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  1. I'm at peace with the game ending but I think ffg should complete the release of nightmare saga deck. It's not fair to the players base not to compete that. Then if they stop new POD or decide not to release nightmare versions of latest cycle, ok that would be acceptable, but saga nightmare deck should be completed.
  2. I hoped Sp Aragorn was only a bad joke. Now it's reality. So sad. First time I'm really disappointed by this game...
  3. I was never in love with coragorn, but as mid or late game quester he can be impressive once play on him sword that was broken and calabrian stone, both I'm sphere. Than he can quest 5 for 1 token which is great payoff considering you might have spare purple token in late game
  4. I meant that helm of secrecy cost 4 and let you change a hero for another one with equal or lower threat. Fine Thorongil, coming in the last pack of the cycle, cost 3 and let you add to the chosen hero the sphere and abilities of a different version of the same hero in your collection. Essentially you get the same benefit of changing hero version plus the additional benefit of saving 1 resource AND maintaining the hero sphere and abilities. Of course with the helm you can change the hero to a different one,not only to a different version, so the effect of the helm is much broader in terms of deckbuilding options and strategy.
  5. It's a coop game, its not so relevant. I can play that way of you enjoy it I just Hope you Paly alone two handed and not with someone else eliminated every turn 1....
  6. Let's hope we keep on and maybe speed up the release of nightmare decks for thecmissing saga quests and, after that, the release of the missing nightmare decks for deluxe and AP expansion. Obviously being this cycle the last one it would be better to wait for a period before releasing this cycle nightmare decks. I think we all wondering what they actually means with the statement that the game would be returning after a hiatus ...
  7. I do not think so. In dale deck when moving attachments using Long Lake Trader ability you do not draw card triggering brand ability.
  8. If it is a different version, much better to play thorongil. It cost 1 resource less and double your chosen hero abilities and spheres
  9. Impossible to express the truth with better words
  10. With a minimal residual hope it's all just a fake and that dude is not really Sp Aragorn...
  11. I see your point. Hope it works, otherwise we lose a possibility to increase the play of the twins heroes.
  12. I think they should, otherwise no hero would actually benefit from thorongil. And at the end + 2 attack plus payable readying a ability for 3 resources it's good but not so OP, especially in a world where the combo Stewardof gondor+gondorian fire exists... Mpre so when it is likely to be a mid game situation as you have to draw thorongil in the first place.
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