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  1. I already emailed the creators of BBTM several months ago but i always received the same answer : "impossible to give information because of the confidentiality policy". We just have to check out the news every day, with much patience to bear the endless news about star wars the card game, star wars imperial assault, x-wing, star wars the roleplaying and so on.....
  2. But the question is : why should they stop whereas there is still the possibility to release other teams (12) compared to those from the boardgame and the computer game ? Why should FFG stop at midway whereas the selling of this game and its two expansions was successful ?? It would be nonsense and stupid.
  3. Because when Bomber dribblesnot successfully tackles an opposing player, he chooses a standing player to become downed, and no risks for himself, so i was asking myself this question.
  4. The text reads : "after this player successfully tackles an opposing player, roll one dice for each standing player (from both teams) at this matchup". Is the bombardier included as one of theses standing players ? I don't think so but i would like to get a clear answer.
  5. Sorry but rune age is a deck building game, nothing to do with BBTM.
  6. There is absolutely no reason why there will not have new expansions. First, because this is the best card game ever. Second, because it was sold very well among fans all over the world. Third, because a LCG would not be adapted for bbtm. Fourth, because we did not receive any official information that this game stopped. And finally fifth, because there is still the possibility to create 4 or 5 more syndicates !!! 1) halfelings, amazones, lizard-men 2) norses, high elves, bretonnians 3) khorn demons, khemri, necromantics 4) ogres and snotlings, underworld, slanns And even a fifth one with the chaos humans (like in the first version of the boardgame), the hobgoblins (with the troglodyte as the "big guy" still like in the first bb gameboard), and the chaos pact. And even the Elves (not sylvan, not dark, and not high) may be included in one of these 5 syndicates. According to me, the delay for a third expansion is due to the development of the differents products concerning star wars these last times by FFG. So don't worry fans, and be as optimistics as i am !
  7. Maybe someone will ask Jay Little (the creator of bbtm and sudden death but not foul play) on twitter for more information about an eventual expansion to come ? Here is the link : https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCkQFjABahUKEwj6t9GBwZ3JAhUBCxoKHRC3B2U&url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fynnen&usg=AFQjCNGwV6SMETVHtxtEvI2skbHfSZFVLQ&sig2=HzrAaQeFtRYIyp4d31a7Cw Sorry, personnally, i don't have any twitter account !
  8. And don't forget the lizard-men, the khorne demons, the bretonnians, and the ogres with the snotlings ! I think that there are still game mechanics to find, like taking back cards from the discard deck or things like that. And other new skills like "claws" (for the yeti or the snow troll of the norse, for instance). There is still the possibility for FFG to release 2 and may be 3 expansions, with a new die and other card decks like magic items or bad tricks. Let's keep hoping !
  9. About 13 months since the release of "Foul play" and still nothing, even not an announcement.....but i keep hoping for that.
  10. For the next expansion, i would well see a new dice and magic items/bad tricks cards (like in the board game). It would add more fun to the game i think, and, of course, a new syndicate with 3 "jungle" teams : the amazons, the halflings, and the lizard men. May be in November ?
  11. So if there is less work concerning the rules (and the limited number of teams) than for Talisman, the BBTM creators could go faster to release new (even limited) expansions ! Why are we waiting for such a long time ? And i am sure that i am not the only one to complain about that. Let's make it clear, i am not asking for BBTM as many expansions as for Talisman, it would be unreal, i am just hoping and asking for a faster release of the few expansions to come. Concerning the number of teams in Blood bowl, there were 23 teams in the PC game "blood bowl chaos", which represents the 3 rd edition of the blood bowl board game but on the computer.
  12. How long it is to get a new BBTM expansion ! When i see that Talisman has 13 expansions since the release of the core game, and that this 13 th expansion just released only 5 months after the 12th one, i am disgusted....
  13. This is already the title of the fourth book by Matt Forbeck about blood bowl (sorry, i didn't see the link) ! But it would be a good idea concerning a "jungle syndicate", with the amazons, the lizard-men, and the halfelings, for a next expansion. It's just a pity that an expansion comes out every two years !
  14. It' s sure that playing with a mermaid's tail (for the undine) must be very difficult on a blood bowl pitch ! Anyway, i'm in a hurry to see his star player cards like zara the slayer.
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