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  1. Wirh Suhlak I think the best Bossk is mangler crack shot k4.They work really well together. Suhlak is aces control, and betseen them they can shred a Y wing. You just need a 3rd PS3 or better. Most aces will try and outfly Suhlak so be ready to support and trap.
  2. All of my builds have been premised on removing a Y or B wing in the first round o of shooting.
  3. For 20 points you would be hard pressed to improve upon the PS 3 Z with glitter and a homing missile. You beat out 4 Ys on PS and surprisingly add an element of control to your squad.
  4. Interesting use of ships I typically don't like. I like the synergy here. Ion projector seems odd at first glance but you will get some big results out of it IMO. I wonder how well TLTs will hold up VS this.
  5. Lots of good ideas! After reading through these posts about Empire ships, It occurs to me that I need to play more games! I really like the Soontir hunter Jax with VI. I like the basic punisher, and tend to fly it like an A wing. There are some generic small points ships that I saw suggested and I need to try.
  6. I would like to see Corran prevail over TLTs. Or interceptors. Or a fire spray. I expect it will be 4 ship rebels, so many versions that work. I'm talking mixed squad, not TLTs only.
  7. My X wing pals play competitive squads and we have fun doing that. I know I can fly 6 HWKs in a squad. If I fly a bad squad I might not have so much fun. I always build my own squads and don't net deck. The worst games I have are those when someone shows up with a terrible squad "I'm just here to have fun" etc. I'm here to play the game, if you hamstring yourself by refusing to play quality squads what the heck is the point in win loss?
  8. I have been continually frustrated with Empire squad builds. They can't make well rounded squads. TLT is highlighting this. My general meta concerns in no particular order; being able to drop a Y/B wing in the first round, surviving TLT by 4, not failing at Soontir, avoiding stress mechanics ruining my game. That a big wad of mess to have to build around. I have been eyeballing Colzet on and off for a while now and I just cant nustify her with TLTs looming. Anyone else e experiencing meta problems(the dog barks because it's a dog, not because I'm sleeping?!?!)?
  9. I have been praising crack shot and glitterstim since they were revealed. I was not able to make the first round of the SoCal qualifier locally in Bakersfield but registered for a first round automatic loss. It was do or die every game. So I brought glitterstim and crack shot. And... Luckily... Made it through 3 wins in a row to place third, and qualify. These two upgrades are so powerful that we haven't really seen the way the meta will be shaped by them yet. Being able to guarantee(almost) perfect red dice and free evade focus all shooting phase changes the way ship resilience will be measured. Even inefficient squad builds become consistent damage machines with a few itterations of these cards. Once glitter & crack hit the meta the game will change in a big way.
  10. I like that you are trying to front load a bunch of crits at the beginning of the game. This looks like a fun concept. Maybe you could consider other ps 8 ships that are a little more efficient than bombers for Rexxy.
  11. When I'm building my tourney squads I usually run into funny list building spots. I will pick a ship or two i really want to fly then quickly get stuck on the last ship. I think this is why the rebel 3 aces has been behind the meta for so long. It's hard to list build a piece at a time and end up with a big picture kind kf squad. This same type of squad building has kept me away from 4 ship rebels and mini swarms.
  12. For me, it is the ships. I like all the toys and want to cram in the fanciest upgrades. I even played a Rhymer Redline cutlass build the other day. Here is my example of what I'm getting at. Rhymer is goofy and frankly does not work in squad building. I looked at advanced homers and wanted to give him a go. So instead of doing what I assume is the "correct" thing, and picking efficient ships to add to Rhymer, I pick another ship I want to fly. Redline, now I know Redline and Rhymer together can't possibly work well together, but I wanted to fly the both of them so... I pick another ship. The cutlass with accuracy corrector. I see this squad building method as basically inefficient. Rhymer should probably have very efficient squad mates if there can be any hope for him. But... There you go. That's how I end up putting squads together. They are not all this bad I swear!
  13. That seems sneaky Mark. I love when upgrades change how a game will play out.
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