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  1. If he'd have said what you think he said... yes. He didn't. He criticized the "leather armor worn by the common footsoldier" nonsense. That the show was using anything even close to armor was what he was skewering. After all he made this video just a year before:
  2. Do you have space for anymore players or have you hit your limit?
  3. If you invite your Players to a game of Champions that they specifically requested because the Hero system calls out not killing PCs ever, and then go on to a kill a PC in the first session to "show them the type of game you want to run"... yeah... I chose my words for specific reasons. John Wick is a... mmmmm. Polite words do not fit in my descriptions of him (I've met him at a con, he is just as .... in person as in his writings, podcasts, and videos). But he writes some tight, fine rules. I have most of the systems penned by him. He's a excellent rules crafter. Honestly, in his own class. I can't actually think of anyone as skilled.
  4. That's... ugh. Not even close to relatively true. 1e's lethality was entirely down to John Wick being an abusive [EXPLICATIVE DELETED] storyteller and trying to dress his crap up as 'philosophical' and 'thematic'. Now, that said, Wick writes some solid and interesting rules. Give him props in that department. Exactly. While there are such stories, they aren't due to "Eastern" style storytelling or anything. Plenty of western tales that are in the same style and vice-versa. That video is terrible. Just... seriously terrible. So much weebo. Contrastly:
  5. And I don't find it weird at all. This is a more narrative game. Maybe your character has overcome their missing eye, they learned to accommodate it and keep a strong situational awareness in mind. Thus descriptively, "missing eye" but rules wise they do not suffer the Disadvantage. Likewise perhaps your character has a lazy eye, or very poor vision in one ye and thus though they clearly have two eyes they suffer from "Lost Eye (Water)". Why tie your hands narratively when it is not required?
  6. However just because a character is described as "missing an eye" doesn't mean they suffer the mechanics of the "Lost Eye (Water)" disad. Understand the difference?
  7. You most certainly can sheath a naginata. In fact it's a really good idea when you're just wandering about with and not actively meaning to use it. Now, as to whether one could quick-draw it? Eh... it's not unpossible.
  8. Finally someone who understands true power...
  9. I wouldn't bother "breaking it into turns", I'd just tell them how long each attempt takes. They can sweat whether or not they have time to try again. If there was no time pressure, I wouldn't bother having them roll to pick a lock.
  10. Sure, then consider this: Whom commanded the vast Clone Armies? The Jedi? Or the Chancellor? The point I keep making and you (and Zar now) keep ducking under is this: The ability to Force Choke someone across video conference does not a powerful person make. Commanding the resources of the Rebellion and the Empire, that's where the true power lay. But yes, I get it, you and Zar just want to Force Choke people, or toss about starships, etc. To which I'd say: Either play another game or talk you GM into handing out 500 EXP to everyone.
  11. This doesn't mesh with being allowed to fire at enemies every turn of combat, regardless of how often one fails...
  12. What, that's he's a Jar-Jar Bieber fan? That was you! Awesome!
  13. And you have my sword. And my blaster! And my Thermal Det... *deet* *deet* *deet*
  14. It was a response to the notion that Force Users in this game aren't "powerful enough". My response was "When did Luke ever have more power than Leia [in the original three movies]?" The most correct answer is: Never. Leia lead the Rebellion. Luke was a glorified saberswinger and heroic pilot, but to the Rebellion he was little more than that. Honestly had Palpatine not had Force Powers he could have done almost as much as he did in the movies. Perhaps even more as the Jedi never would have had a reason to turn on him... Second trilogy? Sure.* First trilogy? No.** * This is the reason I don't like the second trilogy. Primarily this. This and midichlorians. Okay there are two reasons I hate the Prequels, overblown Jedi, midichlorians and Jar-jar. Sigh. Amongst the many reasons I hate... * Caveat: Vader maybe. He did Force choke people over videochat.
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