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  1. Both Undead army packs already At The Printer level....
  2. Awesome,finally the Waiqar The Undying force have join the battle against Daqan Lords & Uthuk Y'llan.... Up next,which faction will join the battle....Latari Elves, Dwarves of Dunwarr or Orcs of The Broken Plains...
  3. I think we need to wait untill Gen Con 2015 only will know FFG will launch the new factions or not
  4. But these 2 army pack still "At the Printer" level at this moment... very very slow
  5. Both of these new Reinforcement Packs are "At the Printer"
  6. where are my new faction....??
  7. I think we only could get the answer at Gen Con 2015 on July... but personally I still hope that we could get some good news about BattleLore new expansion set before Gen Con 2015....
  8. I really poor on rolling the "Pierce" dice for range unit...I also dun know why..... with this problem,that make me won't choose any archer units when setup my army... Now I also worry about the up coming "Siege Golem" & "Greyhaven Battlemage"... both of these units also need to roll "Pierce" dice to attack enemy... But I really like "Siege Golem"...
  9. When will "Hernfar Guardians" and "Warband of Scorn" launch?? Although that we knew these 2 expansions will be available late 2014...but it seen that untill right now we still didn't get any news about them from FFG....
  10. Come on FFG....when BattleLore Second Edition will having it's next expansion set.....????
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