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  1. bank 1 right, then barrel roll to end in front tof asteroid. Because i dont give a **** about asteroids. after that , koi4 through the asteroid.
  2. Sold Out (but just because they only brought them on demand)
  3. i wouldnt expect a pack with all the cards from an expansion, but a pack with all the wave cards that are not in the conv. kits
  4. I dont know what are you all talking about, I have downloaded it and it works more or less ok.
  5. today they'll announce that it will release afyer wave 2
  6. vtarin

    App release date

    only on windows phone
  7. In the store I usually play we are all in for 2.0
  8. If all the ties can focus fire one of your ships, maybe is not their fault...
  9. Im collecting Empire & FO, and possibly 1 of the clone wars factions. I think we may not see anything new for Empire in a long time, so I would count that one as complete.
  10. In the event list its listed at 7pm to 8:30 pm Wednesday
  11. My hopes are on a 5xtie phantom list
  12. So much this......all the complaints avoided in one single shot. If the base were generic for a ship, there wouldnt be any problem. I really dont see the use of having a tiny pilot name in there. Also , would it be a serious issue to use a base from another pilot & same ship in a tournament? really?
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