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  1. Got swarm tactics off a reasonable amount. My first game was vs rebel torp alpha strike and swarm tactics-ing seevor up to 6 stopped some clutch torps on fenn giving me a decent win. Got it off a couple of times on guri too to initiative kill I5s. Overall I’m pretty happy with it but fenns positioning takes priority The biggest bid I came up against was imp aces at 190 so pretty handy there but other than that the lowest was about 195!
  2. I flew this both days at the UK system open: (63) Guri [StarViper-class Attack Platform] (10) Advanced Sensors (6) Outmaneuver (7) Hull Upgrade Points: 86 (68) Fenn Rau [Fang Fighter] (3) Swarm Tactics Points: 71 (30) Captain Seevor [Modified TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Crack Shot Points: 31 Total points: 189 went 4-2 on day one with the fourth highest MoV of the 4-2s and then 3-2 in the hyperspace the next day. It’s good fun and my aim was to get guri to the end game while taking out any I6’s. Got wrecked twice by double firesprays with bombs though ><
  3. One of my favourite and funniest memories was sunny bounder doing 5 damage to a reaper at R2. I rolled Crit blank, rerolled the blank into a Crit with linked battery and added a third Crit with sunny’s ability. Reaper blanked out and took a shield and 2 direct hits!
  4. A pair of E-wings were some of my first purchases for x-wing when I started playing just after wave 4 dropped (longer ago than I care to admit) and they’ve never really seen much action. Now that they’ve been revamped for 2.0 I wanted to see if I could get some discussion going for builds playstyle etc. I wanted to start off discussing the upgrade options for the ship in general. System: This is a great slot and I don’t think it will ever be empty on any ship that has it, some difficult decisions to be made here… Fire Control System (3) – I feel like this might end up stapled to E-wings, at 3 points and combined with experimental scanners it’s a good, cheap option for double modded attacks and means that you can get rerolls when the enemy is at R1 where you can’t normally lock. The downside however is that you are telegraphing your target and its only one reroll unless you spend the lock. Collision Detector (5) – I think this is going to be a really interesting upgrade, as much for the threat of being able to fly over/onto a rock and still take actions and get a shot as actually doing it. If your opponent forgets you have it, you could really punish them and they do remember its there it gives them more to consider when you’re flying near obstacles meaning that there is less chance of them correctly guessing where you’re going. Definitely an upgrade I’d consider for 5 points! Advance Sensors (8) – Always a good upgrade, a little more expensive now at 8 points but still an excellent choice, getting action before a red move or a bump is great! Astromechs: There’s quite a few of these little guys and again a lot of great choices. Chopper (2) – I’m not sure chopper is going to be a common choice for E-wings but there could be an interesting combo with spending shields to recharge a stealth device, probably not though! R4 (2) – 2 point for blue 2 turns and banks and much easier access to those amazing 1 turns (going form red to white), yes please! The only tiny downside to this guy is that your 1 turns don’t recharge elusive but I’m pretty sure I can live with that. R3 (3) – R3 is looking like my favourite mech at the moment, especially when combined with FCS and/or torps. Your targets are much less predictable and against 2 ship lists you’ve got rereolls for days. Hull/shield Repair Mechs (5/6/7/8) – All seem pretty solid choices for a bit of extra survivability, I’m not sure if the action cost on the hull droids or the disarm token is better on the shield droids is preferable. Either way I think I would be combining the hull droids at least with a hull upgrade but the shield ones maybe don’t need the shield upgrade quite as much. Quite expensive all round but great for adding a bit of survivability. Torpedoes: great for adding a bit of punch to an expensive ship needing to pull its weight and combine well with experimental scanners. Adv. Proton (6) – Up close and personal is probably not where E-wings want to be but then again taking these might make opponents think twice about rushing int R1, 6 points seems a bit steep for 1 extra red dice one per game (could be used once more with chopper I guess). Ion (6) – Personally I think it’s going to take some convincing to bring me round to ion weapons, could be good against low agility ships I suppose. Protons (9) – I feel like this is where its at for E-wings; long range, great with experimental scanners and really pack a punch with double mods. The downside to these bad boys is they don’t come cheap on a ship that’s already costing 70+ points! Modifications: Really depends on how many points you’re willing to put into a ship but could be pivotal at the right moment! Munitions Failsafe (2) - Eh could be useful I guess but probably won't be something I’ll be using. Electronic Baffle (2) – Taking damage to remove stress doesn’t seem like something a 3 agility ship want to be doing if I’m honest, especially when you could have an R4 for the same points. Static Discharge Vanes – Could be handy, especially if you’re taking an R4 Mech Hull/Shield Upgrade (7/8) – Good options but you’ll be paying through the nose for them better when combined with the repair mechs I suppose. Stealth Device (8) – Honestly I think id rather take the hull or shield for the same or less points, maybe ok when combined with elusive and/or chopper but then things start to get expensive. Afterburners (8) – Expensive but a great ability especially on higher initiative like Corran allowing double reposition and target lock (albeit in a specific order). I don’t think you can go wrong with this if you have the points. Talents: I’ll just go through what I think will work best of these but if there are any that I don’t cover feel free to change my mind! Mostly talents seem to make the ship either more survivable or hit a bit harder which is never bad. Crack Shot (1) – for the cost I don’t think this will ever be a bad option. Predator (2) - not a bad shout for the cost but I think it’ll be my go to for Corran if he doesn’t have FCS as it gives rerolls of both attacks when using his ability. Daredevil (3) - Definitely some interesting possibilities with this but I think I would also be taking an R4 so the next turn wasn’t too predictable. Elusive (3) – Anything that keeps these expensive ships alive longer is ok in my book, plus we now have those tasty 3 sloops to recharge it with. Lone Wolf (4) – See elusive, a bit more flexible as it can be use offensively but the restriction means I’d probably only take it in smaller squads. Outmaneuver (6) – Great for making these expensive, manoeuvrable ships pull their weight that bit better. With that out of the way some interesting upgrade combos I want to try that should be good (or at least funny to annoy people with): 1. The “Rerolls for Days” - R3, FCS and possibly some Torps with whatever talent you fancy. 2. The “Alpha” - Proton torps and crack shot. 3. The “I go where I want” – Collision detector, Afterburners R4 and Daredevil. 4. The Tank – Hull/Shield, repair droid and elusive with whatever system you like best. 5. The “This probably wont work but oh well” – Chopper, Stealth, Elusive and a system option (Probably collision detector for the extra charges) 6. The “oh god not Corran F***ing Horn again” – Corran (duh) with predator, collision detector, afterburners and probably and R2 unit (like the good old days) Feel free to share some of your builds too I’m interested to see what people are thinking with these shiny new E-Wings! With that in mind here is what I think I will try first: Rogue Squadron Escort — E-Wing 63 Elusive 3 Fire-Control System 3 Proton Torpedoes 9 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 81 Rogue Squadron Escort — E-Wing 63 Elusive 3 Fire-Control System 3 Proton Torpedoes 9 R3 Astromech 3 Ship Total: 81 Green Squadron Pilot — A-Wing 34 Intimidation 3 Ship Total: 37 I feel like this has great alpha strike potential with the two I4 proton torps more than likely with double mods and a decent defence with three greens and elusiveness on the heavy hitters. I also really like the R3, FCS and Experimental scanners combo too. However, having 2 generics at 81 points each does make me a bit nervous! The other option with this squad was to drop the rogues down to Knaves at I2 and losing elusive giving me an extra 11 points to play with for the support ship for a less “all my eggs in one basket” approach. TL/DR: I like E-wings PEW PEW! Let the discussion commence!
  5. Hehe thanks, it was sabacc in my First order Quickdraw, Vessary, sabacc squad that i took to the UK SOS last year I agree with a lot of this. Not massively excited about the bomb slot and I feel my beloved strikers are going to be a lot squishier without LWF. I'm sure we'll find a way to make them work again though, swarms look like they could be great again in 2nd ed!
  6. TyrantLord73


    I’ve played a few striker lists, my original was stridan w/ fleet and systems officer, two trainees w/ LWF and Sabacc /w LWF and your choice of 1 point EPT. The most recent I’ve been running is 3 trainees with LWF, countdown with twin ion engines and a tie shuttle with fleet & systems officers and twin ion which I managed 4-2 at a regionals with have to say the extra actions from the support ships keep them alive when you can focus/evade a harpoon missile, plus handing out target locks is fun when you can pull it off!
  7. Just thought I’d chip in with my striker experiences. Flew countdown with twin ions 3 trainees with LWF and a bomber shuttle with systems and fleet officers and twin ions at a local toury over the weekend. Won my first 3 games including one vs Rebel alpha with harpoons, but then my tired brain gave up and I lost the next 2 >< love flying strikers, so looking forward to the reaper to replace my bomber shuttle!
  8. My favourite build a while ago was two Gand findsman with juke and sensor jammer one had Dengar, the other K4 and then palob with some toys. Not super competitive but quite fun
  9. A few pics of Phoenix Squadron I painted recently, been really enjoying my snap, crackle, pop swarm! (Apologies for the terrible lighting)
  10. I've been having good fun with this list recently PS 5 - Gand Findsman [Juke, Sensor Jammer, •Dengar, Tractor Beam, •Mist Hunter] PS 5 - Gand Findsman [Juke, K4 Security Droid, Sensor Jammer] PS 5 - •Palob Godalhi [Determination, Hull Upgrade, Ion Cannon Turret, •Cloaking Device] I love how juke and sensor jammer work together, especially with palob stealing a focus each turn!
  11. My usual build is Adv Sensors, predator and manglers on B and C. I find its a really good balance between the defensive PTL build and the more offensive builds.
  12. I played this list (and ended up winning) at a tournament the other week with opening salvo, hyperspace assault and dangerous teratory. I got second player twice and both times my opponent picked opening salvo, and throwing 2 red and 2 black at long range with ACM is just rude, especially when it's followed by 4 black dice at close range from the Demolisher!
  13. I generally run B and C with: Predator Mangler Advanced Sensors Autothrusters IG-2000 And either dampeners or glitterstim I generally find predator gives me that little bit of extra offence over PTL but it's just personal preference really.
  14. Hey guys thanks for the replies. Managed 4th out of 16 so not too bad Funnily enough this was exactly how I did it!First round was against Xixor with predator and Autothrusters and 2 binarye pirates. Managed to take out both Headhunters and then Jake took Xizor down to one hull with a well placed PRocket. After that it was just a matter of hunting him down for a 60-0 win Second round was ten numb with mangler and lando, goodie with ion and Gemma with outmaneuver, refit and autothrusters. I wasn't subtle about this one and went right for ten. Managed to take ten out and he only got one shot off. Struggled with the last two but managed to take out the gold and then Gemma at the cost of my Greenie for a 90-22 win Third round was vs SuperDash with HLC, 3 bandits and cracken with swarm tactics. I thought my best shot here was to go for dash first but ended up regretting it as it cost me jake for about 2 shields on dash. So I switched targets and went for the Z's. One z went down to a single shot hit,hit, double damage! Cracken went down next and then I took out another bandit on the last turn for a close fought 45-33 win My final round was against a doom shuttle with Intel agent, Whisper with Intel, VI, ACD, FCS, Soontir with autothrusters, push, stealth, Carnor with the same and a black squadron with intimidation. Went straight for the shuttle and reduced it to 3 hull in the first round of shooting but lost a prototype. Next round the other proto blocked the shuttle and Jake moved in for a shot got three hits and the shuttled rolled an evade and survived! Everything else shot Carnor and killed him but not before he caused Tycho to die due to not being able to use focus/evade. The shuttle that I wish I'd protoned shot Jake, knocked off 2 shields and then vader-ed to do an injured pilot crit and then killed itself. Jake died the next turn leaving 2 greens and a proto vs Whisper, Soontir, and the black squadron, not good! Managed to take out the black squadron but lost one green leaving the final score at 75-110 loss. My last opponent ended up winning the whole thing so I can't complain Really enjoyed flying my a-wings again and I'm pretty happy with 4th!
  15. Hey guys I'm heading to an escalation tournament tomorrow and I pretty settled on an all A-Wing list for 150 points PS 1 - Prototype Pilot (15pts) [Chardaan Refit] PS 1 - Prototype Pilot (15pts) [Chardaan Refit] PS 3 - Green Squadron Pilot (25pts) [A-Wing Test Pilot, Autothrusters (2pts), Chardaan Refit, Outmaneuver (3pts), Push the Limit (3pts)] PS 3 - Green Squadron Pilot (25pts) [A-Wing Test Pilot, Autothrusters (2pts), Chardaan Refit, Outmaneuver (3pts), Push the Limit (3pts)] PS 7 - •Jake Farrell (33pts) [A-Wing Test Pilot, Autothrusters (2pts), Proton Rockets (3pts), Push the Limit (3pts), Veteran Instincts (1pts)] PS 8 - •Tycho Celchu (37pts) [A-Wing Test Pilot, Experimental Interface (3pts), Proton Rockets (3pts), Push the Limit (3pts), Expert Handling (2pts)] It's 60-90-120-150 and all cards used in the previous round have to stay. I was mostly wondering what people thought the best way to split the ships up between rounds or any changes/improvements. I'm not expecting a win with this list but I'd like it to at least be competitive
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