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  1. We could call it "NegaTIvE play experience".....
  2. I suppose we have to calculate on the app being on the boat for a few months......
  3. If you are afraid that it may be too powerful on ships like Inquisitor, Tie/sf etc. you can perhaps change the conditions from attack value to number of dice rolled so that only 2 dice rolled at range 2 or 3 dice at range 1 would activiate the effect. Haven't thought this through, so it may have some undesirable effects.
  4. There won't be new ships. As soon as the amount of pre orders of the epic scum has reached an acceptable level we will get an article introducing X wing 2.0 and explaining how we can use the expensive converter kit to use all the models we have bought in X-wing 2.0. They will start re launching all ships in 2.0 editions with smaller packs giving us only the cards and ship bases that were not included in the converter kit. This will lead to a serious drop in interest and the 2019 worlds will have a max attendance of 60 players (Ryan Farmer defeating Dee Yun in the final and finally claiming his dice and templates. Sadly the interest in the game has dropped and hardly anyone is around to here about it on the podcast). Some will cling on to x wing 1.0 and host alternative tournies (a bit like those who refused to move on from D&D 3.5 back in the days (I was guilty of that)). The rest have moved on and emptied their pockets on SW Destiny boosters packs, some even committing theft to get sufficient money and mainly playing it with their fellow inmates. But by 2019 X-wing is probably the least of or worries, as by then one the superpower presidents/dictators of this world have probably started a nuclear war anyway......
  5. Duncan won 100-16 according to his own comment on gold Squadron Facebook page
  6. Round 3 pairings have D. Howard v Nathan Eide. I would have liked to watch that one. https://scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/fr/cp0/e15/q65/14980653_1799512236972248_6523637002161334328_n.jpg?oh=17cfc06a09f2c710f333a7d73cb478f1&oe=589567FB
  7. Are you flying this with Sabine docked or undocked?
  8. ronnygj

    Zeta Leader?

    You are saying that Zeta Leader is not punished for carrying stress. I am not sure I agree on that as carrying a stress from a previous round disables his ability to roll one extra die. He cannot activate his ability if already stressed. Wired still works though, but still I always try to find a good green move with Zeta Leader to remove the stress so I can use his ability next round and throw 3 (4) dice.
  9. Must be a good player. Imagine if he had played imperial aces. Probably would have won the tournament
  10. ronnygj

    Just curious

    I am not playing X wing in tournaments. Only play with one friend once a week and we are still learning the game. I do see myself try a tournament some time should one appear close to where I live, but there are two things that has struck me related to cheating. The first one is manipulating the damage deck. Are the decks controlled at tournaments? If not all are controlled, do TOs check a sample of them? Or is manipulating damage decks not a problem in this game. If they are not controlled it seems like an easy way to cheat. I am not fishing for feedback on this to decide on whether I should do this or not. I am so bad a lying that if I tried to cheat everyone around me would sense that something is wrong. I have just been wondering if this is a problem or not. The other thing is slow play. Is it a problem at tournaments? Is it common that people who have a decent points lead intentionally slow play? How long will they have to use on dials for you to call a TO over? 5 minutes? Less than 5 min?
  11. I can completely understand that a 2 day tournament is a problem for a lot of people. Having 2 small kids myself I think I would have a hard time convincing my wife that she has to take care of the kids the whole weekend so I can play a game. My problem is quite the opposite though. I can't even find a tournament at any level without having to travel by plane or drive 8+ hours. Different locations - different problems.
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