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  1. Ersatz Nihilist

    Should you be allowed to bid zero honour......?

    Yeah, blank space is a null not a zero. Massive difference.
  2. Ersatz Nihilist

    3 ring binder storage

    I have mine stored in an Ultimate Guard QuadRow folder, because I don't like putting two cards into the same pocket and 9 pocket sheets set off my OCD. While I'll eventually be organising by card costs, the pool isn't big enough for me to feel like I need to yet, so they're just divided by type: - Assets Assets XP Events Events XP Skills just all shoved in because there aren't enough to warrant greater organisation yet. All broken down by colour, so Guardian is organised like this, then on to Seeker etc. The secret is to commit to costs, so this page is where you'll begin doing cost 1's, and even if there's only 3 cards to go into it that's fine. Fresh page for cost 2 and so on - that way you can just keep scaling up by adding new pages where they're needed and never have to do the costing shuffle. Arkham Horror doesn't have NEARLY enough cards to make this worthwhile yet, but it works very effectively for my L5R collection, especially for the clans with their fancy pants packs out.
  3. Hey. I've been playing Arkham since it came out in a regular group for 4 people, and have played everything up to The Forgotten Age, which we were slow to start because I got a puppy and we had to turn the dining room into a playpen for a bit. We've finished everything and I've never had a character die or go insane during the game but I still have the suspicion that I have no idea what I'm doing and that I'm terrible at working out how to make a good deck. Am I alone? Are you all investigating gurus casually tossing out the right cards at the right time, evading all the monsters and catching all 6 of those cultists in The Midnight Masks with enough time left over to get a coffee? Things I mess up: - - Not really my fault, but I'm a tentacle (or -5) magnet. I think this is just how life is, so I ought to be planning to mitigate the worst case scenarios. I've gravitated towards Survivior because of their cards which work off of losing in order to convert failures into alternative successes, or just having another go. But this falls apart with: - - It's really hard to play and cards. The game seems to move at such a crazy (downhill, accelerating) rate that I never feel as though I've got a chance to play anything apart from the first turn where I "set up" - and even then I feel guilty about doing it. - Deck building? What's that? Generally I'm alright at deck building in games. I work out some ratios, make sure I'm not choking myself but here I really struggle. Because I move through my deck so slowly even if I try and put a bit of everything I always end up drawing things at the wrong time. Or alternatively, I spend 10 turns drawing the same 5 cards twice. I'm honestly thinking about converting over to more singles in order to have a better "terroir" in my deck. But every fibre of my cardboard-nerd body screams "NO! BE CONSISTENT! TAKE TWO OF THEM". ... and it's all okay really. I love the misery if I'm honest - I was the same in the Arkham Horror board game, sitting there secretly hoping for some massive crisis that'd turn the table on it's head. And I do wonder, as we're playing on Normal and we've never not succeeded in the end, is this how it's supposed to be? It is an Arkham game after all. I dunno. I'd prefer not to netdeck if I can avoid it. Any pro-tips will be gratefully received, but really I'm just broadcasting my incompetence to the internet.
  4. Ersatz Nihilist

    New to the series

    Literally nothing. I don't like Game of Thrones at all, never really read past the first book and haven't watched the TV show in ages. I can confidently say that if I had never consumed any AGoT media at all, this would still be a great fun card game. At the very worst, some of the event names might be a bit strange and abstract, but nothing at all that'll compromise you enjoyment in playing.
  5. Well we’re going to need another LCG at some point.
  6. Look, I totally get what you're saying but suggesting other people "just go play Munchkin" is in direct violation of the Geneva convention. It's worse than waterboarding. Not even the CIA would subject enemy combatants to Munchkin in the blackest of their blacksites.
  7. Ersatz Nihilist

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG the new EA - Part 2

    Thankfully, it's possible to care about and tackle more than one thing at a time.
  8. Ersatz Nihilist

    Upcoming L5R products

    Yeah, I really like rotation - I guess I look at something like Warmachine and see the same thing; the game essentially ran out of design space, but when I spoke to other players and said that Rotation would probably be a great ideas ('Jacks have their manufacturing dates all listed!), you just get the side eye at the idea that you can't use everything you'd ever bought - ignoring the overall health of the game. I'm just struggling to see what the obvious solution is here. You have to dance carefully between a restrictively small card pool and as you note, a financially impregnable one. Even with their current rotation model, to fully "buy in", you've got 6 (or is it 5?) cycles to pick up, so £360 (£300?) + Cores and any other evergreen products that pop up. Perhaps the Rotation pattern needs to be cut to 3 or 4? Even then you're still asking for hundreds of pounds and possibly making the game a bit more dull. Perhaps I'm just being thick and not seeing the obvious way forward here. Hrm.
  9. Ersatz Nihilist

    Upcoming L5R products

    I think you're pretty much bang on here. I'm already at the point where I wouldn't try and get any of my friends to play L5R - it's just a next to impossible sell. "What do I need?" Well, you'll really need to spend at least £60 on Core Sets, preferably £90. Then there's £120 worth of packs. And the Phoenix pack if you want to play them, so... just north of 200 quid? Probably? It never flies - honestly I've found recruitment impossible once you get past one cycle. Nobody I know really likes the feeling of being only partially geared up in the face of somebody who's got everything at their disposal, but the investment is just way too much. I love the LCG structure but only if you get in on the ground floor and ride the elevator all the way to the top. Thrones V2 fell out of fashion where I am after the second cycle (a lot of our regular players never got over the feeling that FF has ripped them off by introducing a second edition), so now even if I wanted to get back in, It's about 2 cycles and a bunch of deluxes to get up to speed. But then I've got the collector gene, perhaps I could get by if I just picked up a core and a deluxe pack? What's the alternative? Super aggressive Rotation? I'd actually be cool with that, but again, I know a lot of people who just look at you slack jawed and say "What? I won't be able to use the cards I bought? With my money? **** THAT".
  10. I am educated, thank you. I’ll check out those minis - I’ve just never looked back after the frustration of trying to work with that... stuff.
  11. And their resin quality is absolutely horrific and pushed me out of the game.
  12. I think in a world crawling with Shinobi, “Shadows” military actions are more than reasonable. But I agree on the whole that the two different types of challenge are not well demarcated. I just wonder whether there’s going to be enough deck space at 40 cards for people to start including many more politics or military only challenge only cards? Surely you just set yourself up for bad matchups? Or the game just becomes a relatively uninteractive race.
  13. Ersatz Nihilist


    You’ve got the skills to pay the bills, no doubt about that - but I’d recommend contacting FFG directly and not disparaging their existing product when you do it. Good luck!
  14. Ersatz Nihilist

    How's your local LCG scene?

    There are about 6 guys who meet up to play Netrunner, but no idea how long that will continue. Everything else has more or less nothing. Area is dominated by Magic obviously, especially after the shop doing the principle support to those Japanese ones where all the numbers are in the thousands closed down.