regular icon: See Garm Bel Iblis for comparison:
  7. I can't choose the Assault Proton Torpedoes for the Imperial ships
  8. Germany: 14-16 August Netherlands: 05. September Belgium: 19. September
  9. http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?pl=1&lid=4259418,121&h=4259418
  10. A few days ago, status was something like "waiting for approval" (think from Disney, due to licensing). So, keep checking on a daily basis! Only 1 more week to Gencon
  11. To add on, Ben Zweifel did some art for FFG as well (Raider, Armada): http://benzweifel.com/ https://twitter.com/pixelgarbage
  12. Not Wave 7, but they contributed to FFG Star Wars products before: http://wraithdt.deviantart.com/gallery/ http://anthonyfoti.deviantart.com/gallery/
  13. Added a couple of lists, will check later during the day how much progress has been made and might add some more if required
  14. I brought it to the Swiss Regionals, and was surprised to see it a second time there (with Autoblaster instead of PB). And even the mirror match happened...
  15. Really happy to hear that your list succeeded once again! After the Store Championship, you were contemplating replacing the Proton Bomb with an Autoblaster on Boba. What made you not change this? Did you try the Autoblaster and found less value in it? Or was the PB simply better in the end due to people's fear of it and then a different style of flying against Boba ("Must not get behind him") PS: I'm one of those German guys from Worlds - that evening, when 3 Texans and 2 Germans went to have some great burgers!
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