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  1. The funny thing is that when I think about Cthulhu as a License, it's absolutely 100% perfect for the Netrunner mechanics. Investigators using tools to try and penetrate layers of secrecy in order to fox cultist plans. Sadly they have one component but not the other. And also it'd probably be hard to come up a zillion colourful programs like they did for Netrunner. Eldritch ICE would of course be a little easier.
  2. I disagree. Putting the errata'd cards into future packs worked great for the Doomtown LCG thing. One time I didn't get my Errata cards in a pack so I emailed them to say so and the response was "our bad" and they posted them to me.
  3. It's not stopped, but there won't be any more 6 pack cycles from here on out. Likely no more full size deluxe boxes either - just the smaller clamshell "mini-deluxe" packs which are how the L5R Clan Packs are distributed. So basically, everything is going to be moving at a glacial pace from here on out. This may either be a good or bad thing, depending on you.
  4. I hate having to remember cards with their text changes. FFG aren't going to do anything to get those changes into player hands for free, but I would be willing to buy an annual "Errata" update pack. I mean, it's going to be a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of the game generally.
  5. I'm 37. Very nearly 38. I've been playing Pen and Paper RPGs since I was an early teenager - but actually started with Warhammer Fantasy Role Play rather than the usual D&D entry point; I guess it was only a short hop from the tabletop game. I still remember my first character - we were a group of travelling entertainers, and I was the guy who had to dress up in the crappy Chaos Spawn outfit and get kicked in by everyone else for the amusement of children in the Empire, and as a lesson to what happens to those who fall to worshiping Chaos. Oddly enough, it's only as I've got older and started experiencing the beginnings of aching joints on cold mornings that I've begun to be a bit more of a fan of Nurgle. My dark secret is that I hate HP Lovecraft's writing. He's just terrible - with the exception of the Outsider, I think pretty much everything he penned is garbage. Conversely, while I'm never going to read him again, I am very grateful for what he did create because for the most part, I love games about the Mythos - hence why I'm here playing Arkham Horror. So I guess you could sum up that I love the concepts, hate his implementation of them.
  6. Apparently Ultra-Pro Eclipse cards are pretty swish as well. Only solid colour though.
  7. It's double sleeved! But it's totally wrecked, teeth punctured right through and I can't even get it out of the sleeve without ripping it more. Really, I should write to FF and complain that their sleeves just don't hold up to everyday incidences of DOG ATTACK. Unfortunately I'm one of those people who think like: - 1. FF have a new LCG out 2. Ascertain how many core sets are required for complete playset 3. Purchase X core sets, where X is the number of core sets identified at stage 2. ... I've written to them asking if they can send me a replacement, but I did acknowledge that this is my fault so I'm not expecting anything. If they (reasonably) ask me to take a long walk off a short pier, I'll just buy another Dunwich box next time I see one on offer.
  8. The box fits the campaign and relevant encounter card perfectly double sleeved. All of my player cards got in a folder because I like to feel like I'm researching arcane horrors when I'm deck building. Frustratingly, because I don't like putting more than one card in a pocket, as each card comes as a double rather than a triple, I've been forced to spend extra money for a quadrow folder. #FirstDimensionProblems
  9. The worst part is that at the Duke was stolen at the same time and wasn't even nibbled. Inside job? Dogspiracy? This is the offender by the way. Terrifying.
  10. I actually use the boxes for storing cards. Because we periodically play in pubs and the like, there's the ever present risk of drinks getting sloshed on the table so I double sleeve everything - indeed, I would have lost some L5R cards had it not been for my nerdy OCD (and if I'm honest, abstract enjoyment) of covering my cards in two layers of plastic. Under these circumstances, the box is literally the exact right fit.
  11. VTES is in the process of being resurrected; Black Chantry are going to have 4 new starter decks up and available as POD soon. If you’re not keen on V5, there’s always V20, or Dark Ages.
  12. I don’t want to read. It’s enough of a pain having to read the cards if I’m honest. Make a TV show.
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