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  1. I agree it is nice it was added. It should have been there the day Wave 3 was released. But almost all of that was "known." It's a bit frustrating that we have waited this long and the update doesn't really add very much new information or clarifications even though there are a number of issues/questions that have been around for a few months now.
  2. not really anything to reexamine as there is very little new information or clarifications.
  3. If you print your list to bring to the store, it also identifies the date of the points update used. Should help avoid problems of using older printouts that may be outdated.
  4. Jamming isn't Hyperspace legal. Not sure it is worth using Jamming beam since you give up the opportunity to just push damage through. It's only 3 dice attack and with reinforce, it will likely only strip 1 or 2 tokens off. Not enough to really help on other shots or stop the offense of the other ship. You'd need 2 shots to try to strip all tokens, but then you have done no damage compared to whatever damage you do in return.
  5. Starting in January, System Open Starting in January, one part of the System Open is supposed to be Extended with the other Hyperspace format. So you can still play Extended.
  6. It's the Lando Falcon. If you go to their facebook page, you can see it in the photo there.
  7. If Hyperspace format results in about 4-6 ships per faction available, that should provide a good variety for the meta while also making it easier to balance that format. With 4 to 6 ships, you end up with 28-42 different ships that are usable at a given time. If they don't keep it at that level and rather have Hyperspace include almost everything in the game (just keeping a few out of the format), it is likely that Rebels, Empire and Scum will continue to flow to the top unless there is power creep simply because of the greater selection of ships those factions have. If it is kept to 4-6 ships per faction, it also gives them more time to get reprints out. If Hyperspace format gets updated and changed a couple times a year, the meta should change frequently enough to not get stale.
  8. If you look at the left 2 pilot cards, the stats are shifted to the left compared to the right 2, so it is likely.
  9. The ARC 170 expansion isn't for Rebels, its for Galactic Republic. They will probably rerelease the ARC for Rebels at some point with the conversion kit cards in that.
  10. But the Hyperspace Qualifier (the day 2 event for those that don't make the cut) is using the Hyperspace format (except for System Opens in 2018): "The Hyperspace Qualifier is a secondary tournament scheduled to begin shortly after the System Open main event moves into Day 2 single elimination play. The event features six Swiss rounds and utilizes the Hyperspace game mode active in the X-Wing squad builder app." "NOTE: System Open Series events taking place in 2018, prior to the debut of the Hyperspace Game Mode, will offer "Extended Qualifiers" instead. These will function as Hyperspace Qualifiers, but will use the Extended game mode."
  11. I don't think I want to play that game. Too much automatic damage. So, yes it would be good. Too good. Not good for the game.
  12. Offline can also be important at some events. At NovaOpen, there is no cell service in the main room. You have to leave the room you are playing in to get service. It would be great to have wifi or cell access there, but currently that doesn't exist. So offline functions will be needed (though it wasn't needed on day 1)
  13. I was there exactly at 1 p.m. Initially it showed sold out for Day 1C, when I refreshed, it showed the drop down, but only let you choose 0 tickets. Then it changed to sold out a minute or two later. Day 1A and 1B did very briefly have options to choose 1 ticket. I didn't buy those since I could only go to day 1C. But those also changed to sold out within a few minutes.
  14. Genius and Trajectory Simulator were ruled not to work together.
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