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  1. I am educated, thank you. I’ll check out those minis - I’ve just never looked back after the frustration of trying to work with that... stuff.
  2. And their resin quality is absolutely horrific and pushed me out of the game.
  3. I think in a world crawling with Shinobi, “Shadows” military actions are more than reasonable. But I agree on the whole that the two different types of challenge are not well demarcated. I just wonder whether there’s going to be enough deck space at 40 cards for people to start including many more politics or military only challenge only cards? Surely you just set yourself up for bad matchups? Or the game just becomes a relatively uninteractive race.
  4. Ersatz Nihilist


    You’ve got the skills to pay the bills, no doubt about that - but I’d recommend contacting FFG directly and not disparaging their existing product when you do it. Good luck!
  5. Ersatz Nihilist

    How's your local LCG scene?

    There are about 6 guys who meet up to play Netrunner, but no idea how long that will continue. Everything else has more or less nothing. Area is dominated by Magic obviously, especially after the shop doing the principle support to those Japanese ones where all the numbers are in the thousands closed down.
  6. Ersatz Nihilist

    Elements Unbound

    The game state has changed, the ring is no longer in your opponents won pool. They’ve written up a whole bunch of confusing and dumb cards, but this isn’t one of them. The effect is quite clear. edit - I can’t read. Soz am thick.
  7. Ersatz Nihilist

    Elements Unbound

  8. Ersatz Nihilist

    Elements Unbound

    But that could be weeks away.
  9. Ersatz Nihilist

    Elements Unbound

    Maybe thy need to release a Duellist Toolkit (complete with collectible L5R branded letter opener) deluxe kit? Diversity duelling for all clans, so it’s a bit more meaty.
  10. Ersatz Nihilist

    Elements Unbound

    I don’t know about that. Phoenix HQ will of course double the glory value, and it’ll still be part of the conflict afterwards. There’s not much stuff out there to help you catch up. Guess I’d prefer to pick my receiver for the Duel just to make sure it’s not going to the person least able to defend themselves, but that’s an issue with duels generally. I liked the idea of the Yojimbo intercept. Perhaps honour transfer should have been calculated on the difference in skills? So you can get some honour if you end up standing up to a big guy, and lose it if you keep picking on easy targets. I dunno. That part of the game just feels very underdeveloped.
  11. Ersatz Nihilist

    Elements Unbound

    Games in general are intensely boring.
  12. Ersatz Nihilist

    Elements Unbound

    Glory duelling! But you still pick both duellists so it’s still intensely boring.
  13. Ersatz Nihilist

    Iron Mine need a Nerf?

    Let’s not go crazy.
  14. Ersatz Nihilist

    Will FFG debut a new LCG at Gen Con 2018?

    I suspect there’s a strong chance of an announcement; this is the “we’ll be releasing this at GenCon next year” point in the cycle - regardless, I’ve sworn an oath to myself to leave LCGs for a cycle or two from here on out. I’m super excited about the fact that VTES has gone back into print (only products so far are aimed at vets), but it doesn’t look like they’ll be doing random distribution this time around.
  15. I’ve got everything double sleeved in it with FF sleeves (which are traditionally always a bit taller than other brands) and it all fits I fine with the cards horizontal. Had to chuck the insert out as it didn’t leave enough space with everything double sleeved, but it’s easy enough to “limit” the length on your own anyway.