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  1. what LCG will be the next to die?

    Do you mean that it's not going to last much longer than the entire new core set they announced at the beginning of the new phase of rotation? It would be utterly insane to terminate in the foreseeable future. If NR wasn't viable, it wouldn't have gotten a new core.
  2. I'm finding Phoenix very confusing

    That's actually amazingly helpful, thank you very much for writing it up like that. Sadly I didn't get to play today because Twilight Imperium happened. So instead I got my face kicked off by the Baroney of Letnev.
  3. I'm finding Phoenix very confusing

    Well, I've redone my deck a bit (really, the last one was terrible), and may well get to have match tomorrow. So I'm sure I'll wander back in crying about the big mean fire chicken again soon. Just need to keep repeating the mantra of "If I win it's skill, if they win it was because of overpowered cards". But in all seriousness, it's just a case of playing more; I think I just need to adjust to cross-referencing cards in play with where all the rings are at any point, as it's not something I feel I need to do with the other clans. As for building a deck and playing myself - is that effective as practice? I used to try and do that with miniature games back a few years ago, and it never really revealed anything to me. I only ever learned by getting my face kicked off. By overpowered models. Until I had developed a high enough level of skill to win.
  4. I'm finding Phoenix very confusing

    Yeah. Play more is of course the answer, but finding a Phoenix opponent around here is like being a street thug in Gotham City trying to punch Batman. Can't find him. Can't find him. Can't fin... OH MY GOD HOW DID HE DO THAT?
  5. Hey peers, I've just had my first game against a Phoenix deck (small meta!) and I've found the whole experience thoroughly discombobulating. I'm currently playing Scorpion and my deck is terrible, but that's beside the point currently. My issue is that I've found Phoenix to be an exceptionally confusing opponent, absolutely awash with characters that only do things if certain rings have been claimed. I'm not new to card games, and generally don't struggle to commit cards to memory (actual useful real life stuff is another story) - but with Phoenix's heavy interaction with the rings, I find it extremely difficult to understand the board state. I also don't want to slow down what is already a reasonably ponderous game by checking all of my opponents cards against what rings are claimed, and which rings could be claimed after every conflict in a turn. Does anyone else suffer with this, or am I just thick?
  6. With the ERRATA'd cards...

    I really appreciated how Doomtown: Reloaded included errata'd cards in their saddlebags. This absolutely wouldn't be for everyone, but I would definitely accept having one fewer card in the Dynasty Packs if they included old cards with new Errata in there. It'll never happen though, lets just wait for Core Set V2 in 5 years. edit - would also happily pay for errata'd cards as well.
  7. How on earth did that make it through playtesting? My group did that scenario last night and the first thing we thought was "cool, don't need the clues". We just figured it was a pacing mechanism.
  8. Strategy Book?

    I'm not convinced that a book will stay relevant for very long. Perhaps they could just publish some sort of memorial at the point of Rotation? Great decks that used this stuff you can't use any more etc. With some full page art. And a CD with some sad music to play whilst your wistfully flick through the book. Or perhaps a tape cassette.
  9. If they do this in the future, I'd prefer they stick to deluxe boxes only and do a couple a year. I'm fine with the traditional method though.
  10. I am really bad at this...

    I lost a game miserably today. Generally I play Scorpion and try to be all unpredictable in terms of bidding so my opponent never feels safe in what they're selecting. Sadly today the person I play against the most totally got inside of my OODA loop and in regard to this and I got rekt (son).
  11. Sleeving

    I tend to play L5R in a pub, so with the increased risk of liquid going everywhere, I double sleeve my cards. When they're not in use they live in a binder, and generally, if a card has been out and is therefore double sleeved, I leave the inner sleeve on it when I return it to it's page. Have to say, this game has devoured folder space far, far faster than any other LCG I've played before. Normally I don't have to think about moving to faction-specific folders until after the deluxe sets happen.
  12. House Rule Opinions

    Is there any decent theorycrafting around what sort of cost curves we should be looking at? My Meta is pretty small (friends, basically) and made up of people who migrated from Game of Thrones V2 to Arkham Horror and L5R (which is a win for FFG, I guess!). Generally I've always built my Dynasty decks with as many low cost (2 or less) characters as I can pack in, 3 copies of my champion and then taking 2 copies of 3-4 cost characters I like. This is sound AGOT logic, and generally quite sound card game logic because you don't want to be in a position where you can't afford to put anything out, especially in something like L5R where your characters are constantly inching closer to leaving the board. But it occurs to me that the L5R economic model might actually work differently as it's mostly fixed. I'm not waiting to get economy cards out in order to afford my expensive stuff, generally the only reason to hang back is because putting out a single big character means that as soon as they involve themselves in a conflict they get sat down, sent home, or attachmented into oblivion. It's actually quite a different mental exercise with this game, I'm finding. I had what I felt was a good opening with Scorpion over the weekend, starting by playing out just 1 Fate dudes and hoarding my Fate for Turn 2 when I could really kick off. Even then it was a bit hairy as my opponent almost broke a province on the first turn! But I'm aware that if I HAD just played out a single more expensive character, I would definitely had a province broken as I wouldn't have been able to put a body in each conflict.
  13. Roleplaying Your Gators

    Yeah, totally - there are lots of different types of roleplaying game with lots of different flavours, just like different types of tennis. But those are roleplaying games. Arkham Horror is basketball. It's got some of the hallmarks - there are a couple of participants, there's a ball, it bounces and you ideally want to keep it on your opponents side of the court. There's even Nets! But really, it's nothing like Tennis at all. Dressing up explanations on what the cards or the game are telling you to do has all the roleplay depth of a dried up puddle. It's more like a really shoddy play where you basically read all the lines but not necessarily in the right order. Your characters ultimately have no agency and no ability to affect the narrative outside of a couple of basically cosmetic choices because in the end, you're all heading towards that 6th pack, no matter what you do. You can say "my character finds this super traumatic" or "I'm scared stiff", but there's no mechanism to change anything; your character is exactly as statistically scared or or freaked out as the game says they are. There's nobody there to interpret and adjust the game world to make those sorts of things actually satisfying as part of a wider plot. As I said earlier, if you're having fun then please do continue. Let me assure you, there are people playing roleplaying games out there who don't care a jot for their character's motivation or what they're feeling or how anyone else character is feeling. All they care about is their +10 Staff of the Bobcat and how many damage points it dishes out. But they're still playing a roleplaying game, whereas in Arkham you're playing a something very different. It's all horses for courses, but there's no point getting all spluttery about people telling you how to have fun - people have different opinions!
  14. Roleplaying Your Gators

    Nah, this isn't a role playing game and trying to use it as such is a pretty shallow experience. My choices, reactions and strategies tend to be dictated by what's in my hand and the meta-state of the board rather than anything in-character. You'll see characters move to specific locations to achieve specific things that they couldn't possibly have known about before arriving; as other people have mentioned, items and cards allow for very little internal consistency. The example of the cop in the netherworld is a good one - sure, you can come up with any sort of justification you like but that doesn't make it satisfying. Nor does the cop change in the next game that he pops out in. The other problem is one of determinism. Every time I sit down to play Arkham, I know that the game can end in 2-3 different ways, which depend on the success of the players, and there's nothing I can do at all to short circuit or modify these outcomes, I just head down one route and in the end things only get changed a little bit in terms of the wider railroad that constitutes a "season". If you want to talk in character, and comment on stuff like that that's cool - it adds flavour to the game, but without a GM or a group of other players (in the example of GM-less RPGs), who are able to adapt the game world as part of the narrative you're playing an active, influencing part on I wouldn't really call it roleplaying. There's not enough substance here for that. Great game, though.
  15. No ponies?

    The Cavalry rule means they all just upped and went to a different tournament.