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  1. Hello again everyone, I'm reviving the thread again with another random question. A player in my game has been applying an upgrade that I can't find in the books, it's one that when applied to a weapon allows ranks of the Unwieldy trait to be exchanged for an equal number of ranks of the Cumbersome trait. Google-fu has failed me as there are several posts talking about the upgrade but no reference to where it's located! Any help is appreciated, thanks as always! -LodgeBlackman99
  2. Thanks for the chart and the feedback everyone, it's a big help. From the sound of things it seems like the GM is using what they feel are 'real world difficulties' but are they mechanically not being accurately represented. The 3 dice penalties, for example, have been on relatively mundane things, like keeping an eye on someone in uniform we directly observed leaving a building and entering a crowd, following them without being seen with abundant cover, or attempting a quick takeoff and following a willing ally when the ship was already primed and ready to launch with the pilot at the helm waiting. It seems like they're just taking the base difficulties and not factoring in difficulty reducing situational modifiers. So we've basically been attempting to do what we're good at but it's been that difficult, so it would be much worse if we weren't catering to our strengths. I'll probably wind up talking about this with the GM at our next session, thanks again everyone!
  3. Thank you for the response, it's what I had arrived at as well and hoped was not/was afraid was the case. We may be a bit outmatched in our current game. My question is: "numerically is the challenge of "so difficult you will literally always fail" a default of the system or the result of the GM misunderstanding how the game works in regards to balance?" If you characters are just starting out, what's the purpose of throwing a 5 purple dice challenge at them other than to say "Unless you super specialized you're almost never going to succeed on this"? I'm aware that there will be differences, but I'm talking about a core resolution mechanic, not widely diverging specializations, again as I said we're at very low XP and didn't start off super specialized so are challenges of an almost constant 3 purple dice or higher a fair challenge or more of a statement of 'should have built your character differently'? And also there are no non class options as a part of this example, not sure how the last bit relates to what I was asking, and while I understand that it's not a straight numerical advancement it seems like these challenges being put forth are (at the existing average difficulties as mentioned) means that we will fail far more often than succeed. So is this a numerical norm in the system or is it just a misunderstanding by the GM? If it's inherent in the system it's not good design at all as this leads to massive lack of internal and external player efficacy. Additionally, justifying such needlessly difficult challenges because 'I'm the GM and I said so' is incredibly frustrating from the player perspective, especially when it's repeatedly the norm in encounters when the book seems to be leaning towards a more 'match it to your players abilities' design style from what I've gathered. I'm aware that they will be different, but the Iron Arm Stormtrooper is a different strength of nemesis from a Sith Acolyte which is different from an Inquisitor which is different from Vader. Because of this challenge discrepancy being unclear I'm worried that the GM missed this fact and is throwing things at us that can indeed solo the party, as our party's highest skill on foot at the moment is (on average, pilot's specialized focus on flying non-withstanding) 2 Green dice and 1 Yellow die. Is this an appropriate average pool to be facing things that present a 4 Red Dice challenge? It feels like there's very little chance of being able to meaningfully influence this encounter. For additional clarification: the nemesis is also a Force User who has the Move power (10 XP), and was able to disarm all 4 of the party, meaning they had 4 Magnitude (30 XP), 1 Range (5 XP) and 2 Control (15 XP) Upgrades. This means that on top of having a 4 attribute and 4 skill ranks they also have a Force Power which, by itself, has as much XP invested in just it as we do in our whole characters (60 XP). This kind of discrepancy has nothing mechanically to do with the movies and has nothing to do with the 'some are better for different things' in regards to the numerical aspect I'm asking about. The 4 dice was able to counter our party's specialty with ludicrous ease as it prevented us from socializing our way out of the encounter, we aren't really a combat heavy group. The Force Power eclipses both of the force users in the party as we have a total of roughly 10-15 XP invested in one power at the most (base cost and 1 upgrade) and has lead to the situation where our enemy can say 'I can out socialize and completely negate the combat efficacy of the entire group'. 'Go back and watch the movies from the perspective of the GM' isn't really helpful advice, especially since it doesn't account for possible mistakes and imbalance in an encounter which is what I'm attempting to find out. So to those here is this a norm in the system or is it more likely a misunderstanding of balance? It feels like it's more the latter but I'm here trying to get additional clarification before I talk with my GM about it, the other players have been feeling very much the same as myself and I want to make sure the conclusions I've come to are sound ones.
  4. I've asked around and that seems to be the recommended average (15-25 per session) Thanks for the feedback! I've also been wondering what the average difficulty for low XP characters should be, we're currently sitting on roughly 70 XP beyond racial starting and have been rolling mostly 3 purple dice checks. Based on what I've calculated mathematically and seen in other adventures it feels like that's a bit on the high difficulty side, especially combined with our low advancement rate, am I right in assuming that or am I looking at it the wrong way? (That's also an average and is higher for more noteworthy encounters, we actually had a 4 red dice roll this past session and multiple 4 purple die difficulty checks, so it's definitely been higher. It feels like that's super out our capabilities right now since none of us are super specialized). Also I wanted to double check, from what I've seen enemies with the 'Nemesis' classification are not equal in power level, am I correct in this or am I looking at this the wrong way? Thanks again for the help and feedback, just wanting to know if what I've come across is worth bringing up to the GM.
  5. Hello again everyone, I had a quick question regarding rewards. The game I'm currently in has been giving out 5-10 XP on average per 4 hour session. It's been a pretty slow advancement, almost frustratingly so. I was wondering if this is a normal amount of XP that most other groups give out/get or if it's a bit on the low end. Thanks for any help and clarification that can be given! -Lodge Blackman
  6. Thanks for the clarification! That's what I was assuming but it's good to know it's been addressed/asked before.
  7. Hello everyone, just recently started getting into Force and Destiny and I had a question about some of the Talents. With some of the careers it's possible that a non-ranked talent appears on both. For example, assuming I created a Sentinel who selects the Racer Specialization (Endless Vigil) at the start and completes the entire tree, and later enters the Pilot or Driver Specialization from Age of Rebellion, would they have to purchase Full Throttle, Improved Full Throttle, and Supreme Full Throttle again from that tree to continue past those points or would they count as already having them? This would also apply to the Ship Captain and Imperial Cadet trees from Dawn of Rebellion. The Ranked Talents would obviously stack as detailed in their descriptions but I'm unsure as to how this would work with the non ranked ones. Thanks for any clarification that can be given!
  8. Like InquisitorCalinx said, I've just added a bunch of new updates to the Xenos Character Guide, it now includes rules for play up to 50,000 XP. Check it out at the link in the first post! 1) I actually left those things out because their stats in Black Crusade don't quite match up to their stats in Deathwatch, and I'm trying to keep it focused on the first three lines in terms of balance. I might eventually go back through and convert some things backwards, though honestly it will probably be a while! 2) They're just copied out of Deathwatch, and I added in some restrictions and activation times to balance them out for player usage. I think they're all covered but I'll double check next time I'm doing a large revision and might add in something new. 3) I thought about going through and adding in Dawn of War wargear, but it would require a LOT of work since I'd probably want to add in that kind of stuff for all the playable races in DoW. I honestly just don't have the time to commit to that at the moment. I thought about that, but after checking the various Rak'Gol in the Koronus Bestiary, none of them actually have Machine Trait, just Implanted Armor. To keep the Career Path in line with that I left it as simply better natural armor enhancements. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it, it helps immensely with creating the guides. Hope you enjoy the new revisions and happy gaming!
  9. Boy, this topic sure is a blast from the past, feels like I'm raising the dead! I just finished the final details on a new update for the Necron Character Guide. It now includes rules for Ascendant characters and includes all the relevant talents so that Legends of the Expanse is not needed. Hope you enjoy the update and happy gaming! -Lodge Blackman
  10. Hello again everyone, tis the season for more guide updates! I just finished writing sections for Ascended Eldar Outcasts and Seers and Ymgarl Genestealers. The Talents are copied from Legends of the Expanse so you only need the Eldar Character Guide and Tyranid Character Guides alone to play characters all the way up through Rank 11. Hope you enjoy the new additions, I'm working on updates to the rest of the guides now. Happy gaming! Homebrew Guides -Lodge Blackman
  11. Unbalanced or not, I wanted this guide to be on par with those books and provide a bit more powerful options for the players like the last releases for the system. With that in mind do you think it stacks up to about the same power level as The Lathe Worlds and Book of Judgement? I'm definitely going to change the Backgrounds a bit, and don't forget that the Homeworlds selected don't include the Background Packages, which can grant you a lot more flexibility. Additionally they're a bit lower-key because Only War has a much higher starting power level than Dark Heresy does, so I was trying to balance them with the other Dark Heresy starting worlds. D'oh, I totally did. Good catch! And why does the difficulty of Trade (Armourer) Tests matter? For the minor tweaks for Customization keeping the difficulty the same as it is in Only War seems to be a good baseline, and I'm trying to make it so that the Guardsmen can do it themselves without having to rely on a Tech-Priest too much. In my experience the Alternate Ranks provide more flexibility for less XP cost, and allows for easier entry into the system as new players don't have to reference so many different tables when creating their characters. I also like that Dark Heresy 1E, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch all work on the (roughly) same power scale and can be integrated with each other. It's more of a preference thing than anything else at the end of the day, but mathematically there's more flexibility in the Rank system. Non-Imperial can be purchased away with the "One of the Masses" Elite Advance on page 27. Without that it's meant to reflect that the Abhumans have a slightly different outlook on society than their Imperial Counterparts. You're right about the acclimatization though, I'm going to add in that at the GM's discretion that it can be taken for no cost at Character Creation. Thanks so much for the feedback! I just finished the revisions and going to upload the revised draft in a few minutes. Let me know if anything else jumps out! -Lodge Blackman.
  12. Hello again everyone! I've just finished a new supplement for Deathwatch. In it are some new Advanced Specialties that cover areas not previously touched upon in the existing supplements, rules for Centurion armor, rules for creating Space Marine Starships and how combat with them functions, and rules for continuing to advance beyond Rank 8. Hope you all enjoy the guide, feel free to contact me if you have any questions, feedback, or what have you. Link is included below. I'm always happy to get feedback from the community. Happy gaming! The Emperor's Angels -Lodge Blackman
  13. Thanks for the feedback Jargal. That was a good catch on the backgrounds, I think I was mentally balancing them against Proven Innocent (BoJ 39) and Thy Name I Keep (RH 37), which give a total of +27 attribute points and a wound for 100XP and a skill, two talents and potentially every Lore skill in the game trained for 400XP respectively, but those are outliers. I'm thinking of changing it to 200 XP per package, Skills (Choose Two), and Talents(Choose One), removing everything but cosmetic gear additions, and adding 1d5 insanity to represent the horrors of war. That brings it in line with the Hive Gang Member background in The Book of Judgement (page 38). I may also add in that skills not selected during character creation may be purchased later for 100XP, and Talents may be purchased later for 200 XP regardless of class selected. Think that would balance out better? The Alternate Ranks are actually based off the pricing in Daemon Hunter, The Book of Judgement, and The Lathe Worlds, if you look those Alternate Ranks have skills priced at 100 for the most part, and this guide is basically designed to give a bit of the same to classes other than Tech Priest (since The Lathe Worlds did give them such a huge power boost). Thank you again for the feedback! I really appreciate the help going over the guides. Let me know if anything else jumps out as a glaring problem. -Lodge Blackman
  14. Jargal, I totally missed that in the Inquisitor's Handbook. I'll take that out in the next revision! Thanks for the feedback! ThenDoctor, it was, and it was a really useful guideline, I tried to stay as true to it as was possible. What do you all think of the homeworlds and backgrounds? I'm worried they might be too powerful in comparison to some of the others.
  15. Hello everyone, I just finished writing up my first Dark Heresy supplement, Humanity's Shield. It includes new Abhuman homeworlds, regimental backgrounds, alternate ranks, and equipment. I always love to get feedback, so let me know what you think! I will say that this guide is meant to be powerful, largely due to the power jump that occurred with the last official Dark Heresy supplements and a desire to make my options be on par with them. Thanks for the interest and happy gaming! Humanity's Shield -Lodge Blackman
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