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  1. The Next LCG

    Call of Cthulhu 2nd Edition plz.
  2. Release Schedule

    I half suspect they're trying to replicate the "block" release feel to appeal to CCG players. Problem is that you lack the trading community and card pool size so I'm not sure it's working, particularly.
  3. Elemental Cycle begins

    While I really liked the first 6x6, I find myself a lot less keen on it likely being the business plan going forward. It feels as though it lurches rather than flows. And the prospect of of not having all the clan packs for literally years feels crazy. Will need to seriously think about stopping collecting now, but I’ll feel bad about it because I hyped so many people up about th game at launch last year :/
  4. So I am new

    He's just being overly literal.
  5. I reckon @Ishi Tonu is right; it's Charge! fodder. One of the things I'd be a bit concerned about is having too many cost 4-5 characters in my deck though, as having a few turn up in the Provinces in the early times is a total nightmare. I'm still struggling with ratios for this game. It was so easy in Game of Thrones v1 :/
  6. Sure I know all that. If people like playing online that’s fine. Hurray! But the point of the thread is that real-life groups are breaking down and losing interest. Playing online isn’t going to fix that problem, which is the point of the thread. you might also want to reel in the condescending tone. It’s clear that online play is very important to you, but perhaps you should understand that your solution isn’t the solution that everyone wants.
  7. So I am new

    That's not true; I tend to rotate around those Clans and I lose as much as I win against Phoenix, Crane and Lion - but it's true that Unicorn are currently in a less than desirable spot, but that's temporary. It might be the case that some clans do edge out the others when you've got people playing at the top level with honed decks, but those people aren't the majority. In my experience, even if you Netdeck like crazy in this game, it doesn't really get you very much because a lot of the game comes in the moment-to-moment decisions rather than flopping down power cards one after another in an unstoppable combo.
  8. That's not true though, is it - from a commercial perspective, your profit needs to outweigh your costs. Even when you're managing that, you'd be extremely naive to think that Fantasy Flight (and possibly more importantly Asmodee) would think "well, we made 1 dollar more than we spent. Success!". This is especially important when the go-to response on here for collapsing gaming groups seems to be "just go online and play" - a format which FFG potentially doesn't profit at all from. If I were of the mind, I could just stop buying their cards and play online forever, for free. I suspect a lot of people who play online also buy the cards, but continually pushing people out of meatworld into the non-affiliated digital world of your choice platform isn't actually going to help the game at all. I have absolutely no idea about the current financial health of the game - likely none of us here do - but what we do have are posters coming on here and reporting that their groups are getting bored with the game in it's current state. That's a problem and no number of asinine analogies with Vietnam are going to make that better for the people who see their groups drifting. Then, away from your comment into general thoughts: - The 6-in-6 was a great idea from where I'm sitting - big influx of cards at the beginning to really help the pool out is much appreciated - they correctly noted that slow updates has a corrosive effect on the community. We've watered down that acid, but it's still there, it just started it's cycle in December rather than immediately after the game was released. People would feel a lot happier if there was some sort of clue as to what was coming on the horizon for the game generally rather than the Phoenix Clan. We all know stuff will be coming, sure, but to push back at people eager for information with what amounts to accusations of entitlement is ridiculous; Fantasy Flight are selling an on-going, living card game which means they need to keep people engaged and help foster a sense of community in the player base. Or at least they ought to. It feels as though they made the right business call back at the launch, but didn't think any further than that - basically just kicked the can down the road. I suppose my view is shaped by the fact that I don't really feel anything towards Fantasy Flight as a publisher, or any particular corporation for that matter. They're not my mate, they're just a bunch of guys who want my money in exchange for stuff I enjoy playing. I'm not really bothered by online as I prefer card games face to face, but the fact of the matter is that my friends and I were pretty hyped about L5R for the longest period - now when I'm walking back from stuff we don't discuss it at all, because we've talking about everything we're going to, likely more than once. Sure, interest will pick up when stuff comes out I guess, but critically, if we psychologically move on to other stuff there's a chance that we won't. I'm not expecting packs tomorrow - I'm not expecting a complete sheet of spoilers for the whole cycle - but it would be good to have something. No news has been published for close to a month. This forum is moribund, as is CardgameDB. Reddit isn't great either. If people are saying they're groups are losing interest and opponents are thin on the ground, then that should be a warning sign that something isn't right - and failing that, you should have a little empathy for people who aren't able to play a game that they (and you) enjoy face to face if that's their preference.
  9. what LCG will be the next to die?

    Do you mean that it's not going to last much longer than the entire new core set they announced at the beginning of the new phase of rotation? It would be utterly insane to terminate in the foreseeable future. If NR wasn't viable, it wouldn't have gotten a new core.
  10. I'm finding Phoenix very confusing

    That's actually amazingly helpful, thank you very much for writing it up like that. Sadly I didn't get to play today because Twilight Imperium happened. So instead I got my face kicked off by the Baroney of Letnev.
  11. I'm finding Phoenix very confusing

    Well, I've redone my deck a bit (really, the last one was terrible), and may well get to have match tomorrow. So I'm sure I'll wander back in crying about the big mean fire chicken again soon. Just need to keep repeating the mantra of "If I win it's skill, if they win it was because of overpowered cards". But in all seriousness, it's just a case of playing more; I think I just need to adjust to cross-referencing cards in play with where all the rings are at any point, as it's not something I feel I need to do with the other clans. As for building a deck and playing myself - is that effective as practice? I used to try and do that with miniature games back a few years ago, and it never really revealed anything to me. I only ever learned by getting my face kicked off. By overpowered models. Until I had developed a high enough level of skill to win.
  12. I'm finding Phoenix very confusing

    Yeah. Play more is of course the answer, but finding a Phoenix opponent around here is like being a street thug in Gotham City trying to punch Batman. Can't find him. Can't find him. Can't fin... OH MY GOD HOW DID HE DO THAT?
  13. Hey peers, I've just had my first game against a Phoenix deck (small meta!) and I've found the whole experience thoroughly discombobulating. I'm currently playing Scorpion and my deck is terrible, but that's beside the point currently. My issue is that I've found Phoenix to be an exceptionally confusing opponent, absolutely awash with characters that only do things if certain rings have been claimed. I'm not new to card games, and generally don't struggle to commit cards to memory (actual useful real life stuff is another story) - but with Phoenix's heavy interaction with the rings, I find it extremely difficult to understand the board state. I also don't want to slow down what is already a reasonably ponderous game by checking all of my opponents cards against what rings are claimed, and which rings could be claimed after every conflict in a turn. Does anyone else suffer with this, or am I just thick?
  14. With the ERRATA'd cards...

    I really appreciated how Doomtown: Reloaded included errata'd cards in their saddlebags. This absolutely wouldn't be for everyone, but I would definitely accept having one fewer card in the Dynasty Packs if they included old cards with new Errata in there. It'll never happen though, lets just wait for Core Set V2 in 5 years. edit - would also happily pay for errata'd cards as well.
  15. How on earth did that make it through playtesting? My group did that scenario last night and the first thing we thought was "cool, don't need the clues". We just figured it was a pacing mechanism.