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  1. The crits work out alright this way. I have played through it a few times, the older one anyway, and crits changing to hits feels kind of natural, or at least that was what we found anyway.
  2. The first one you did is still set up on my board, and to date is the most played mission in my group. Cant wait to rock out the new one! Thanks for your work, keep it up!
  3. THANK YOU these discussions stem from one of the following 1: paranoia 2: sore loss 3: no spine to ask opponent or TO to use 1 pair of dice due to unremarkable odds but its more often 1 & 2. dice suck, it's part of the game. better to accept it and move on. Best comment yet!! Couldn't agree more!
  4. Wow, Reading the rest of the comments on here after last night, I have to say, its the attitudes of certain people displayed here in that are the cause of a lot of people shunning the tourney world. The "If I do something different from you because that is how I roll (poor pun, I know) I must be cheating?" There could be ahundred different reasons for him rolling that way. Perhaps he does indeed have a mastery of the force and is Qui'Goning the hell out of the dice. Maybe he likes to throw his dice that way? He could be trying to distract you from planning your moves and influencing you that way? He could be OCD, and can't roll any other way? If at the end of the day you are so worried that you got beaten by the way someone rolled a dice, because he may have changed the outcome by as little as 1%? I pity you. Truly I do. I guess that if you get out played by your opponent, they are cheating too?
  5. Why? Are your dice special? Does it matter who's dice you get back so long as you get back the same amount you started with? Still look at it this way. Marking your dice for ownership is a bit silly to begin with, but lets call that even remotely acceptable. Why would you need to mark a specific facing? Or use that specific facing in the way you roll your dice? I would mark them, only to ensure that I got them all back. There are some less then honest people that will attempt to claim anything that isn't nailed down, having your name/mark on it often solves the issue. I would personally mark the blanks, just to be uniform. I don't think I indicated that I would use it in how I rolled them? If people have issues with dice that have a mark on then during an event, hit up the TO, If you have a problem with how someone rolls the dice, or think its sus, ask them about it. Talking to your opponent could solve a lot of issues.
  6. So, I have to say to begin with, this has been one of the most well presented arguments on the internet that I have ever read. No one has degenerated into the petty crap you usually see, and they have stuck to their points of view while listening to everyone elses... More or less. Well done. I havent actually watched the video, but has anyone paused to consider that he may have a compulsive disorder? He may not be able to roll the dice without looking at them first. I probably would have enquired about his method, if I were playing with him. Its easier to determine cheating by his reaction/explanation, then to jump to conclusion. And if I were to enter a tournament, I would probably mark a single face of my dice too, so I got them all back at the end, not for any malicious reason. Just my thoughts.
  7. Somehow I knew this question would be on here somewhere!! Although I hadn't thought about it with MF... I was just looking to see if Blount was basically a instant 1dmg / 2 ion token effect. Guess it is.
  8. Pretty much every list I use has Wedge with Deadeye and proton torps. Subbing focus for TL is handy, meaning that you can decide at the start of the combat phase if you want to go in guns blazing, or pick up the extra attack dice at rng 2-3 comparatively. Almost all of my x's run torps. Plus with deadeye, if you do have a TL, it allows you to spend focus for the shot, then reroll all of your blanks and focus results.
  9. I do enjoy fighting against Vader... Engine upgrades do him well. And forgive my noobness, but Arc dodging?
  10. Wait wait wait... Chewie is immune to critical hits, essentially?
  11. I was worried when I started to read this... Now to set about discovering what a super chewie is...
  12. That's what I thought. And was the basic result of our conversation. Just wanted the outside view. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.
  13. So, this may be a stupid question, but what is the stance on copied cards? Are they considered taboo, or acceptable? The question was raised in my gaming group recently, based on the only way to get some cards at the moment is to purchase opposite faction expansions... Unless FFG plans to release packs of upgrades. It's easy enough to build lists using all of the cards from the app, but for the purpose of having your squad open and visible to your opponents...
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