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  1. vtarin

    Flight School: Defender interception

    bank 1 right, then barrel roll to end in front tof asteroid. Because i dont give a **** about asteroids. after that , koi4 through the asteroid.
  2. vtarin

    How well r the conversion kits selling at your LGS?

    Sold Out (but just because they only brought them on demand)
  3. vtarin

    Shipless Card pack for wave 1

    i wouldnt expect a pack with all the cards from an expansion, but a pack with all the wave cards that are not in the conv. kits
  4. vtarin

    Yo FFG! Where’s the app at?!

    I dont know what are you all talking about, I have downloaded it and it works more or less ok.
  5. vtarin

    Yo FFG! Where’s the app at?!

    today they'll announce that it will release afyer wave 2
  6. vtarin

    App release date

    only on windows phone
  7. vtarin

    More new ships from Star Wars: Resistance

    They are ugly as ****
  8. I guess 2 ship builds are a thing of the past.
  9. vtarin

    Are players in your gaming club staying with 1.0?

    In the store I usually play we are all in for 2.0
  10. vtarin

    9/13/18 cost change thoughts

    If all the ties can focus fire one of your ships, maybe is not their fault...
  11. vtarin

    Which Second Edition faction will you fly, if any?

    Im collecting Empire & FO, and possibly 1 of the clone wars factions. I think we may not see anything new for Empire in a long time, so I would count that one as complete.
  12. vtarin

    InFlight 2.0 Report - Hopes and Predictions

    In the event list its listed at 7pm to 8:30 pm Wednesday
  13. vtarin

    Reapers too dang hard to kill (rant)

    Git Gud
  14. vtarin

    Lists you hope to play in 2.0?

    My hopes are on a 5xtie phantom list
  15. vtarin

    Will FFG comment on the generics issue?

    So much this......all the complaints avoided in one single shot. If the base were generic for a ship, there wouldnt be any problem. I really dont see the use of having a tiny pilot name in there. Also , would it be a serious issue to use a base from another pilot & same ship in a tournament? really?