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  1. My question is that can Necrons enslave Tyranids? Since they are not on the alignment wheel. If not, then what do Necrons against Tyranids?
  2. Hi! I also have a question concerning Mortis Engine: When the selected unit leaves play at the end of the turn, does it go to its owner discard pile, or to the bottom of his deck?
  3. Thank you for the reply! 2., There was a situation where I played Judgement of Verena on the opponent and he had a Lobber Crew in play in his Kingdom. The question was that can he sacrifice the Lobber Crew after I played my card but before it is destroyed by the card's effect?
  4. Hi, I have two questions: 1., If I have for example two developments in zone that has eight damage points now, and my enemy plays a card that removes my two developments, would my zone instantly burn? 2., Can I sacrifice a unit that would leave play by a card effect?
  5. While defending, only your the power of your units allocated for defending count. Therefore the three powers of your kingdom do not count.
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