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  1. I think it's impressive the schedule is still right there. Looks like a Wave 10 announcement at Gencon
  2. why doesn't aurora work? its worked on my 5s flawlessly Not entirely sure, it might my phone is the problem. I have enough memory, but whenever I tried to use it, I would start a ship, usually 1 or 2 upgrades added to it, the app would just shut down back to the home screen did you uninstall/.reinstall? if that doesn't work... private message the author. VanderLegion on here
  3. why doesn't aurora work? its worked on my 5s flawlessly
  4. Not only that.. But brand new ship (ok... 6 months old) T70 Red Vet... PS4 Generic with EPT.. its a fighter.... 1 point more than a scout. what the hell FFG?
  5. Shaidown

    PS9 Poe builds

    I think you're completely wrong on this. being PS9 means Poe isn't tied to VI as a necessity. I agree with Magnus. PS9 Poe with Black One Title and bb-8/PTL make for an amazing arc dodging ship that OL can't do anything about and will neuter Vader (have to have an init bid of course) Vessery even with TIE-D title becomes less of a worry as well. ALSO,if Poe with BB8 barrel rolls then boosts either off that or after he can clear a TL off himself AND another ship
  6. don't plan on advanced sensors and just dial in a hard 3 right. maybe you'll get lucky and they won't have a shot... and you won't have to ptl to turtle getting stress. if vessery goes for a right bank blocking your turn, then you can AS and barrel roll right or left, denying the block. I think Corran does fine this turn... if ryan doesn't go for the block but does a 4k, then you can barrel roll right and get to range 3 at least.
  7. I get frustrated when playing someone and they think putting their dials/tokens next to the pilot cards is ok. I don't like dials being there, but as long as they activate in order doesn't bother me too much. However, I've encountered a few times where a player wants to put tokens on the pilot cards instead of next to the ships. I find this VERY frustrating because it's difficult to tell the status of each of his ships easily, or even with difficulty. And they always act indignant and offended when I ask them to please place the tokens next to the ships on the board
  8. i did for a little while. it sounds so good doesnt it? 3 attack... can't be dodged.... except PS7 sucks when dodgy Imp aces are a dime a dozen. and Im not sure PS9 Dash is maneuverable enough. However, if i were to try it again.. I'd do Outrider, ABC, VI, rec spec, engine. wish rebels had a Dengar
  9. Rogue 1 is set, what, months before A New Hope? I wouldn't have thought there'd be time for the U-Wing to be a predecessor of the X-Wing. My guess is days/hours
  10. Elite pilot skill "Use the Force" Unique Action: acquire a focus and target lock 5 pts Or make it a discard after use for like 2-3pts NO.. I don't want any more good rebel crew cards that are discard after use. stupid palp should have been a 2-3 pt discard
  11. I just want Ghost Obi-Wan giving me the ability to shoot torpedoes extra awesome without needing a target lock
  12. I have no idea what you mean you want to stay complete TFA era. All of the rebel/resistance ships work together. Without the OG Core Set, you dont have access to R2D2, arguable the best astro in the game. You don't get Luke or biggs. Also, there are a lot of good TIE fighter pilots in the core... mauler mithel being one. There are literally only 2 ships for TFA era... so you're severely limiting yourself.
  13. i dont think kanan pilot makes sense with the reinforced deflectors. most the time if you use kanan's ability you're cutting the attack down to 2 dice... which means the reinforced deflectors simply can't kick in. if ordnance... all your opponent needs to do is stay at r3 when firing and kanan ability doesnt work. seems a waste
  14. i say go ordnance all the way on that CR90 We had an epic league and my list never lost. Played against a Scum swarm, TIE swarm (with raider ) and XWing swarm. Weapons engineer on the cr90 means 2 Target locks.Homing missiles mean you dont spend the target locks. Esege with rec spec hides behind the CR90 handing over it's 2 focus. Ordnance experts and gunnery team mean you can convert 2 blanks to hits on the missile shots. the third homing missile can spend a target lock on its attack and you still have a Target lock left over for your 5 die main gun. if enemies do come into range 1, then you blow the ionization reactor, give them all damage and an ion, and run over them with their very predictable move the next turn. 4 ships firing assault missiles thins any fighters that are coming your way. toryn farr helps deal with that 1 ace that inevitably ends up chasing you at the end of the match because it managed to get behind you, and esege cleans them up. most I ever lost was the fore on the corvette and never lost esege. people balk at the cost of the cr90 (150).... but it just erases anything that gets in range 3. I've destroyed YV666 in 1 turn of firing. additionally, the missile corvette doesnt need energy to fire, so you can regen shields everyturn http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/494047/missile-corvette
  15. Yavish? Maybe Yavinese? Yavinian? Yavinesian? Technically it's Yavin IV, so may Yavinfourvish? Yavinfourian? I'm going to wonder about this for hours, or until something shiny distracts me. I've never understood the propensity for just numbering up planets in sci-fi stuff... I mean, we don't tell folks we live on Sol III do we? it was the 4th moon orbitting the planet Yavin.. and it was so out of the way... no one really cared about giving the moons names
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