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  1. Great advice; this is something that I still struggle to remember in the moment, which can lead to adjudicating combat rounds too short and stretching the encounter out longer than stays fun. If the cost of books is an issue and you're only getting one CRB, I'd second the advice of the Edge CRB. Quickleaf's summary is great, and I'd supplement the viluppo.net index with the talent sheets at http://beggingforxp.com/2014/star-wars-talent-sheets/. Looks like they haven't been updated with the complete latest supplements, but if you're trying to round out specializations and force powers not in the Edge CRB, these are a good quick guide.
  2. "Twin Suns" is watchable early on the Disney XD app. Understated to say that this is definitely not a filler episode. Loved it beginning to end.
  3. Agreeing with kmanweiss, Rules Reference page 13, Structures, states
  4. It sounds like the proximity of Endor is going to be a good path, but if you wanted to have a longer lead time/build up to that I also wanted to throw out an asymmetrical approach. While the Empire certainly has the firepower to come in guns blazing, and your PC's calling card should make for a shorter investigation, I could see a small task force of ISB, COMPNOR, and other investigators steadily squeezing a target organization where it hurts to weaken them before an attack. Hit their logistical and support train. Maybe some of their fuel/weapon/food supply runs get impounded. Or the transponder codes on those frigates you mentioned are flagged with BoSS and they face an automatic cold or hostile reception from any system authorities they arrive in. This can have a gradually increasing pressure on the group to feel less independent, and maybe they need to consider allying with the Rebellion sooner, or they get desperate and lash out again. Either way, it can make for a less linear arms race before the inevitable Imperial assault.
  5. By Hollywood's moral compass immediately prior to the 60s, are you referring to the systemic blacklisting of individuals who exercised their right to free speech and assembly? Giving the benefit of the doubt, you have provided a very simple summary of the traditional Masculine and Feminine Journey story structures. Where I start to get frustrated is when you apply the logical fallacy that these Journeys demand a specific gender of the character (or expanded explanation of why a woman would be on a masculine journey). This is a fallacy because the Masculine and Feminine archetypes are named for the genders of two specific Sumerian gods (Gilgamesh and Inanna, respectively) on which the structures are based, not because they are the predominant experience of all men vs women. These archetypes work with audiences because they represent familiar journeys of human change. They are broadly appealing because we all have internal and external experiences that we can relate to as we grow as people. This set of generalizations is where I run out of benefit-of-the-doubt patience. Your statement that [all] women are looking for the risk-taker or maverick is simply not a universal truth. The assumptions for the reasons that women adopt masculine qualities is a dangerously broad brush with which to paint billions of individual people. I imagine these assumptions comes from a narrow breadth of experience knowing and respecting a wide variety of people. Accordingly, I want to tell you why the Masculine and Feminine Journeys both resonate with me. I faced internal struggles as an introvert and outcast in high school when I had nerdy interests (Star Wars RPGs, for instance) with few friends. I faced external struggles during my time in Marine Corps training and later as a casualty evacuation pilot on multiple combat deployments. I faced all new internal struggles when I left active duty and needed to figure out who I was without a massive social and professional support structure around me. I have had to make life changing decisions and I have gone through experiences of personal rebirth. I don't think I'm unique as a man that way. Masculine/Feminine is not a binary life experience. Personal growth is as varied as there are people. We're all just trying to find the journey that best fits us as individuals. I hope that you can continue to learn and grow your perception of people beyond stereotypes and as much more than deviations from some false ideal.
  6. I'd love to see it as I haven't had a time to do something similar for my group before our session this weekend!
  7. I've been there, and I had a radical shift in my GMing philosophy as a result. What if your players don't even end up in your encounter? Yeah, my A-ha moment was players taking arriving at the 3rd Act of Beyond the Rim, only to decide in hyperspace that the meet up must be a trap. A brief fight with TIEs above Raxus Prime later, they jump away and force the meet in an entirely different place. It was a whole lot of fun and a key lesson about best laid plans of a GM...
  8. I really appreciate that FFG has structured the supplement books in a common way. 1st third is species/specialization/etc, 2nd third is equipment/vehicles, and last third is GM guidance, including special rules or help with encounters. Some variance for settings books, but not much. I've hardly memorized their contents and often realize that I have only really read portions of them. But when I've got a kernel of a memory to look up (such as the aforementioned industrial speeder), I can usually get it down to 2-3 books it could have been in, then just open up to the right area. I also completely understand wanting to round out that living, breathing world too. With limited prep time around real life, I have gone down the rabbit hole to make a fully detailed and flexible encounter only to realize that the session is tomorrow and I only have the skeletons of my three other encounters.
  9. Doh...I totally made a logical leap there that I can't back up. I am expecting "Old Master" to be Maul, but my speculation about his relationship with the Inquisitorius is entirely based on my own "wouldn't it be cool" settings for my home game! Edit: I really shouldn't post before coffee...
  10. That's been my guess ever since I saw the Rebels trailer with "Old Master" and re-watched the dual between Palpatine and Maul. The trailer left a lot to interpretation (with just the shadowed face inside the hood); that toy feels almost spoilery with red/black body tattoos, metal legs, and a dual bladed lightsaber...
  11. I'm working on a concept for a Gotal Inquisitor who was an Antarian Ranger leading up to Order 66. Abandoning his duties and going into hiding, he was found and turned by the Inquisitorius. Following the Battle of Endor, he's aligned with one of the Imperial factions in the Outer Rim, where naturally he will come across the PCs, including a couple of emerging Force Sensitives. We're starting an EotE / F&D blended campaign. I'm pretty sure the force sensitives will be interested in the Inquisitor storyline, but I'm still trying to tease out my hooks to keep the more Edge characters engaged (without defaulting to a cliche where he killed their parents/brother/lover/planet/pet gundark). Edited for autocorrect typos
  12. Looking at the fundamental question of learning a new system with players who are a) also new to the system and b) a pretty personal connection like your kids (which limits the "Player, go find yourself another game" options), I also recommend running yourselves through one of the beginner boxes. They do a good job of steadily introducing rules and mechanics, and the NPCs are specifically structured for the pre-gens*. This kind of experience can create a nice foundation for your own intuitive understanding of NPC balance. I personally had a great experience running the F&D with my wife and another couple, none of whom came in with any RPG experience. Really smooth introduction to the system for first timers, especially the F&D box with a gradual approach to the Force. On a side note, if you've never run an RPG when two players are therapists, I highly recommend it. The humor value of some REALLY deep exploration into character motivation and feelings is well worth the price of admission! *If none of the pre-gens calls to your players, basic character creation rules can work pretty well too.
  13. Gadgetron, I'm in the South Bay and follow the SF Bay Area Armada Facebook group for these sort of local plans. It's a pretty active group and there are definitely a few events already set for Massing at Sullust.
  14. Got a call from my FLGS telling me that Wave 1 arrived today, but I would have to pick them up in the morning since the actual release is tomorrow. Whether it's leaving the Upcoming page to rot or changing procedures, I think it's safe (and feels good!) to say FFG is doing things differently now and old timelines don't necessarily hold true. I foresee productivity going down tomorrow...
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