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  1. The Scum faction has three Iniative 6 pilots; Han, Fenn and Dengar. Conveniently enough they actually fit together in a list with 14 points to spare for upgrades (assuming the Punishing One title is mandatory). Trick Shot is kind of mandatory for Han too (too bad it for raised to 4 points), so now I´m left with 10 points. It would be possible to spend those 10 points on a bid, but other I6 lists might very well be spending more on their bid, so I´m rather inclined to spend those 10 points on upgrades and rely on blocking other I6 pilots with my two big ships rather than arc dodging them. What are the best options to spend those last 10 points (or 14 if you dislike Trick Shot)?
  2. Kavil´s extra 3 points (because of the more expensive Dorsal and VTG) still erase the benefits of the point reduction of the Shadowcaster title. I´m wondering if the inclusion of Contraband Cybernetics could be a significant improvement to the consistancy of the list.
  3. Well, Kavil kind of got nerfed because of raise to the Dorsal Turret and to Veteran Turret Gunner. The Teroch/Talonbane combo is certainly not written in stone although the I5 combo is kind of nice.
  4. The point drop of Contraband Cybernetics down to 3 points (from 5), along with the Shadowcaster title drop to 3 (from 6), has allowed the somewhat popular Ketsu, Teroch, Talonbane build to include this very nice upgrade on Ketsu. Before the point change Ketsu would have had to sacrifice the Fearless upgrade which is very important since you are frequently creating range-1 face-offs with Ketsu´s ability. Leaving the Predator upgrades on Teroch and Talonbane would not have been enough since Contraband was 5 points last patch. The thing is that Contraband Cybernetics is amazing on Ketsu. The biggest fear while running this list is either that the opponent stresses Ketsu before she wants to K-turn or if your K-turn gets blocked, leaving you stressed. It simply takes you way too long to turn Ketsu if the essential 5-K gets messed up. Well, Contraband Cyberenetics takes care of that as well as giving you an action while stressed. So, here is my first-draft Ketsu/Teroch/Talonbane list: Ketsu/Fearless/Contraband/Maul/Title 91 pts OldTeroch/CrackShot 57 pts TalonbaneCobra/CrackShot 51 pts Total 199 pts
  5. Jake has to be included at I4, he´s a bargain for 36 points.
  6. A lot of people mention Guri, yet Guri isn´t winning so much is she? Guri easily goes up to 80 pts with Advanced Sensors and Outmaneuver, so the rest of the list will suffer because she struggles to return those 80 pts in offensive output and staying power. Sure, Guri is tough if moving last, but she is only I5 and so expensive that any extra points spent on bid against other I5s hurt extra bad. I guess the fear factor is there because Guri did get nerfed up 1 point in cost, but I think FFG left Scum in the garbage for another patch...
  7. Rey/Finn/Title 88 pts Ello Asty 56 pts Nien Nunb 55 pts 199 pts All pilots at initiative 5 which is great for movement and target prioritization.
  8. Rebel Beef did not die with this point upgrade. The ultimate form (Wedge, Cassian/Leia, Braylen, Ten) got killed, but there are a lot of other tier-1 options out there to make very competitive Beef lists I imagine. Leia was only raised 4 points afterall and they didn´t touch any of the U and X wing pilots besides Wedge and Cassian.
  9. I fear that Rebel Beef was not nerfed enough to allow Scum to be competitive. Rebel Beef was the big gatekeeper at the end of last patch, but they pretty much only nerfed the ultimate form of it (Wedge, Cassian/Leia/Braylen/Ten). Since they didn´t nerf any of the other U-Wing pilots, or the other X-wing pilots etc, there are still a lot of tier-1 options left for Rebel Beef to stay very competitive. Wedge, Cassian/Leia, Braylen, Jake is still 199 points. Wedge, Biggs, Partisan/Leia, Blade/Selfless clocks in at 198 points. Just to name a couple of seemingly very competitve lists that can easily be built around Wedge and a U-Wing/Leia without much thought.
  10. I guess they decided to raise Maul because a handful of people were trying to have fun with Ketsu/Maul at tournaments. Ketsu/Maul never won a tournament as far as I know.
  11. Maul crew got upped to 12 points?! If anything he should have been reduced to 10 points. Han became 2 points more expensive because Trick shot git changed to 4 points. Guri becomes 1 point more expensive. I don´t understand a lot of these changes...
  12. I would say the Ketsu-list is really a tier 1.5 list. I think it´s one of those list where people play a lot better against it the second time around. I think it placed no.1 in the Swiss rounds in a single tournament a short time ago, but hasn´t really been close to winning anything yet. You often see one or two players with some variation of it place around the middle of the pack.
  13. Scum Fenn should not cost more than Darth Vader. 3 force on Vader is amazing and the Fang has no mod slot, so no Afterburners etc. People still believe Fenn is badass, but the only Scum list that wins anything these days is Drea-Loks.
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