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  1. Boba used to be great at the beginning of 2.0, he just became really expensive with the last patch. I figure that in a 2-ship list that cost increase is somewhat more managable than in a multi-ship list because you usually do have points to spare for borderline costly upgrades. One of my favorite ships (an possibly underrated?) in 2.0 is IG-88B. I love how the Aggressors move with their medium base and the double Calculate works really well with the extra cannon shot of IG-88B. Advanced Sensors is also one of those really expensive upgrades that is managable in a 2-ship list but limits your options a lot in a multi-ship build. So here is my Boba, IG-88B list that I´m starting to playtest. Both ships should be extra durable, IG-88B has Advanced Sensors to make sure he has double calcs for defense if needed and Elusive is great on Aggressors. Boba/LoneWolf/HanGunner/PerceptiveCopilot/Marauder 117 pts IG-88B/Elusive/IonCannon/AdvancedSensors 83 pts
  2. ****, that makes the ability very limited indeed. Thanks for the reply.
  3. The Scum Falcon´s title allows it to use a docked shuttle´s shields. Can the Falcon use the reserve shields whenever she receives crits that get through (basically using her hull points for regular hits and then those couple of extra shields for any crits that would otherwise cause faceup cards)?
  4. I would definitely reccomend using IG-88B. You only have 3 guns on the board so the extra shots will give you a better chance of damage consistency. Using Ion Cannon will also give you a great control element if given the chance. I have been using Brobots/Teroch as one of my "gatekeeper" AI builds on the Flycasual simulator when Im trying new builds, and I can safely say that its a tough build to play against (especially considering the AI is somewhat limited). My current Brobots build at the moment is IG-88B and IG-88D, both with Ion Cannon and Title. Add Old Teroch with Predator for 200 points on the nose.
  5. I have been playing Scum for awhile and for some reason I have never shown the Zealous Recruit any respect. Always trying to fit both Fenn and Teroch in a list but the high cost of Fenn always limits the options for the 3rd ship. I know Fenn/Teroch/Guri is somewhat viable but you have to live with 3 flimsy ships then which can be a challenge against many of those beef-lists out there. I have been wanting to try Boba again after he got nerfed in the last point revision, but you cant really fit two strong ships alongside him in this point patch. So, having noticed all those Fenn/3xRecruits lists out there I finally decided to give the Zealous Recruit a try. Wow, what a nice little ship! Moving at I1 with a great linked action for a blocker (BR or a boost with a red focus) and then you get the Concordia Faceoff at range-1, which again is great for a blocker. Here is my current Boba/Teroch/Z-Recruit list: Boba/Fearless/Marauder 95 pts Old Teroch/Fearless 59 pts Zealous Recruit 44 pts This leaves me with a 2 point bid which might actually be useful to make sure the Recruit gets to move first against lists with I1 ships, or to move last with Boba/Teroch against non-bid lists.
  6. There is a bug where if you try to use Ketsu Onyo´s pilot ability (tractoring a ship at range 1 in primary/mobile arc) and there is not an eligable ship, the game gets stuck and you cant proceed.
  7. I agree that IG-88B is the best bot by far, especially since you dont get the evade action of IG-88C if you use Advanced Sensors. I really like Advanced Sensors if playing a single IG-88, it gives you Calculate tokens when you bump or do those K-turns. My idea was to use Palob/Teroch/IG-88B (see my earlier post), but surely Fenn gives more offense at the expense of durability.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Advanced Sensors is definitely the upgrade I crave for my build. Its too expensive to fit into a 3-ship build (which I really prefer) so I have considered using it on a single IG-88 leaving points for two solid ships as well. The 2.0 Advanced Sensors really hurt IG-88C (because he wont get the extra Evade Action after pre-movement boost) so I really prefer IG-88B for a single Aggressor build. IG-88B also has a more reliable damage output and since you are pretty much guaranteed a couple of calculate tokens with Advanced Sensors he should be durable enough. Im thinking along these lines: IG-88B, Advanced Sensors, Ion Cannon 80 pts Old Teroch, Predator 58 pts Palob, Trick Shot, Moldy Crow, Engine Upgrade 62 pts The third ship could be something other than Palob in the 60-pts range. I feel Old Teroch is the best Scum pilot for the points these days so I try to fit him in where I can.
  9. I used to play some Brobots when they first came out with moderate success. With all the different changes in 1.0 there were so many other new ships to look at and Brobots didnt seem popular in the meta, so I didnt really give them a look until recently. With the medium base (which seems much more appropriate) and the moderate cost which accomodates a solid 3rd ship in the list, I like to think Brobots can form a competive list once again. Here is my first draft: IG-88B, Ion Cannon, Title 71pts IG-88D, Ion Cannon, Title 71 pts Old Teroch, Predator 58 pts I played a few games so far and its a really fun list to fly. IG-88D is a great machine. Being able to choose between a 3 Segnor, 3 hard K-turn, 3 K-turn and the standard 4 K-turn gives you so many options. I also feel that ability translates better to the medium base than the large base in 1.0, you can more often fit yourself between ships or asteroids with the medium base allowing for some surprising moves. The ion cannon is a pretty decent weapon to make use of IG-88Bs ability. You can also decide to use it as the first choice if you get a good chance to ion somebody into a rock or off the table, giving you a strong control element. The Advanced Droid Brain ability is definitely beneficial for the "gunner" effect because you get to convert a single focus (which is often the number that comes up in 3 dice) on both attempts. The icing on the cake is to be able to fit Old Teroch into the build. I like to fly him to the other side from the Brobots because he is a great flanker and he can hold his own against most pilots 1v1 even PS6 pilots. It is so much easier to fly the Brobots through the asteroids since they became medium bases so they can also act as bait for OT to get behind. Going through tournament results and 2.0 youtube videos you hardly see successful Brobots-lists. Is there something out there that completely eats them for breakfast?
  10. I couldn´t find R2-D2 as a crew member for Han Solo in the YT-1300. Either R2-D2 is missing or I´m blind.
  11. I think Ezra, the title and Engine Upgrade (because of Kanan) are unnecessary in your list. For all those points you could fit Jake into the list alongside Wedge or upgrade Wedge to Luke who has more staying power because of his ability. Or, just go Han, Norra (ARC-170), Jake which has been somewhat popular.
  12. Sixter

    Inert Fat Han

    It´s Luke gunner who makes it a 1st edition turret ship. Is he the problem rather than Kanan?
  13. Sixter

    Inert Fat Han

    If it turns out to be a difficult list to perform with, then what is the problem? Then you simply find a way to take Jake out, get half points on Han, split your fire so you get at least one shot on Han while he spends all his shields on Inertial Dampeners etc.
  14. Sixter

    Inert Fat Han

    The meta will adjust...
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