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  1. Anthony Ryan by far thogh i have finished only blood song so far. folowed by brent weeks, martin and terry brooks.
  2. the works of lovecraft are too numerus to put in one movie. if i would have been given the honor of filming cthulhu mythos i would have made a tv siries. anyway if only one short story could be translated into a film i think the Dunwich Horror would fit best.
  3. I vote for thing on the doorstep i agree with Overkongen about derby being based upon lovecraft and it dose not contane that much history(like rats in the wals).
  4. i would use this method: chose your factions based on your personality exept the complite opposit. let me explane. if you are a good harted fellow whose whole purpace in life is to protect those who are his frainds (i know you ar'nt) then chose a cthulhu and a shub niggurath or agency destructive deck with lots of short fuses (core 17) slavering gugs (core 124) and cthulhus (do i need to say what nomber it is?). if you are evil take miskitonick. if you love your cards and want to use as meny of them, take the deck eater yog sothoth. and so on and so on and so on... plese ignore writing mistakes.
  5. ygolonac(core set 122) has the folowing texbox: Action: Pay 1 to choose and ready a character. That character must commit to the same story as Y'Golonac, if able. can you use it on your opponent's redy characters to force them to come to the same story as ygolonac?
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