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  1. A 3 die ABT would be incredibly strong since i can one shot many ships. I do not think this would be a good idea as it becomes a little too good as you could then roll up on say soontier fel or most empire aces and one shot him without him being able to defend him self. The weapon it self to me is not the issue its when you get range bonus that seems a bit over the top to me. TLT was very good and that was with token stacking and AT. With out those abilities i really do not think this would be a good choice to bring over as it could become incredibly easy to push damage through. As they are reducing your tokens in general. As for the Mobile arc style of turrets. I do not know how often you played the lancers but I really enjoyed them and its not that hard to keep a target in that side arc. As for dodging that arc they have already shown us a card that can allow you to change the arc at the beginning of the attack phase. The Luke gunner allows you to spend a force point, which i believe regens, to change that arc at start of combat. I am really hoping this is a one off and they do not make any other cards that allow arc changes but if the door is open they may step through. I get that the TLT was liked by many and used by pretty much everybody. But when one turret is so good that it makes no sense to take any other turret is that a good thing? As for point costs as we do not know what anything costs that would be a conversation of only assumptions and we all know what that does.
  2. TLT due to its gunner affect was very bad to begin with. In 2.0 with even fewer actions available there is no need for this and the TLT should stay in 1.0. There are plenty of turrets out there to use, we do not need the TLT. After all it was mathematically better than every other turret in the game. Why bring over a weapon that nullifies every other turret? I believe the Krayts did a piece over it where if you had a 3 die turret range 1 to 2 that had all the mods baked in the TLT was still better. Leave the TLT to die we don't need it. Auto blaster is guaranteed out unless it gets no range bonus. Otherwise its a 2 point (severely under costed) turret that can do 3 damage with no defense. Sync I could see being in as it requires a target lock to use. And with out FCS its not as good as it once was. Dorsal seems fine nothing heavy with it but i do not think they would let it get the built in range bonus add in. Probably just say 2 die attack. Then it gets its 3 die normally. Then again a 2 die range to attack moving to 4 die range 1 attack would help to fend off those range 1 attacks from the enemy ships.
  3. Well dam now i have to find a way to ignore you. Side note off topic response needed to be removed anyways.
  4. Welcome to the community and the game! Not sure how your local scene is but in ours we have many veteran players who have pretty much anything. Ask around see if they will let you barrow some stuff to use. Maybe teach you how best to use each ship or upgrade. Then try out some of these ships to get an idea what you like. You and your friend have each a starter set try parting them out for one rebel and one imperial list and have some fun. Learn the basics of the game, maneuvering and the like. Then when September hits jump in as you will have an idea of where you want to go. The changes to the ships in 2.0 will be there but i really doubt they will change the fundamentals of each ship. A tie will still be a tie and the x wing will still be an x wing. As for purchases i'd go with one faction for now and keep your purchases light. No need to go head first when you know your gonna need to update later on. Last but not least have fun!
  5. Ten Numb - While you defend or perform an attack, you may spend 1 stress token to change all of your focus results to evade or hit results. So now even better than Keyan Farlander he works both on offense and defense.
  6. When you look at each pack containing something like 90 cards plus all the cardboard and i assume possibly bases its not that bad. Look at some board games these days for what is in 1 pack your probably look at $100. Also remember you dont need to buy $300 worth of stuff right away. Go in slow and but maybe 1 or 2 then get the rest.
  7. Will there be a charge for the app or can you download for free? As it is stated to be necessary to play. As FFG is now producing card packs is there a chance later on down the road that new pilot cards could be produced for old ships? Such as a rebel Soontier Fel or an imperial Tycho Celchu.
  8. BlackFalcon88


    In regards to what stores submitted, my local store submits every year. However as covenant is always guaranteed it really hurts what can be made available in the area. As for hosting at a loss, the kit is what $100? running it at 20 a person you break even at 5 so making a profit is incredibly easy.
  9. BlackFalcon88


    Hmm only one i can get to reasonably is Covenant, pass not a fan of the FFG outlet store. Guess i get to go to Nebraska. Past 3 years I have gone to 5 regional s guess I am not making one this year. Only one near Kansas Missouri Oklahoma and northern Arkansas. FFG certainly likes to make things difficult.
  10. Or, everyone can just set their dials on their half of the table but in a position that makes it obvious as to which ship it represents. This way you are not reaching into a scrum of dials and ships where you could accidentally pick up the wrong dial. This solves the problem that has been discussed and helps to prevent bumping of ships while reaching for dials. See fixes everything. And if some one does pick up your dial its prety obvious they meant to do it as their dials are on their side of the board. Easy
  11. Anti Personnel Missile 3 points Torpedo or Missile 3 attack range 2 - 3 If a damage card is dealt to the opponent ( hit or crit) then If no crew are on board the ship add one hit result or If there are crew on board attacker choose one to be discarded.
  12. I have used it along with Ventress and it was pretty effective against Soontier. Stress him and get a BMST off on him and he ran for a bit to unstress or get to range 3. That said it still is only a 50 50 shot on him. It seems to be more of a thing to make Soontier think twice about stressing.
  13. Used Ventress a few times and have really liked her the pure speed that ship has, is really good for chasing or running. Her ability completely locks down PTL ships. And while I like BMST it can be a pain especially when it misses. Been running her with Gyro turret, K4, title and BMST. For elite talent been trying Atanni with another ship or VI or adaptability to bring her in line with Kath. That way you can make use of the tractor beam token. The ship works well and tends to stay around for a little while even while its being focused. All in all a good toy. The other pilots do not seem to be a great buy unless you want to make Sabine into a huge tank her ability to add a focus for defense.
  14. We will be having a large tournament on April 16th at the Wichita Hyatt Regency Hotel This is not a regional FFG sponsored event however we do plan on giving out lots of prizes Top prize is going to be a large carrying case from https://www.feldherr.com/. With other prizes that will be announced as the event approaches but we are looking to be awarding tokens, and a mat. This will be a standard x wing tournament on Saturday with 100 point lists and 75 minute rounds. To pre-register for the event and for more information please go to http://www.flyingmonkeygt.com/p/flying-monkey-gt-wichitas-top-miniature_3.html This is a large event that is including many other games such as Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, and Warmachine and Hordes. But we at the Xwing tournament want to outshine the other groups so please come on out and help us have a big and fun tournament! Thank you and we look to see you there!
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