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  1. Yes it seems that the Armorer is the leader as she seems to be the only one with the ability to forge Beskar, and she seems to be the one that keeps the lore of the Mandalorians. So she is both the artisan and wise elder and leader (at least spiritually) of the tribe. And i too think there are non combat corps, meaybe a Artisan Corps, a Healer corp and other division to organize the life of the tribe. Or at least there were in the past, i have the feeling that the social structure Din refers to doesn't exist anymore, after the purge of Mandalore. I think that the Armorer is a Zabrak, if you look closely at the top of her helmet there are "spikes" that have no reason on a human, but would be necessary to accomodate a zabrak's horns.
  2. The "digital and RPG licence are separate" comes from the original license to WEG in the 80s, when pdf didn't exists and all electornic materials were videogames. From the comments on the boards here i understood that the licence was never changed, just transferred to the new entities so it passed from WEG to WotC to FFG. bnut the licence is still the same.
  3. Well i thin kthe app is absolutely useless without the game and can't be defined as a game itself, so maybe it is acceptable under the old licence. Or as Kenny suggested, they made an agreement with EA and they pay royalties to them. Which would explain the high price of the app.
  4. Generally i agree Oddball, but remember that in the Original movies we only see locations that are supervised by the most important imperial commanders (Tarkin, Vader and the Emperor himself) so it makes sense that you would have only stormtroopers there. In some queit place in the midrim you might still find Imperial infantry even in the Original Trilogy, if it suits your game.
  5. I agree, but i think it's concievable that in some underfunded or forgotten sectors of the outer rim you can still have infantry seprated from stormtroopers even in the New Hope Period, like in the Minos Cluster, or the Kathol sector, or other depressed sectors.
  6. They are all starfighters, with limited crew and little to no encumbrance space for cargo. I think that Danovan's remark that the Peregrine is wider that many sil 3 ships, and probably similar to a jumpmaster in size is quite realistic. So i think that a sil 4 works better. Also i checked the Pathfinder scout ship stats by chance, and it is sil 4 despite being having a very narrow and needle-like shape and the fluff saying it's basically an oversized starfighter . So i think that a sil 4 for the Peregrine is probably a better fit. I see it as a courier, so fast and nimble but with limited cargo and passengers, rather than a miniature Falcon. But you have my take on it and Buddha's take on it, so choose the one you prefer, if you haven't already created the stats for the ship.
  7. Good point. And elaborating on it i think that a different way to build River would be Martial Artist/Force Sensitive:Emergent, all those Uncanny sense/Uncanny reactions in the Emergent tree really fit her beahviour and reactions
  8. I agree with Syrath for River in the film. In the tv series yes every seer class works. But i don't think forsee fits her, as she doesn't really see the future, she is more of a very powerful telepath/mind reader, so i would just take Sense and get both sides of the powers (left side is for the defense/attack , right side is for mind reading) Also Enhance fits very well for her physical abilites. Farsight also works to explain how she can point weapons to pepole she can't see, but there are only 2 scenes like that, so you can chalk it to a clever use of Sense (or super high perception). Give her a high agility and intellect and it should work. Low/average willpower (she seems easily distracted) . Are they both human or are you willing to go to near humans too? in that case a Nautolan would be fitting stawise. Ikotchi would be also interesting for River for the partial foresee ability they have, but it would not fit Simon. so here's my suggestions (im using Human as base specie) River Mystic: seer/steel hand adept (or martial artist) 2 3 4 2 2 2 force powers: Sense (basic power + left and right control upgrades and 1 range upgrade); Enhance (basic power +Control:Resilience + Control:Brawl + Cpntrols: Brawn) Farsight (basic power) [this is optional] as for abilities it's mostly your choice but I think she has a high Brawl and Melee, and a decent Ranged: light; Perception too should be high. I also suggest starting her at Knight Level so you have enough xp to properly build her. Also get her to dedication asap and raise Intellect to 5 I'll take a shot at Simon too: Guardian: Protector/Healer 2 2 4 2 3 2 Force powers: Sense Heal
  9. Buddha I don't understand why you insist in giving the ship speed 3 and handling -1 when the OP already said that his starting stats are copied from the Jumpmaster , who has speed 4 and handling +1 . And if you put it at size 3 no size 3 ship that i know of has such an awful handling. This ship should be much faster and nimble than you make it. It's not a shrunk Millenium Falcon! All in all i think that Donovan's tweaks to the Jumpamster stats are perfect. So here's my take on it. YK-2000 Peregrine Silhouette 4, (17m long, 13m width). Speed 4 Handling +1 DEF 1/0/0/1 HTT 20 SST 12 Armor 2 Ships Complement: 1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot/Gunner Hyperdrive: Primary Class 2, backup x15 Navicomputer: Yes Sesnor Range: Short Consumables: 2 months Passenger Capacity: 2 Encumbrance Capacity: 45 Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation Cost/Rarity: 70,000 /6 Hard Points: 2 Weapons Turret Mounted Twin Light laser Cannon (Fire Arc All; Damage 5, Critical 3; Range Close; Linked 1) [turret can be fixed forward for use by the pilot)
  10. Nope,the jedi knight of the adventure cannot be the one who trains Ironharm, at least if you run it as written. I think the best option is to let Ironharm slide for a bit and them have him resurface together with an inquisitor to fight the player, as a way to sften them before the Inquisitor himself arrives. I'm pretty sure an inquisitor can provide Ironharm with enough training and suitable weapons (cortosis sword or staff) for him to be a challenge to the players.
  11. About point 4 in one the old thread forum member Kyla linked her own test to rp while focusing the crystal. There were different visions and according to the player 's answer it determined the color of the blade. I always thought it was an awesome resource., but i can't locate it anymore. Maybe you'll have more luck. About the streetwise chrck to find parts, don't bother making up consequences or imperial entanglements, it'just a collection of parts and a common power cell. Nothing that would attract imperial attention at all. That's why creating the hilt is always very cheap. Oh and if you plan to run the gm kit adventure to get the crystals, Donovan Morningfire has created a good alternative version if the rubat crystals on his blog (they are considered equal to standard Ilum crystals).
  12. Consolidated learning stranslator and synoptic teacher are technological laearning systems that allow you to learn new skills. Datagoggles is a system to access data visually. Antishock blanket is a thermal blanket like those on ambulances
  13. I agree. I was thinkjng about better stats than the normal Ilum crystal but couldn't remember a good template to copy.
  14. The Corusca gem in JoY has no relation with the Death Star. It's a type of rare jewel that is created in the gas giants like Yavin. Also we have no stats whatsoever so those must be invented, or you can use a normal ilum crysta as that seems to be the basic type of kyber crystal.
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