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  1. I have heard mixed reviews, so I kept an open mind when I purchased the expansion. I have to say that I really like it. The artwork is beautiful and the mechanics are interesting. I believe that many people are approching this expansion the wrong way. Time and again I listen to players lament that the Dragons are not powerful enough or that the mechanics are a burden. My opinion is that this expansion works really well if you are playing it with just the core set, or the core set and just the small expansions only. It also seems to work well with one to three players.
  2. I had not heard of any 25 anniversary edition rumor before this. Hum... Interesting? It would have been nice if at least GW would have produced a twenty-fifth anniversary edition in its entirety, but I guess they are too busy nickeling and diming everyone to death with their overpriced codices and model miniatures!
  3. Thats the problem with this world Steve-O, too many people worried about offending other people. I am a big boy, I'll get over anything given time, as would others if this political correctness would just stop seeping into our lives. I guess I will never get used to this "Brave New World". In my day, if we said something to offend, we just punched each other in the face, laughed about it afterword and then sat in front of the fire and rolled bones Anyway, alright, for starters, while I love the wooden dice that came with Heroquest (and I am only going to discuss the original, the advanced heroquest was a flop-though in all actuality, it probably is more collector worthy because of its rarity) they inevitably chip and peel resulting in small, indistinguishable little wooden blocks. I should think some updated plastic dice are in order. I believe the foldout board is pretty good and stands the test of time; though I would love to see an updated version with rich color and that small attention to detail that FFG is known for. The cover art on the box was awesome and inspiring, no update necessary. I believe most updates required are in the artwork throughout the contents of the game (I know, the original artwork has its nystolgic, diamond-in-the-rough feel) and in the rules and mechanics themselves. Now, maybe I am just spoiled from all the great artwork that has been produced from FFG. However, when you play Heroquest, you can't help but feel a little depressed at the drab, brown and cream colored cards. I love rich, vibrant color that FFG implement throughout all of their products. Also, the textured cards and boxes that FFG produce are addicting. As for rules and mechanics, I would like to see a few more basic items for purchase at the armory (I always started heroes with no weapons and an armor save of +0 at the beginning of a campaign to offset the simpicity of the campaigns) as well as a few more choices in the spell selection. So, in summery, more content. Now, you may agure that Descent has all of this and you would be right. But the one thing that Descent does not do as well, in my opinion, is provide that extra mechanic where traps are concerned. I always liked to place traps in my quests. Traps were favored over monsters because, while combat is important, too much can become tedious. I always like a nice blend of traps hidden throughout the game, followed by a few small skirmishes to really get the heroes to sit up in their chairs. While Descent does have a traps mechanic within their OL deck, it is fluid in its use; it is not definitive. That is to say, as a hero, I cannot challenge the GM and say "show me where that trap was located on your quest sheet, because two other characters just walked over this space and nothing happened to them". It is just not the same as having to search for traps and then later disarm them or risk becoming wounded or killed as a result. It is not the same as knowing that once a trap is disarmed, it cannot cause you any more strife. I guess I would just like to see FFG recreate the original Heroquest and all of its expansions and incorporated them all into one boxed core set, with additional material flowing out for purchase for those of us who sold our original game and its expansions and fear we will never be able to afford to buy them back Cheers,
  4. Thanks so much for your "expert" analysis of the game, El' ******-O, this puts to bed any possible chance for a discussion and surely must be the definitive opinion; I sure feel put in my place. I will go quietly now into the long good night. Really....the point of this thread is to garner support for a great game title that I am sure was the reason many of us on here (well, those of us who weren't in diapers when the game came out) got into RPG board games in the first place. This thread was not intended to agure the capabilities of one title over another. I many, many games, some old and some new. I surely would love to see what could be done with Heroquest, were it in the the hands of a competent group of individuals such as those at FFG.
  5. Hello all. Just want to take a moment to shout out to all you like-minded gamers who, like me, would love nothing more than to see FFG obtain the license to Heroquest and do a modern reprint, complete with the same great stuff that made the original so great, but with new artwork, blah, blah, blah. I posted on the wishing well, but there hasn't been a whole lot of traffic there, so I thought maybe I could generate a little interest here on this forum since Descent is similar to Heroquest. I don't know how to get FFG to consider this idea, but I thought if we could start a little fire and garner enough support, FFG big wigs would take notice and something might get done. Cheers,
  6. This is the title that got me into gaming and started my road to an empty pocket book as well (1989). Descent 1 is a fantastic game (Descent 2 is Meh). I believe that Descent always suffered from the fact that you could not search for traps or secret doors the way you could in Heroquest. I believe that with FFG's talent and dedication to quality, they could easily obtain the license to this game and freshen it up for a modern audience that would exceed our expectations. My hope would be for the game designers to auto include all of the original expansions into the base core set, then build fresh from there. I believe this game would do very well in sales, as time and again, I run into so many nostalgic people who still bring this game up in conversations at local game stores and on You Tube. Heck, I believe that I read in an article somewhere that Kevin Wilson himself alleged the inspiration behind Descent was derived from the Heroquest game system. So,.... to whom it may concern over at FFG headquarters, please consider this post. Thank You
  7. I keep hoping for some news from the developers announcing new content for Mansions of Madness...but alas, nothing
  8. Anybody else beginning to feel like FFG may be following a similar path to Games Workshop. I HOPE that this is not the case, as I purchase quite a bit of their quality product. However, in the past year/year and a half I have not been quite as happy, beginning with FFG's decision to print small cards for the neutral factions in the Invasion card game instead of the large kingdom tiles supplied to the other races in the game. The small kingdom cards that we received with the Hidden Kingdoms expansion created the impression that they did not care enough about their product or their customers; the end result felt half-assed, cheap and tacked-on. To those of you over at Fantasy Flight Games, I ask you this question, "why couldn't you have printed the kingdom tiles for the neutral factions that later became playable factions so that they matched the other sets. If it was a matter of cost, then, at the very least, you could have produced them separate from the Hidden kingdoms expansion as an alternative for those of us who wanted the complete kingdom tile set." I quit GW after 5th edition 40k switched to 6th edition and quit playing Fantasy altogether because of the outrageous pricing. I still play 5th edition 40k because the rules are tight and the game is still competitive and fun. I realize that FFG is a juggernaut gaming company that desires to turn a profit. However, it seems to me they may have forgotten that they were not always the BMOC they now are. It seems somewhat Hypocritical of them to turn around and dump on those of us that have supported them throughout the years. Cheers,
  9. Never played Netrunner but thought about picking it up at the local Fantasy Shop Game store. Could somebody tell me what Netrunner DB is and why there is a cease and desist order?
  10. I know where to go from here: to the fridge, because i need a drink... Some people buy the game because they like the artwork. Others buy it because they like the rules. this guy apearantly bought it because he likes to complain about it. Now, where's my drink? You spelled apparently wrong (sticks tongue out) ha ha!
  11. Dark Eldar Baby. I love the challenge that the Dark Eldar present; they are a glass hammer yes, but what a hammer they are when deployed correctly. Let's put it this way, I would rather play 40k and loose consistently with a faction/army that I enjoy, rather than win consistently with a faction/army just because it is a winning juggernaut that crushes all before it. Win or loose, when I get the chance to deploy with my favorite faction, every game is a win for me. Cheers
  12. I check on this forum from time to time but sadly, nothing. It is so dark and lonely over here in this neck of the woods. No...wait!......yes..... yes, I do believe I here crickets chirping somewhere in the far distance...ooorr isss that just in my mind... muwaaa ha ha ha haaaaaa!
  13. This sort of reminds me of the little experiment Games Workshop concocted when they announced that they were going to produce Warmaster; a small scale version of Warhammer Fantasy!
  14. Aside from the rare you gotta remember the qaulity of the miniatures were awful. I own about 300 star wars minis including a large number of rares and aside from vader and the large models, they look awful, they bend and get stuck in improper poses and the paint jobs are a joke. FFG is making us paint them yes, but the qaulity over qauntity is the better way to go. I just learned how to paint my spartacus the board game figures and they came out great. So now I am excited to paint the new star wars minis. If you feel you cannot paint them due to time or skill you can always get someone to do it for you. Remember too that this is a board game, most board games come with mini pieces that are not painted and are far less detailed. The real focus should be on the game mechanics. I too am glad I held off on buying descent. I was just about to drop $300+ on it when they made the IA announcement. So yeah, I am very excited. You probably made the right decision. I believe Imperial Assault will provide a more complete experience over Descent 2nd Edition and it's mechanics. I never could buy into the full disclosure rule. Well, that and the fact that the heroes never really die, the Overlord always gets to spawn in another monster when one dies and everyone just ends up feeling like both parties are competing in a race. Truthfully, if I hadn't dropped four-hundred plus dollars on Descent, I would no doubt be purchasing this game.
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