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  1. Hi, I just recently got into the GOT LCG and have bought the Core Set and the Kings of the Storm expansion. My main intention is to play with a casual playgroup (who use the other houses from the Core Set and a Greyjoy house from Kings of the Sea), though I wouldn't mind playing at local games shops when I get better. I'm just having some issues with building a deck. For the last four days I've been browsing FFG forums, CardGameDB forums, and other websites, for good builds, but I'm often overwhelmed by decks that require all these chapter cycles and expansions. I don't have all that much money lying around to instantly buy over 9000 chapter packs, so I'm looking for a way to make a competitive Baratheon deck with only the Core Set and Kings of the Storm, plus maybe 1 or 2 chapters (at the most). I've already read the various introductory articles of CardGameDB like First Tilt, New Player Buying Guide, etc. They're helpful but not comprehensive. Please don't link them, I'm asking for genuine help in the form of suggested builds. From what I've gathered, various forum posts have suggested that I should buy Valar Morghulis, Gates of the Citadel, Reach of the Kraken, Return of the Others, among so many more. My current deck is based on a suggestion of a random forum post from 2012, which is focused towards power hoarding and the knights So that's my current deck. It's decent and really nice to get a lot of power from it, I managed to beat my Greyjoy friend who has annoying stealth cards that never seem to die. What are the ways that I can improve it along that current theme (knights/power/renown ... I'm not really interested in Asshai/Holy aspect of Baratheon). Thank you.
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