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  1. Reading the cards, you are totally correct. Never used hidden cache in cirdan deck, I forgot the correct interaction between the 2 cards. Apologize for the wrong answer!
  2. True solo is generally more difficult both in deck building and in game decision. Two hands is easy to play ( in the sense that you don't have to track and remember tons of thing like playing solo with 3 or 4 hands) and open to more freedom in deck building and play style. It enables keyword like range and sentinel that are meaningless in pure solo. I play both and generally find two hands more fun and less challenging. Try yourself and decide.
  3. I see your point and probably you are right. We have many archetype needing more support. Still some mechanic are missing that could benefits from/fuel a new archetype to enter the game: e.g. taking benefits from enemies being in the staging area, some treachery interaction, surge keyword built as a drawback in very powerful player cards, etc...
  4. By the way, I wonder on which archetype this cycle will focus on and if we will get a brand new one or not. I assume creatures/eagles will be expanded but I'm not sure for sure how far. This time the deluxe box gives no hint of any new archetype (I'm not considering contracts and master card of course). In the past we got brand new archetypes introduced directly in AP's out of nowhere (outlands, hard, silvans) I'm curious.
  5. And a very good one too. 5 benefits in 1 low cost card. Questing free with haldan, drawing 1 card when explored, removing 1 enemy from the staging area, ensuring a new location enters play fueling the location attachment archetype, and avoiding nasty when reveals effect on the location put into play. Plus any added benefits from the effect of discarding enemies and treacheries. Combo well with woodman path too double draws offsetting the quest point buff.
  6. I still miss several nightmare decks. Really difficult to find here in italy...
  7. I hope the di not waste cards for 3 copies of the contract. They are set up cards and unique, no reason to have more than 1 copy.
  8. Powerful cards, and tactical ones. I do not tend to build my decks depending from them but they are all good and gets stronger with scrying if you can use them to tactically discard you do not want to see revealed (treachery, surge, doom, when revealed effect in general). In such case their discard effect is great.
  9. Or even better scouring +two quest set during other war scenarios mentioned in the appendix (dale etc..) what would we pay for THAT?
  10. Not desperately calling for it but let's be honest , it would be fully understandable if they did it
  11. Yes, just Play the combo in the action window before committing characters to the quest.
  12. No. Outland have been designed to be overpowered IN an outland deck due to outland SYNERGY between the different allies form all the 4 sphere. The swordsman is the only outland ally who fit ANY deck featuring spirit not relying on any other outland ally to be OP. Knight of swan is not even good outside outland deck. Alone he is just 1 cost 1 attack ally in tactic not really worth the deck space in most case while the swordsman starts as 2 cost 2 willpower which is the golden trade in spirit. With 2 knight they becomes a 2 attack for 1 resources but in a sphere where 2 attack for 2 resources ( plus often an useful trait, keyword or ability) is the normal trade it's not at all impressive while a 2 cost 3 willpower ally is best in class. Simply put, in my books the swordsman is op becouse he can fully benefits from the outland superpowerful buff in any deck not featuring any other outland ally where all the other outland allies are mediocre at best outside a dedicated outland deck.
  13. Yes. He is an errata i would want to see even if it would break many of the decks I used over the most difficult quests like journey in the dark or helm's deep. All other outland allies work essentially only in an outland deck. These guys are op in being a 2 cost 2 wp to start with (in pair with best spirit questing allies) and then becoming 2 costs 3 wp Each once a second guy hit the table ( equivalent of 2 cost 4 wp ally...) which in all my game is pretty much a standard case. If you end up with a third guy in play he makes 2 costs 4wp EACH (equivalent of 2 costs 6 wp ally...). No surprise they are used almost everywhere. I think they should be 0 of printed wp or, most likely in an errata, have added a text modification to avoid the guy buffing himself.
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