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  1. The other stuff was things like if you overlap an epic ship, the smaller ship just dies, it required energy to do stuff that would generate each turn. they could shoot further away, too and used a different movement template.
  2. This is how I feel. I will probably try to get a SSD as a birthday or Christmas gift and then I can retire. Ha ha.
  3. I've been loving my Cracken list. It's 2 GR-75s, 2 Mc30 Torps, and a AFMK2A with 3 A-Wings, Shara Bey, and 2 VCXs. Everything goes speed 3+ and you pretty much just take navigate commands each turn for the yaw. A blast to play and everyone I've played against gets all messed up because of the "always obstructed".
  4. I totally agree. I think a lot of people balk at the idea of dropping $50 on an ISD, but you need only 1. When people are buying 3+ TIE Fighters for X-Wing, the price difference is a wash. People aren't very good with money and price points. I remember in a marketing class so many moons ago that they said $20 is that sweet price spot. More and people start to reconsider buying. I think that's why X-Wing excels so well. The iconic, cool ships people want are $15-20.
  5. Oh really? That's interesting actually. I'll probably still have to wait until I can get it for a good price. I just don't see my wife being up for that. I have all the X-Wing Epic ships and she still gets mad when she sees them saying, "You never played with them. That's like $300 of stuff sitting on a shelf!" I keep telling myself I need to cut back on my game hobbies, but it hasn't happened yet...
  6. I agree. I think Armada has, honestly, run its course. There's a ton of cool options and stuff to play with that if FFG did say the game was complete, I wouldn't be thinking, "What about ______?" I think a lot of game companies should be doing that more often. I think Legion and X-Wing have a lot more to mine from and easier to buy into. Armada already had a reputation for being expensive. The SSD reinforces it.
  7. Isn't that already the case with the 2 new admirals? That's the biggest bummer for me. I assume if you wait long enough, there will be alt-art versions of the admirals, but if you need Piett or the Emperor ASAP, you're going to be shelling out $200. It's going to be a hard sell, I agree. I'm not particularly interested in buying more ships I'm never going to use because I don't play the Epic format. Especially when they are more than my car payment.
  8. I think that this right here is the death spiral of Armada. I've noticed the Armada players in the area (all 8 of us) have made less effort to play and many of them have branched out into other product lines. I'm personally excited to see what happens with MonPoc 2.0. Ultimately, FFG can do whatever they want with the game. I have all the product I need in-hand. I can easily run a 3-player Corellian Conflict with what I own and nobody would feel like they're severely limited. For me, the real "problem" is that I'm actually less interested in their new product. With how poor they've managed Armada, I'm not inclined to buy Legion, Xwing 2.0, etc. I feel like I can buy stuff for a different game and get better service (or whatever you call it when the company actually puts out articles and previews and crap).
  9. I'm super late to the party, but I think the "Battle for Jakku" box set should have different cards compared to the Corellian Conflict set. Specifically, let's do ship titles or something rather than new squads.
  10. I've been warming to the idea of the CIS coming in. I could totally believe that the Empire is still stamping out the CIS by the time of episode 4. It gives players a new faction to play with and there's enough ships that aren't already incorporated into another faction to use. I think the republic mostly ends up being absorbed by the Empire anyway when it comes to ships. Isn't the only ship we're missing the Venator?
  11. You know, you are 100% right. I still have this fantasy that the new movies will return to the roots of action/adventure again. Not sure what happened in the last few years, but these cynical, dark for dark's sake movies aren't as fun to watch. I appreciate the feedback. Will probably pass on Solo.
  12. Never took him to see it. Now it did come out in 2016 so he was 3 at the time. He hasn't really asked to see it recently so I never made the attempt to show it to him.
  13. They're fun adventure movies. I'm not looking for realism. :)
  14. Yeah, it's one of those cutaway shots that never registered until I was much older. It's not a bad shot. ****, even the Phantom Menace cut in half isn't bad, but maybe that's because it's completely unrealistic. It reminds me of those soft plastic toys I had as a kid that you'd throw on the wall and it tumbles down. I've seen enough stuff now that if something makes me squirm, I think it's gone beyond the "movie magic" and isn't probably a kids movie. It'll probably have to be something I wait to see on video unfortunately. Bummer. Last thing I need is a kid all freaked out all weekend.
  15. The big thing I've found is that kids don't usually catch on to things like a smoldering skeleton in a 5 second shot as much as they do when a guy gets sliced in half. I think he once asked if one of the pilots died when the X-Wing blew up, but that's about it. I think the big difference is that most of the on-screen violence in the old movies was people falling down or cutaway shots when there was active violence on screen. I generally make the rule that if I wouldn't have seen it as a kid (early 90's), I should probably not let him see it. Though I literally grew up watching public access TV like Buck Rogers and stuff so I have high standards. Ha ha.
  16. The better question is: is the violence as over the top as it was in the Last Jedi. I watched that one and when Snoke sloughs his upper body onto the floor, my wife looked at me and said, "Probably not going to see this one for awhile." Essentially, I want Star Wars to be as tame as Episode IV. My one chance to see Solo is the end of the week when my wife is out of town, but I can't pre-view it before I would take him.
  17. I'm still bummed Disney didn't ask me to pick the best date to release the movie. At this rate, I'll be waiting until it comes out on video. I must be crazy, but as soon as it hits summer, I just can't find a couple of free hours to see movies. I was so blazé about the past 3 Star Wars offerings that I didn't feel the need to block out time to see this movie. The question I have: is this O.K. for kids? Like, a 5 year old?
  18. I think Solo suffers from a wrong place, wrong time scenario. Everything I've heard about it makes me think this will be a really neat movie to see. Problem is that there's a good number of people who are so angry with Lucasfilm that they're willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Not that I blame them. From the stuff I've been reading, it sounds like the producers are more interested in being jerks to fans. Unfortunately, summer is the worst time for me to see movies. Once it hits mid-May, I'm busy until November. I think summer blockbusters are on their way out the door.
  19. Based soley on frequency of play, it's either the ISD II or Mc30 Torp. Both pack a good punch. The Mc30s are likely the mostest favoritest solely because they're easier to fit more of them in a list.
  20. Sent. Feel free to ask me any questions about it. I believe the word document is also attached here. It went really well. I might bump up the points for a future game, but overall we had a lot of fun with it. Way more tactical choices were made. If my life ever slows down a bit, I'd love to run a second CC and do more rules updates. Corellian Conflict Additional Rules.docx
  21. Yep. You keep the veteran token. It’s a twice per match effect once you achieve veteran status.
  22. I have like a 4 page document for our house rules. I can forward it to you if you’d like them. Probably won’t help for this campaign though...
  23. And here I thought it was my arrhythmia acting up again.
  24. From what I've been led to believe, FFG has a small design staff and they are producing a large number of games. I'm honestly surprised they have put out as many Star Wars licensed games as they have. In their shoes, I could see cutting the games they put out in half across the board.
  25. “If the game is no longer to your liking, the door is over there.” Pointing our the tone comes across as super aggressive I’ve never had someone ‘show me the door’ in a non-combative way. And sure, maybe people take it a bit too far. We are on a dedicated fan page for a game, though. So I tend to give a lot of grace for people who are passionate about the game. Coming from me, someone who worked with and around game designers, they want to get negative, constructive feedback. A boring game that sucks to watch on Twitch is not going to draw crowds. Though that really gets away from my point of, we should all be civil with one another.
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