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  1. Very nice! 5$ is really not much (like 1$ per trail, so imo totally worth it even if you play each trail only once) and I'll buy it because of how many hours of fun the RtL app already provided to me while being mostly free. I appreciate the intention of widening the ways to play the game, yet I always found the draw of Descent being that combat is more like means to a different end and not the center of every action. While RtL so far completely changed this (minus a few stages in the Delve maybe), it had enough story and context to make the expirience richer than "beat up the bad guys", something I don't quite see in this DLC. Then again it is supposed to be really short, which might be advantagous if you don't have so much time and crave Descent. Can anyone with a little expirience elaborate how long these trails take compard to your typical RtL quest?
  2. thx a lot If you don't have your tiles sorted by numbers this speeds up the RtL setup significantly.
  3. If you play really competitive, there are a few heroes/classes I would rather not pick: Heroes: Ashrian, Grisban, Dezra the Vile Classes: Spiritspeaker Imo all the other heroes and classes are fine or at least viable. The strongest heroes and classes probably are the Liar of the Wyrm heroes and classes and the treasure hunter class, but I consider only the treasure hunter to be really problematic and bordering OP. If the heroes perform really bad it's alsways possible to limit your monster selection to thematic fitting monsters or not play your OL cards. You can also grant them more gold and/or maybe an extra shopping step if they are really unlucky with items or got a long losing streak and the quests start to feel one-sided and unwinnable.
  4. It's true, the geomancer is particularly strong, because he doesn't "waste" an action to summon a stone (as he gets an attack with the stone when he summons it). Just keep in mind that the bonus surges don't apply, when you are attacking with the stones (I did play this wrong as well). and yes the app is really easy (even on hard) and FFG shouldn't have put the hint that you are supposed to pick a synergetic hero-party on hard (this pretty much ruined the first Kindred of Fire campaign for me). Imo they should've just written that it's for people who allready know this game as well as what is actually different in this mode. Another way to up the difficulty is to force activate the monster-group that makes the most sense instead of letting the app randomly choose and play a little bit smart (for instance don't double move ranged units, or only move and retreat with ranged units).
  5. I really enjoyed the added setting, characters and a more immersive feel of the world because of all this text. The fact that it actually wasn't just a generic bit of flavor, but an interactive story made it that much easier to connect and care about the world, which was imo a bit of lacking in Kindred of Fire. I don't feel like the text was excessive and if you don't care about the setting, you can skip through the text anyway, it's not like the story is essential to the gameplay. I also liked that the story and choices were concentrated at the start and at the end of the quest, they didn't interfere with the gameplay, yet managed to portray a nice frame for what you are about to do and what you did.
  6. The truth is that IA is badly balanced as I found out on BGG when I discussed my frustration with the game on those boards. There is a thread on BGG that tracks the win% for all the missions and only 2-3 story missions and a few side-missions (including the introduction) feature a win-loss rate that isn't 2/3s to 1/3. Especailly if the Rebels win the introduction, they have to play 2 story missions that are lost with a chance of around 70%. Adding to that the IP classes are badly balanced as well. Subversive tactics is said to be the most OP deck, only getting managable in late game (when all your losses probably make winning unlikely) and Military Might, which is also OP, but only really starts to get imbalanced in the latter half of the campaign. Also BGGers run a few play-by-forums campaigns where people play the missions the 2nd time (meaning the secret information becomes a non-factor there) and it seems to be much closer this way. All in all IA is badly balanced and I think this game shouldn't be recommended for the core-campaign if you don't plan to GM this game (and play the game as intended), as long as there is Descent 2ed. If you want to play a fair game at the first go, you have to pick the least interesting IP class (meaning no choices in IP-classes and basically 2/3s of the IP content being unusable). The story-part of the campaign basically features one excact path that isn't unwinnable for the rebels, yet I even played the hero-favoring finale and won it as the IP in 3 (out of 11) rounds despite gifting the rebels XP and gold as if they won every mission and searched every crate (yes I played also with military might, because I thought only subversive tactics is OP). So if you respect the design-decision of secret information, this game has practically one fairly balanced playthrough that comes with an finale that is an automatic win for every decent IP, no class-choices for the IP and no second playthrough. I really don't understand how no review mentions this glaring problem with the game. True and not true. While there are no natural choke points in IA you can utilise like in De2ed, there are programmed choke-points also known as doors all the time. Doors can only be opened if a rebel is in the 2 spaces in front of the door. This means the IP places all his units on and near these spaces, requiring the Rebels to kill them. The Rebels can only prey to the dice that they kill the monster with their first action, so they can actually move onto that space before (courtusy of alternating activation) another enemy moves onto the space and the hassle starts again. True in theory, but in practice there is not much difference. All the large, massive and super-large monsters in the core set either shouldn't move (the Gunner), don't need to move since they are ranged, or are mobile or massive that lets them freely move through blocked terrain and whatnot. The only melee large creature (Nexu) doesn't only have 8MPs but also an action that let's them count 3 spaces and attack, basically being even easier to navigate than the Descent monsters even with the shrinking rule.
  7. Are we playing the same IA and Descent? In IA I as the IP had no problem dominating the Rebels every mission despite making intentional suboptimal plays in critical situations and giving tips to them constantly and rewarding them as if they won every mission and searched all crates. It went so far that I knew they can't win this after I read the secret information of the missions and the hero favoring finale was over in 3 rounds. winrate was 10-1 (The Rebels won the first mission). In Descent it always felt like the heroes can win, yet I always won the campaigns as OL in the end. Seeing how little the upgrade would be to a 3rd edition (from an aesthetical point of view) compared to 1ed->2ed and the fact FFG is updating all their Terrinoth products to the aesthetics of Descent 2ed, I don't see a 3rd edition coming anytime soon. Also there are no real structural problems in Desecent 2ed that would justify an update such as the Road to Legend campaign frankenstein's monster that Descent 1ed was.
  8. I second that. Plz bring back the old colors, switching between "default" and "FFG" does nearly nothing (it only darkens the blue of the header).
  9. Great to hear... I'm still wondering if I should give this a shot solo, or if it would spoil subsequent playthroughs with a gaming group.
  10. I still don't quite get why you don't just play on hard mode then... You want to see how far you get and want stages that are harder than the last stages on easy(normal)? then just play hard mode. I don't really see how this mode profits from being even longer (more stages) . To achieve a tougher challange, the difficulty shouldn't ramp up longer, but start at a higher pace in the first place, so just play it on hard.
  11. This looks REALLY good, the maps look like a clear step-up from everything I've seen in RtL thus far. It's so tempting to play this solo, yet it's so much more enjoyable with friends... maybe it has enough replay-value to play it more than once with all the decisions to be made? Also we haven't even finished the first campaign and we won't continue for a month... so what do you guys think, should I start this solo or fully enjoy this with friends in a few months? I think that's quite the strong party. Grey Ker is extremely strong in RtL and I feel like he kind of made what we played of the first campaign too easy (even on hard) for us, just keep this in mind and play a little faster to offset his power a bit, if you like being challenged.
  12. The 3 Heroes that he used was Grisbon, Roganna and Ashrian, cant remember the class that he used for each. I do remember however that although he liked Grisbon he found it hard to get him into the fight on a regular basis due to his speed. Even as the OL I don't like the 'blocking' tactic which I seem to use quite regular. For me, the 'double movement' cost of Imperial works better and makes for a more competitive game. I do like the idea of giving him more time at the start of the game to properly formulate a plan, we do that when we play games such as Axis & Allies etc so cant see why not for Descent. We are due to start a new campaign on Monday, I have Trollfens, Lair of the Wrym and Labyrinth of Ruin, any suggestions as to which one to play first? I read that the Liar of Wyrm campaign isn't that good. I would start with Trollfens or LoR wether you want a small or regular campaign.
  13. I really like your variant, especially for coop. For 1vsmany I feel that my playing group would feel to have a disadvantage if the OL can pick his choices completely freely and this would kind of suck out the fun of the game. Yet we naturally try to play every class and don't repeat heroes before we've seen them all except when we feel that we need another top tier hero/hero-class to make the party competitive. We haven't played Descent that much that there is nothing new to find out and expirience both gameplay and strategy-wise this way yet and I don't own everything Descent, so I guess having more control and agency in party composition without the downside of "seeing this kind of party for the xth time" makes us stick to the standard method without the feeling that it's getting stale. But who knows how long we are playing this and maybe sometime down the road we will try out your variant. ty for posting it in great detail!
  14. easily Nerekhall. The city-tiles provide a truly different setting and atmosphere to the more generic grasslands/dungeons (LoR, LotW, Trollfens), the hero-classes are extremely fun, the monsters are very unique and fun to play and the 1vsmany campaign is really good (introduces kind of hidden information mechanic) and now FFG is going to release a free RtL campaign for it. I also like Manor of Ravens' setting, mini-campaign monsters and the bounty hunter class as well as the new OL class. Apart from these it really depends on what you are looking for (new campaign, strong heroes & classes, specific campaign-mechanics, specific monsters, OL decks) The MoB&CtR expansions also look really good, but they lack new heroes, so it's probably not the best starting point for expansions.
  15. I'm very stoked, seeing how Nerekhall is my favorite expansion, as it introduces city-tiles and opens up the possibillity for city and sewer settings. It also helps that I really like all the monsters and hero-classes both theme- and gameplay-wise. The cherry on the cake for me is that this campaign is free, something I really didn't thought would happen again. All I can say is that I'm REALLY impressed with FFG this time, making two bold moves at a time (releasing a campaign for an expansion and making it free). Although I didn't enjoy the Delve that much (imo it kind of lacked the really thematic settings that feel like a part of a world, which is one of my favorite things about Descent), I'm really glad right now that I managed to give FFG money for their tromendous app-efforts for this game. I also really like the more RPG like vibe, with all the decisions and possibilities to influence the storyline FFG introduces with this campaign. This should manage to make the story-quests feel more connected and puts you more into the story. Way to go FFG! All this free content makes me feel less bad in having accumulated a Descent-collection that feels a little bit excessive to me.
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