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  1. thanks for the feedback. I hadn't studied the Death Watch Warrior tree in depth, and you are right it has everything Din needs, and you are also right the jury rigged isn't needed. For the second tree Surivavilst is quite intereting for those "hunting" talents, yes. i think that Fringer works better as third becuase it gives him some general utility talents and from what we saw Mando has some mechnic skills (he rebuilds his starship and is able to repair it and give instructions to Grogu about it) and he is capable of piloting it and gunnery, but i never saw anything that implies he is a dedicated and specilized pilot like Operator implies. The few evasive manouvers we see him doing in season 1 and against the two x-wings in S2 are decently covered with the skilled jokey/defensive driving talet from fringer. I like the charcteristic spread and i agree 342332 is a good one and also the standard human 332332 is a very good idea. I'm always conflicted about husing specialized humn species rather than standard. Standard probably works even better here. For the skills I agree with your main abilities, but i think that brawl is really needed to cover the hand to hand fights we see him doing (the juggernaut fight scene in chapter 15 is amix of Brawl and Melee i think). I think that piloting planetary is necessary to cover the jetpack use, IIRC in game jetpacks are used with piloting planetary. Discipline or cool....both work because we see him as a cool headed person. As for knowledge skill Id' go with either underworld or outer rim (he is proficient in tusken language and knws how to dela with them...not a common feat i think), probably he has both. Why Survival?
  2. i saw the topic but he builds them like npcs, i am proposing a PC build. I think it would be interesting to dicuss that
  3. FENNEC SHAND Species: Human Career and spec: Soldier: Sharpshooter/Martial Artist BR: 3 AG: 4 I: 2 CU: 2 WP: 3 PR: 2 TRAINED SKILLS: Athletics: 1 Brawl: 3 Coordination: 1 Cool: 3 melee: 1 Ranged heavy;: 3 Ranged light: 2 TALENTS: SNIPER SHOT GRIT X2 TRUE AIM LETHAL BLOWS X2 DEADLY ACCURACY TOUGHENED X2 DEDICATION IRON BODY PRECISION STRIKE PARRY X2 MARTIAL GRACE EQUIPMENT Armored Clothing WEAPONS: M-300 Hunter rifle with scope Medium Blaster pistol
  4. CARA DUNE Species: Human Career and spec: Soldier: Heavy/Commando BR: 3 AG: 3 I: 2 CU: 3 WP: 2 PR: 2 TRAINED SKILLS: Brawl: 3 Cool: 1 Gunnery : 1 melee: 2 piloting planetary: 1 Ranged heavy;: 3 Ranged light: 2 streetwise : 1 Warfare: 1 TALENTS: TOUGHNED X2 BURLY X2 BARRAGE X 2 GRIT POINT BLANK STRONG ARM EQUIPMENT: Padded Armor WEAPONS: Heavy Blaster Rifle with scope Medium Blaster pistol Vibroknife
  5. Hey poeple after watching the Mandalorina second season i'm inspired to try and build the main charcters. I don't think it has been done before, or at least i couldn't find a thread about this. First of all i think that the only real PC in thr show should be Din Djarin and Cara Dune, this seems like a two players game, with a third player that sometimes shows up and uses a GMPC temporarily given to him. Most of the characters are thern NPC or GMPC which have become full fledged pc. Sometimes the two/three players have control of gm charcters (like Ahsoka , in the Jedi, and Boba in the Tragedy) but they should remain npc (and are probably built like that). So i think that the only PC character that i'm trying to build are Din, Cara, Greef and Fennec. Tell me what you think I'm building the characters as i think they are at the end of season 2. I assume they all started (or were rebuilt from npc) as knight level charcters (Mando i clearly alredy experieneced when we meet him in episode 1)then assuming 25 xp points per episode at the end of 16 episodes Din should have around 400 earned xp. I'm giving the other charcters the same amount for balance, even if they "played" less time. Here we go. DIN DJARIN Species : Mandalorian Human Career and spec: Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer/Fringer/Death Watch Warrior (in season 2 to explain jetpack proficiency) BR: 3 AG: 4 I: 2 CU: 2 WP: 3 PR: 2 TRAINED SKILLS: Brawl: 3 Cool: 2 Gunnery : 1 melee: 2 piloting planetary: 2 piloting space: 2 Ranged heavy;: 1 Ranged light: 3 streetwise : 1 Vigilance: 1 TALENTS: TOUGHENED X2 JURY RIGGED ARMOR MASTER TINKERER DEDICATION GALAXY MAPPER X2 SKILLED JOCKEY DEFENSIVE DRIVING RAPID RECOVERY DURABLE CONDITIONED JUMP UP JETPACK EXPERTISE EQUIPMENT Mandalorian Armor Whipcord thrower Wrist flamethrower Writ rocket launcher WEAPONS: Amban Rifle (Pulse cannon + shock prod emitter) Medium Blaster pistol Vibroknife
  6. i justr had the same problem as Sturn, i clic the submit button but nothing happens, i don't get any notification of email sent or anything else.
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