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  1. To be honest, the closest IP to replace Netrunner is actually Cthulhu. Y’know. Monsterous entities, throwing up strange plans and conspiricies. Motivated individuals trying to stop it. Not that it matters, as I suspect the Netrunner play mechanics went with the license. I do Rez my Star Spawn, though.
  2. https://www.blackchantry.com/ The only stuff you can get at the moment assumed you've got starter decks on hand, but they're going to have actual proper starter sets up soon. Looks like it's going LCG-ish.
  3. Perhaps we should save calls for restriction until at least the next cycle is done. If we’re honestly at the point where cards really do need restricting before they’re even out, then design is really screwed and I’m going to go play VTES when it’s properly into reprinting.
  4. Ersatz Nihilist

    LR Multiplayer, YAY!

    My impressions are positive. Having to basically stake honour on "agreements" around the table is very thematic and cool.
  5. Ersatz Nihilist

    Restricted List

    The point of the restricted list is to defuse problematic combos, not hit all clans equally (unless they have even distributed power combos, naturally). Nooooo! Singleton cards are a terrible idea and we need less, not more of them.
  6. Ersatz Nihilist

    The Next LCG

    Yeah, well - I still want Cthulhu 2.0. Irk irk.
  7. Ersatz Nihilist

    The Next LCG

    You take your nerdy card games real serious, don’t you.
  8. Ersatz Nihilist

    The Next LCG

    None at all, but the majority of the suggestions in this thread fall into that category. I just assumed we were doing pipe dreams.
  9. Ersatz Nihilist

    The Next LCG

    Call of Cthulhu 2nd Edition plz.
  10. Ersatz Nihilist

    Release Schedule

    I half suspect they're trying to replicate the "block" release feel to appeal to CCG players. Problem is that you lack the trading community and card pool size so I'm not sure it's working, particularly.
  11. Ersatz Nihilist

    Elemental Cycle begins

    While I really liked the first 6x6, I find myself a lot less keen on it likely being the business plan going forward. It feels as though it lurches rather than flows. And the prospect of of not having all the clan packs for literally years feels crazy. Will need to seriously think about stopping collecting now, but I’ll feel bad about it because I hyped so many people up about th game at launch last year :/
  12. Ersatz Nihilist

    So I am new

    He's just being overly literal.
  13. I reckon @Ishi Tonu is right; it's Charge! fodder. One of the things I'd be a bit concerned about is having too many cost 4-5 characters in my deck though, as having a few turn up in the Provinces in the early times is a total nightmare. I'm still struggling with ratios for this game. It was so easy in Game of Thrones v1 :/
  14. Sure I know all that. If people like playing online that’s fine. Hurray! But the point of the thread is that real-life groups are breaking down and losing interest. Playing online isn’t going to fix that problem, which is the point of the thread. you might also want to reel in the condescending tone. It’s clear that online play is very important to you, but perhaps you should understand that your solution isn’t the solution that everyone wants.
  15. Ersatz Nihilist

    So I am new

    That's not true; I tend to rotate around those Clans and I lose as much as I win against Phoenix, Crane and Lion - but it's true that Unicorn are currently in a less than desirable spot, but that's temporary. It might be the case that some clans do edge out the others when you've got people playing at the top level with honed decks, but those people aren't the majority. In my experience, even if you Netdeck like crazy in this game, it doesn't really get you very much because a lot of the game comes in the moment-to-moment decisions rather than flopping down power cards one after another in an unstoppable combo.