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  1. Hey all! So I've never posted a batrep on here before, but I'll do the best I can with what I can remember from yesterday. We have a relatively small (but growing!) group of X-Wing players at my local FLGS, so there were only 5 people present. Before starting, we all agreed that because of the small number of people and the fact that there were Byes involved we would do 3 rounds of swiss and then cut off to the top 2 for a final deathmatch. That way even if you lost a game you still had a fair shot of getting to the finals and winning it all. I brought Scum to play and had Emon Azzameen with Recon Specialist, Andrasta, 2x Proximity Mines, Experimental Interface, and Inertial Dampeners; Kavil with a Blaster Turret, R4 Agromech, and Veteran Instincts; N'dru Suhlak with Lone Wolf. Total of 99 points. I'd flown Emon with two prox mines before and, although they can be a gamble, they offer some majorly increased damage potential in two rounds throughout the game, which definitely came in handy, especially against Fat Hans. The fact that he can't prevent that damage helps to either strip his shields or lay down some crits, both of which helped mightily. My first round matchup was against a Fat Han build, which I was dreading facing since I only had three ships to attack with, one of which was a lowly/fragile Z-95. The specifics were Han with PtL, Gunner, C3P0, and the Falcon Title, Biggs with R2D2, and a naked Bandit Squadron Pilot. With my lowest pilot skill being 6, I got to deploy after pretty much knowing where all of his ships were going to go since Biggs would be next to Han. He placed his Z-95 in the middle with Biggs off by the edge of the map, I played Emon and Kavil across from where Han and Biggs were, and N'dru pretty far to the other edge to come in and flank his Z-95. Over the first few rounds of combat I killed the Z-95 and struggled to bring down Biggs who was having some amazing green dice rolls that game. Eventually N'dru, and Biggs both went down and it was down to Kavil with one hull left, my Firespray with four hull left, and Fat Han with (I think) four hull left as well. At this point, something interesting that I had never encountered before ended up happening: Emon and Han unintentionally blocked each other out the corner of the map. They bumped in such a way that neither could make a maneuver that would get them past the other without flying off the map. Since we would constantly end up bumping each other and Kavil was safe and sound across the map, we decided to call it there with about 10 minutes left in the round. Started off 1-0. The second round I was matched up against the first round Bye, who had brought a Chirpy/Soontir build. Chirpy had Vader, Dauntless, Expose, Rebel Captive, Gunner, and maybe one other thing on him but I forget. Soontir had the standard PtL, Autothrusters, Stealth Device, and Royal Guard Tie Title. He had the pilot skill advantage here, so I set up my ships in the middle with the goal of trying to block Soontir between the asteroids and my ships, and set up N'dru a little ways off just outside of range 2. Chirpy and Soontir both went in the middle of his edge, with the Decimator having a clear path straight forward through the asteroids and Soontir a few inches off to the side. My general strategy is to kill turrets first whenever I see them on a board. That way, if it comes down to one vs one at the end I don't have to deal with something that can always hit me (and with a four-die attack in this case). Following that strategy I focused Chirpy down as fast as I could, but due to him bumping Emon a bunch of times I didn't get as many attacks in as I wanted to. Soontir ended up going for N'dru, who admittedly lasted wayyy longer than he (she?) should have. Lone wolf helped out there. Kavil's damage was greatly mitigated because of Rebel Captive though. Preventing him from focusing and him having to take a few non-green maneuvers to avoid rocks cost me dearly. Eventually Chirpy and N'dru died though and it came down to Soontir vs a 1-hull Kavil (drew two direct hits on him in a row) and my 4-hull Emon. I felt pretty good about being able to take him down until I flew Emon off the board by a few thousandths of an inch. We had to break out a range ruler and run it along the side of the mat to confirm it, that's how close it was. With Emon gone Kavil stood no chance against Soontir and I lost. 1-1 after round 2. Next was Round 3, and I was tied with another guy who I hadn't played yet for the Bye. We agreed to roll off for it and he received it, which essentially meant that I now needed to win and beat his MoV if I wanted to get into the top 2 for the finals. I was up against a significantly different build than what I had faced in the previous two rounds. It was Jake and Tycho paired up with Corran. The A-wings both had PtL, Chardaan Refit, and Autothrusters on them while Corran had an Engine Upgrade, PtL, and FCS. I was thankful to see that Corran didn't have R2D2. He set up his guys in a formation to my left, and I set up Emon and Kavil on the right, and N'dru closer to being directly across from his ships on my left. I started off by having Kavil perform a hard 2 left to fly along my edge and N'dru did a hard 2 right to fly directly at Kavil. I didn't want N'dru going in alone against those 3 because he/she would have been a goner. Emon flew up towards the asteroids with a 3 bank left. Next round consisted of me doing a K-turn with N'dru, slow-rolling forward with Kavil, and turning in to the middle of the board (and asteroids) with Emon. There were some range 3 shots exchanged between Kavil and Jake, who was leading the pack, but little to no damage dealt if I remember correctly. The next round was spent coming closer together with Kavil taking some damage at range 2 from Corran but otherwise being okay. The next round was probably my best round of maneuvering that day. I managed to bring Emon down from the middle of the board and position N'dru so that Jake was blocked right in front of Emon at range 1. Corran and Tycho then flew directly in front of Kavil, expecting that I was going to slow-roll with him again. Instead, Kavil performed a 3 bank right maneuver that brought him out of both of their arcs, leaving all three of his ships with nothing to shoot at. Kavil and Emon brought down Jake that turn. The rest of the game was spent with me trying to chase Corran down with N'dru and Kavil and Emon finishing off both Corran and Tycho and they came around to engage him. I felt pretty bad because his green dice let him down the entire game, even with him focusing and evading with pretty much everyone. Having a 200-point margin of victory was surely enough to propel me to the top of the listings though, and was going to the finals 2-1. The final match was against my first round opponent (Fat Han build), who had won his next two games after the first round. We set up similarly again, with the minor difference of Han being next to the edge of the board instead of Biggs. Similar to the first game, N'dru came swooping in from the side to try to take out the Bandit, although had a little bit more trouble this time due to being too close to Kavil to get Lone Wolf and his/her pilot ability to trigger. Fortunately, the bandit got stuck on a rock in round 3 or so and took a hit, leaving it with no shields. Instead of firing at the bandit, however, I had N'dru take a range 3 shot at Biggs which ended up barely killing him after taking some serious damage from Kavil. Han had a couple of shields plinked off from Emon (who managed to keep Biggs out of arc one round) but was otherwise healthy. With Biggs down I was feeling pretty good, as I still had 3 ships left who could lay some serious hurt on Han. The bandit was killed the round after Biggs before it could shoot, but Han managed to bring Emon down to 1 hull. Emon, before going down in a blaze of glory, laid his last proximity mine right in front of Han. Han ran over it and (I think) took the crit that lowers his primary weapon value by 1. After seeing that I was very confident that I'd be able to bring him down. Emon died that round, but Kavil and N'dru chased Han down, who ended up carrying a stress for a few rounds which really hurt his damage mitigation ability and made it so that he couldn't get rid of the crit. I used N'dru to block him when he did manage to get a green maneuver in and Kavil finished him off. I ended up winning 3-1. Overall it was a great tournament with a high diversity of builds. The one build I didn't play was a Boba/IG-88B build that seemed pretty interesting. All in all everyone had a good time and we're hoping to be able to do another tournament sometime in late September. I'll try to have some more notes on the matches next time and maybe some pictures as well. Until then, fly casual!
  2. Looking at your signature I noticed that you don't have a firespray either. I would rectify that immediately, and you might find yourself winning more games. The firespray is one of three solid ships that give a little bit more meat to the empire. It's at a cost point between that of the decimator and the shuttle, and has better maneuverability than either. Plus that awesome rear auxiliary arc.
  3. The game is balanced, but as with any game that has had many waves of expansions you end up getting certain builds that are much better suited towards dealing with some builds than other builds. FFG has even mentioned this evolution in their own articles, referring to jousters turrets and arc-dodgers, resulting in a little bit of a rocks-paper-scissor dynamic coming into play. Throughout the last few expansions, however, FFG has tried to give tools to some ships in these classes, such as autothrusters for arc dodgers and ordnance designed to strip shields and immobilize to deal with highly shielded targets. This has, in my opinion, greatly helped to improve the balance of the of the game after the presence of phantoms scared everyone off to flying turrets. What I'm curious about is what kind of builds are you flying, what kinds of builds have you been flying against, and how do you fly? If you feel imps are underpowered, have you tried running soontir, carnor jax, and a shuttle against a turret build, or any other build for that matter? As long as you don't get blocked and fly well they're monsters.
  4. I just won with 0 fighter support last night. It tends to be much more do-able if you're playing against imps who aren't loaded with bombers because 3 out of their 4 fighter squadron types focus on blasting other squadrons out of space. My build was 1 Guppy Mark II A with expanded armaments, General Dodonna on board, Raymon Antilles or whatever his name is, Electronic Countermeasures, Paragon, and maybe another cheap card. I also had a Neb B Support Refit that had the Intel officer (I think?) card and Salvation, a Corvette A with Jaina's light and a Corvette B with Dodonna's Pride and Electronic Countermeasures. Opponent ran a Vic 1 with Screed on board and a couple of upgrades (Chirpy being one of them, which was made useless by me not having squadrons) as well as the Dominator title, and a Glad 1 with gunnery team, Demolisher, and some other upgrade. Squadrons were all named imperial pilots with one regular interceptor squadron. Objective was advanced gunnery and he was second player. He ended up avoiding the guppy the entire game (I only ever got one shot off from it) and it was my only ship surviving because of that. Despite losing my other 3 ships I won on points because I took down his Vic which was his objective ship as well as the regular interceptor squadron.
  5. I don't think the attacker would get to spend it. There's no indication that using evade to force a reroll brings you back to the previous modify dice step of the attack. Still probably needs a FAQ entry though. As for using brace beforehand that totally works and is a good workaround for the defender until a ruling is given. If you've already exhausted the defense token the attacker cannot go back and "undo" what you've done. It already happened and the effect will take place during the next step of the attack.
  6. Got this today: Hello, In response to your rules question: Hello! Rules question regarding Ten Numb: Does his ability only protect one crit, leaving all others subject to cancellation by evade results? The scenario is that Ten Numb attacks, rolls two crits. Defender has one evade result. Is one of the two crits canceled or is the single evade result subject to Ten's ability? Thank you! Ten Numb’s ability only affects 1 critical result. Therefore only 1 critical is not canceled and 1 is. In this instance Ten Numb’s ability has no effect. Thanks for playing, Frank Brooks Associate Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games fbrooks@fantasyflightgames.com The information contained in this electronic message is privileged and confidential information intended only for the use of the recipient named above. If the reader of the message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this communication is strictly prohibited.
  7. The reason why it takes effect is because it's not making a maneuver more difficult, that's just the maneuver you're doing. Stay on target says that meneuever becomes a red maneuever, meaning that it is altering the difficulty of it. Ion effects simply state do a white one forward, which isn't changing the difficulty of any maneuver but is simply the maneuver you're being told to do. That was covered in an above post. Secondly you can't compare your gripes with Keyan and R2 Astromech. They are completely different cards and it is nonsensical to compare the two. At this point you're just whining about things that you don't like so get over it. You're coming off as a troll. If you want somewhere to whine and complain about things go elsewhere. And I actually don't like giving Keyan PtL. I prefer stay on target with advanced sensors. More mobility and still getting target locked and focused attacks each turn. If you're complaining about a lack of variety in builds then why the hell are you arguing for the expanded effect of R2 astro? Then that makes stay on target an auto-include on many ace pilots and would actually validate the sky is falling threads that started when that card was spoiled. And I fail to see what point you're even attempting to make with your last paragraph. Y-wings need a fix, people have been asking for one for over a year now. They're getting one with scum & villainy.
  8. You could ask the same question of Garven Dreis. Do you think that's "piss poor" game design too? And it's not useless. It's why it's a 1 point cost card. It's a useful filler and works particularly well in combination with cards like push the limit and experimental interface, or in countering stress builds. I'm sure a number of other users on these forums would see balance issues if R2 Astromech converted stay on target reds. Have you done the playtesting that FFG did to come to the conclusion of how this should work? I don't think so. It doesn't penalize creative list building, it creates boundaries necessary for balance. And I have no idea what Soontir Fel has to do with any of this. If you don't like the game don't play it, otherwise quit complaining and work within the rule space provided.
  9. Anyway I fired off a question to FFG so I'll have an email response to nail it down (hopefully) soon.
  10. No you're not. If you roll two evades then one of them works. What I was referring to is the scenario in which two crits are rolled and neither is canceled by a single evade rolled. In that case both of your crits are being protected by Ten's ability. If one is un-cancelable then the other one is not. Therefore, one of the crits gets canceled. If the ability were to work as is postulated then it would have to read "When attacking, the first time a critical hit result would be canceled, it is not canceled". The way it reads now what you basically do is take a single crit from your attack roll, set it off to the side, exclude it from the compare results phase of the attack, and bring it back in during the deal damage phase of the attack. Saying that it prevents the first cancellation of a crit that would occur is not a strict reading of what the card says. It protects one crit and one crit only, all others are cancel-able.
  11. Just curious - what led to the belief that turrets could only attack out of arc at range 1?
  12. It's not piss poor game design. What kind of game design would it be if you could change your maneuver on a whim and have it be a green maneuver to boot, all at the cost of 3 points? That would be extremely unbalanced, so I would argue that it's good game design. Calling the astromech useless is a very strong statement. It isn't used too often, but as a 1-pointer it's really not supposed to be incredibly useful. It's more of a nice thing to have on an ace X-Wing pilot with PtL (like Wedge) to give the player more flexibility when choosing maneuvers. That makes it easier to chase down targets while still getting in target-locked and focused shots every turn. I've also found it to be pretty useful on ace E-Wings that have PtL for the same reason. It brings them closer to having the dial of an A-wing with the strength of an X-wing. There's no hard-fast definition stated anywhere by FFG, but I believe it's generally understood that if a card effect makes a maneuver red then it stays red. It's consistent with everything as far as I can think of.
  13. I don't know what a "day ruling" is, but it's not without cost. He is point-costed appropriately. Also at an appropriate pilot skill especially in relation to Han and Phantom builds. There is plenty of risk. If you're flying against a relatively mobile build that relies on arc-dodging (phantoms, etc.) his ability can hurt him if he doesn't have a target to shoot at. If he wasn't balanced you'd see him being used all the time in tournaments and dominating top tier builds. Spoiler alert: he's not. I was at a store championship recently with 33 players and I only saw one build with Keyan there.
  14. I've seen the same argument before and it doesn't work. Here's why: In order to obey the pilot ability, one crit must remain uncanceled. How the defender cancels anything else is up to them, not you. So, you roll 2 crits, defender has one evade result. Defender cancels a crit. Is the card text on Ten satisfied? Yes. It states "When attacking, one of your [kaboom] results cannot be canceled by defense dice". That's not saying you get to pick which one in any way, or that it means that the defenders evade gets absorbed. All it is saying is that ONE of your crits is immune to defense dice. That's it. The argument is adding another imaginary layer of complexity onto the issue. Just read the card. Is the text satisfied? Yes, one of your crits was not canceled. Anything besides that one single crit is fair game. If you do it your way you're saying that neither of the two crits is cancelable by defense dice, which is incorrect. The pilot ability says one, not two.
  15. I think whenever this question comes up again we should just start making bets with whoever is arguing. Might as well make a profit. But seriously, it blows my mind that anyone is still in the dark about this.
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