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  1. Hey guys, I'm a casual X-Wing player and have been introduced to Armada recently by a friend. We played only two games and took a long pause; now we're planning to play again and a lot of new ships came out since I last looked. I am not asking about a particular build but about ship purchase decisions. What I have now: Base game, one ISD, one gozanti flotilla. What I like to play: Thematic builds, that could be from the movies or the shows. I tend to dislike ships I don't regognize from anywhere (like the gladiator). Most ships from the imperial faction are recognizable to me though. How we play: My friend and I are both casual players. What I had in mind: I'd like to add a second Gozanti flotilla and the Chimaera ISD. I like "symetric" builds, with two of each ship. Since we're casuals, I also don't plan to make a game-breaking fleet, if those exist. My question: Can I build a nice fleet with those choices? Or should I choose something else? I know I should get the imperial fighters too, but they are unavailable right now in my local stores (I don't buy online). The imperial fighters II are available though, should I get those? Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello there! A few days ago I was GMing a game in which my players were pursued by an Interdictor cruiser and 6 TIE fighters. The battle wasn't that much fun and the players complained a bit about the space battle rules, which didn't seem to make much sense to them. So I'd like to hear from you if you'd do it any different or if we interpreted the rules wrong. So the encounter started when the PC's transport exited hyperspace near an Interdictor, at MEDIUM range (I pulled the stats from the AoR core rulebook). The group decided to run for it and try to outrun the cruiser (after identifying it correctly). So here's what they did: 1. The pilot of the PCs increased their speed as a maneuver. They already were complaining that doing this cost them a maneuver that couldn't be used to Fly/Drive. To them, as long as their speed is more than zero, they should be able to move between range bands. Since they are facing away from the enemy and running, this rule feels wrong... 2. The pilot then used a maneuver to Fly/Drive, at speed 2. This made them, if I'm not mistaken, between MEDIUM and LONG range. They complained again, feeling that being between two ranges wasn't very clear. I told them that they were still considered at medium range (mistake?). Also, their ship (silhouette 4) had to suffer two points of system strain because of the second maneuver (is that right?). 3. Then the Interdictor launched TIE Fighters and both the cruiser and the fighters tried to follow the PCs. However, because the cruiser is huge (sil7), it couldn't Fly/Drive more than once since it's a pilot only maneuver, am I right? 4. After that, the pilot kept using Fly/Drive TWICE per round, to flee the cruiser fast. They did add 2 points of system strain per round, because it was two maneuvers. Was that ok? Those system strain points were useless, because the tech kept using damage control, every round, to repair them easily. 5. Meanwhile, I knew the TIEs didn't stand a chance if they stayed at speed 1 so they spent two rounds just increasing their speed and therefore not moving at all because increasing their speed to its maximum used 4 of their maneuvers. The players laughed at the concept of the TIEs just sitting there while they were gaining speed. Really, this feels completely wrong. Anybody house ruled this? So the "battle" ended when the transport managed to get beyond extreme range of the cruiser. It lasted for a few rounds in which all the pilot did was two maneuvers of Fly/Drive and the mechanic repaired the system strain every round. The TIEs were a problem, since when they finally managed to keep up we had to manage range bands and half range bands to try and figure the distance between the cruiser, the fighters and the transport, which wasn't very fun. The exciting chase I was hoping for never came to be. Also, the pilot felt it strange that his piloting skill was not used once. I know I could have used the "chase" rules, but I didn't know how to use them correctly for 3 groups (The TIEs, the Interdictor and the PCs, which were all at different distances). I could also have decided to make this all narrative and not roll at all, but this would also have felt wrong. So my questions are: 1. Anyway to make this kind if encounter make sense and be exciting by using the rules as is? 2. If not, what are the house rules that you use? A big THANKS in advance to you all!
  3. Hey guys, GM here. Yesterday I had a big battle going on with my group that included three capital ships, six starfighters, various NPCs and the group, which was separated between a boarding operation for some, flying a fighter for another player and using a turret for the last. The resulting game was epic, but there were a bit too many dice throws which resulted in the game dragging a bit. I though about using the mass combat rules but since the players interacted with pretty much everything, rolling for every attack felt like my only solution. The initiative order had about fifteen turns and sometimes the players had to wait while I rolled and described NPC actions for three turns in a row. How do you usually deal with that? I regrouped capital ship weapons in minion groups, and had dice ready for each attack, but any other tip is welcome.
  4. Yeah, what I didn't mention is that the objective was "ambush" or something like that; the rebel player had to place half his ships in the middle of the board; he was able to attack my Gozanti as soon as the first round!
  5. So my first game went well! The Gozanti was killed almost immediately though, but not before shooting a few squadrons with Agent Kallus I'm wondering how long I could have kept it alive though, these things are very fragile! The VSD was destroyed very quickly by a torpedo frigate that was going too fast and left the board. The ISD soldiered on and won me the game! For the next game, I don't honestly know if I'd use the Gozanti anymore, unless I manage to have it stay behind a larger ship?
  6. Ok, so I went ahead and got an ISD, an Imperial fighters pack and a Gozanti flotilla. My list for my first game tonight will include the ISD, the Gozanti and a VSD from the core game, can't wait!
  7. Thanks a lot for the help! A ISD and an Imperial fighter pack seems to be given. The Gozanti seem interesting as well, I'll be choosing between it and a Raider! I'm also tempted in a VSD expansion pack so I can field a ISD with two Victories; is that also an interesting choice? That would probably put me over my spending limit though...
  8. Hello there! Yesterday I found a great deal on the core game, so I'm a new Armada player! I have a friend who plays casually and he mostly plays rebels, so I'll be playing imperials. Since I don't want to go all-in with expansions, I will be limiting myself to imperial expansions only. So, if I were to spend a reasonable amount on expansions to build myself a few interesting fleets, what should I go for? I'd like to spend about 100-150$ for starters. Note: I have a preference for iconic ships... But if some ships, like the Gladiator, are must have (for the ship or the cards) I can live with that... Thanks for the help!
  9. Hey there! I've been playing the campaign for the first time with friends for a few months now (one session a month). I am playing the Empire, my four friends the rebels. I had a lot of fun at the beginning but now we have a problem: the other players play the game like Chess and plan ahead, IMHO, way too much. Turns are veeeeeery long as they assess every possibility and everyone is concerted as they plan each move of each character. They are very often planning two or three rounds in advance, and since everything changes so often, they keep remaking their plans all the time. Result: single missions take between 3 and 4 hours each, I am getting bored AND I lose all the time, since I play more "casual" (the games would be even longer if I took half the time they take for each of my activations). Yesterday I suggested we limit every activation to two minutes, which is something we will try next month. Anybody tried anything of the sort or also had this problem? Thanks!
  10. Wow, those are very nice suggestions! I'll be thinking and working on the session again in the next few days and will definitely think about it under this new light. Thanks! I'll be back here when I finish the preparation.
  11. Yes, I believe it can be fun, it's just that since the beginning every session has had a little of everything (social encounters, combat situations, chases, exploration etc) and that doing a purely social session is new to me. I prepared an excel spreadsheet with every NPC (20 in total), their race, a few social stats and their initial opinion about the PC's proposal. Every day, the players have three chances to use a social skill while they help the miners to heal and rebuild; they can use influence checks on an NPC of their choice or use a streetwise check to assess the situation and guess who is supporting which options (of which there are three: work for the PCs, for rivals of the PCs or stay independent). With good streetwise checks, they can also spot the most influential among the miners. In the spreadsheet, I decided on the influence each NPC has on the others and when the PCs convince an influential NPC, it has an impact on all the other NPCs. Their "opposition" (NPCs that don't want them to succeed) can also make checks once in a while to try and convince other NPCs that the players are up to no good. In the end, after 7 days, a vote will take place and the NPCs will decide if they want to work with the PCs or not. During this time, I prepared a few happenings, like I told you earlier, so that the game isn't just a series of conversations and checks. Maybe I am nervous for nothing; I really want these PCs to shine with their abilities as the others did in their own sessions.
  12. Alright, here's the deal: I have an Edge game in which I decided to make separate sessions for my players while they try to all simultaneously do missions to take control of a small mining colony in the unknown regions. For example, the smuggler and driver had to steal mining equipment from an imperial planet while the big game hunter had a game all to himself to get rid of a large creature that was menacing the colony. These sessions are done and were a lot of fun. Now I have two colonists that have an upcoming session in which their mission will be to help the wounded miners which were attacked on the site before they arrived (by the large creature the big game hunter was tasked to kill) and convince the remaining miners to work for them. One of the players is a doctor and the other is a politico. I laid out a few happenings for the session but I'm still kind of afraid this game will be boring; they need to help wounded people and convince them to work for them, which isn't session material in itself. I prepared a few social encounters (an NPC will figure out a secret about the doctor and try to blackmail him, a piece of mining equipment will break, a rival organisation will send an envoy to try and convince the miners to join them instead), but I was wondering if you guys had some random ideas I could use in this kind of "social" session?
  13. I am in the minority, but my favorite is Age of Rebellion. In fact, I planned to buy Age of Rebellion, and only Age of Rebellion, but since Edge came out way before I couldn't wait and got that CRB first. Now I have campaigns with different groups in both settings and while I love them both, I really enjoy the focus of the rebel campaign. My players like to work together to battle an evil government, it just is satisfying. PLUS, the promise of eventually taking command of a whole base or capital ship is just inspiring. Of course, I couldn't resist and got Force and Destiny, starting a third campaign with a third group of players tomorrow in that setting!
  14. My players took 10 sessions of about 3 hours each to finish Beyond the Rim. My players like to think a lot before doing anything though!
  15. Wow. I must get this out of the way first: I think that the work you guys did is spectacular. You would almost believe this to be a FFG product. This book is a work of love and it shows... This is crazy good. However, and this is of course just a question of taste, this feels like a sourcebook WEG would have released in terms of choice of content. I was frustrated a lot by their choices at the time, because my group and I DON'T want to revisit the locales from the movies all the time and DON'T want to meet heroes from the movies (or shows). If FFG did release this, it would be the first book I wouldn't buy from them. Again, I am aware that this product is very good and is free, so I'm not complaining. It just reminded me how much I was bored at the time with all the sourcebooks WEG was coming up with (Dark Empire sourcebook, Heir to the Empire sourcebook, Jedi Academy sourcebook, Shadows of the Empire sourcebook etc). I am so relieved that FFG is using another design philosophy and releasing content that is not tied to a specific movie or novel or comic or whatever. The galaxy already feels small enough as it is in the movies (with everyone being related and such); my players don't need to see the same locales and characters from the official material all over and over again. Of course this is just my opinion that I leave here with all due respect, because this work is amazing even if I don't agree with the choice of content.
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