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  1. I beat that third list you posted (well very similar) at a tournament last Saturday using targetting computer Soontir and VI vader, it hd N'dru with cluster missiles instead of the sydicate though. I won the game. All I had to do was keep out of range one. Was a fun one though, against a nice opponent.
  2. Wait until December you should. Be revealed it all will.
  3. X-Wing gag order after core set leaks?
  4. It was my birthday yesterday (16th of November). All I got was a broken heart
  5. Slaver w/ bossk, tactician, and gunner. Good combo
  6. FFG WE DONT WANT ANY NEWS Reverse psychology
  7. I just used my magic 8 ball as well, it said to me "look at the thread where people have been speculating news for over a month". I used it again with same question and it said "most definately!". I think I need a new magic 8 ball.
  8. Stop talking to OP, then he might go away
  9. Is the D at the front of your title because you love the D?
  10. The Emperor died in ROTJ, everyone didn't become as powerful as a sith after his death, or absorb his medichlorians in any way. See what I am getting at?
  11. Where is that dang dislike button?
  12. Omicron Group Pilot: Palpatine Soontir Fel: Push the Limit Auto thrusters Title Targetting Computer Darth Vader: Predator Engine upgrade Title Advanced Targetting Computer Won another 2 games with it tonight, infact this list is bringing a tear to my eye just thinking about it. Its just so perfect, it has Vader AND Palpatine in it!!! The Damage output is incredible. Edit: killed a firespray in first turn of shooting tonight infact
  13. I thought this would be a joke, and I have to say, they did a very over obvious job
  14. Rippy

    Tie advanced x1

    Ebay is your friend
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