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  1. You guys are silly to put an end to this hubub I'll go over our group Human Jedi - agi 6 rest 2s, noob of the group ataru striker/ tracker who pilots and shoots guns. Barely ever uses his light saber and has this zen Buddha thing going on trying to get to morality 100. His only force power is the presence one lets him see the future. Drall outlaw tech / trader - 5 presence, 4 int. the group "face" and negotiator. Never does combat with his brawn 1 and agi 2... Wookie doctor - brawn 4 int 4 - bowcasster and vibrio ax and heals people Human rebel ace pilot - agi 4 pilots and has dual blisters just got the rebel aced book and wants to do the space ship tweaking class Twilek bounty hunter force sensitive - pre 4 and cun 4 - the dralls bodyguard uses the cohersion and move powers
  2. Thank you for recent posts!! This was the mental progression I was going through. They use to be epic...now they became tiresome and comical as durosspacer pointed out Guess it is time to tone them down to being just a bit better than advantages unless something truly inspires someone's like hygtric mentioned! Just a paradigm shift in my mental process!! PS - I've listened to all the order 66 pods . They are great car listening to and from work !
  3. Guys!! Your getting lost in the examples. Ignore ALL of them and focus on the fact at high exp levels people rolls lots of yellow and lots of reds Meaning lots of triumph and despair come up...like a lot.... How do you deal with these? Maybe it's an issue with my mind as I treat them as a BIG DEAL, when they aren't that bad at all? Maybe I'll wait a few days I put my question up again reworded...
  4. none of these answers work for me save I like Daeglans charts from some other group those are cool additions of depth. Maybe I am not describing the problem for you to understand? the issue is the mechanics of the game problems when you toss buckets of dice, so many effects go off, damage is done and despairs/triumphs show up. Making a better adversary of ranks of durable doesnt solve this issue. The ataru striker has force rating 2 from another tree but tonight he did a super hit one shotting the main nemesis with 5 successes and two advantages. He is agility 6 with 5 ranks in lightsaber.....He had 2 blue as well on the attack. His blade does base 9 so 14 damage x2, thats 28 damage with breach. I think he had some other talents kick in as well when he hits, cant remember.
  5. Guys, I am in a group that we just hit 500 exp each and I am starting to feel bumbed and like we need to move on already.... Issue 1 -- The issue seems to be the dramatic shifts in successes and failures do to massive amounts of triumphs and despairs thrown around. Let me explain - most characters have abilities in the 4-5 range for their primary abilities with some of them having 4 levels trained! that is ALOT of yellow dice with chances for triumphs. Conversely we face lots of high level foes with adversary 2....and high skills themselves, meanings LOTS of red dice to face off against. Dealing with all the triumphs and despairs is getting to be a pain....especially since they do not cancel each other. Issue 2 -- Regardless of the triumph and despair issue the game use to be fun due to varied levels of success and failure with the advantage and threat system, now at higher levels of exp when we succeed it is dramtic with massive damage, vicious 4.....etc one shoting even big adversaries..... Bad guys and good guys do not go up in Health that much but it seems damage done goes up ALOT. When you throw 5-6 dice (not counting blues) with superior weapons with link and a host of talents sometimes (in fact often) you are doing insta kill damage.... For instance our ataru striker jedi dude with hawk jump and saber swarm will do 20-30 dmg in one hit and he doesnt even have an uber saber (his is more defensive) We also have a pilot who duel wields pistols and easily does 20-30 dmg when he hits. You do NOT even want to know what the melee wookie can do..... How have others dealt with this?
  6. Ok the Info Our campaign just hit 500exp so we are not noob scrubs. My outlaw tech built an outlaw tech stealth field and I love it. The GM and I though are having a hard time figuring out how to use stealth in combat. Here is the rub... Do I have to use my one and only action every turn to stealth? Seems dumb.. How do you do stealth? Do you roll against all opponents? We tried this and it sucks... If there are multiple baddies 3-4 the shear amount of dice guarantees despairs failing my field everytime... We also discussed one roll for the entire group but that doesn't make sense as then they all fail to see me or all see me in the chaos of battle? Didn't sound right.. At end of tonight's session we discussed me using a action rolling once getting successes/advantages (simple check) then if baddies want to hit me they have to beat those. I then have to spend one maneuver to maintain and threats and despairs can reveal me like normal and then I have To use the action again to re conceal. I can also do the action to get better results. Furthermore, if I attack from stealth what happens? Do people see me? Reading the suppression muzzle (which I have) seems to allude to it being possible to remain undetected. We plan to do presence checks for people who may have seen me attack to spot me... What you guys think?
  7. haley, is their a company that will translate books to braille for you? i do not know about others but helping someone enjoy an rpg game they like is right up my alley. I would chip in the money in a heart beat to get you a book made!
  8. Quick note - I am a trader so that table is my life! Here is an example from my last game of how we use trading and the chart We apprehended a smuggler and part of the "loot" was 4,000 credits worth of legal trade goods rarity 3 core world (MSRP - this is important) What that means is on the street a seller could make 4k on a core world for this gear. We don't get to sell at those rates obviously we are more like distributors selling to shop keeps who need to make money, but how much of a deal can you get selling, is the fun part!! I wanted to turn it quickly as our next mission was moving some heavy cargo that was going to take up our ships cargo space (think the gm planned that? yeah...I do!) so I didn't have time to wait till we got to a world where it was super rare so I sold it at the next station we came across. It went like this in my group Knowledge core world to find a good buyer (average check) I told my gm I was looking for someone desperate who needed goods to sell that would be more influenced by me, so we added a hard computers check as I piled through station data and I succeed getting 2 boosts on my negotiation I would be going into with this guy as I had researched his business thoroughly. Bit of **** good role play later and a negotiation roll with 4 successes!! I was able to sell at 75% of the value base (highest you can get with 3 succeses) plus 3 ranks of wheel and deal for 30% bonus to my final price (we do wheel and deal AFTER the base percent) So I sold that trade cargo for 3,300. IF I had been able to sell it somewhere the rarity increased say outrim for 4x the value it would have been worth 15,600!!! But we are not playing Scrooge mc duck the rpg, so we don't just get to fly to the best planet and sell like that our gm and I are having fun. He does stuff like...going to the outerrim the checks to find and negotiate are much harder since you are out of your element. He also will give me the value in things other than credits that I then have to sell elsewhere (like a real trader) then I try and sell it thinking it's worth bank and roll a failure with a despair and find out its value is ONLY worth that much to that one culture and a few very rare collectors and not the open market.....OR!! the adventure getting there costs us more than it's worth when we take heavy asteroid damage and lose a weapon mount...cool stuff like that. I am finding you can make lots of money but gms have LOTS of money sinks. Wait till your wookie with a big honking superior repeating blaster coverED in attachments and mods breaks his toy....those things are not cheap!! Lots of fun to be had as a trader.
  9. Using table 5-2 is ONLY for when engaged in trade. Good you buy for the SOLE PURPOSE of trading them. A player does not get to sell there personal blaster at 4x the cost... For typical players rarity is just used for scarcity of finding items. When doing trade rarity can affect costs
  10. Ok wow! I am going to try and reply to everyone questions of I miss you I am sorry there are a ton! 1- I am a player not the gm. 2- This is all our very FIRST edge of the empire game! So we are just getting our barrings 3- he is a murder hobo. He is the secondary power gamer to me in our group but I made a skill monkey guy so I can't stop his shenanigans through force or threats (rp wise) he is a hire gun bodyguard with force sensitivity...our other players are pilots (2 of them) and a doctor. 4 - awayputyurwpns categories - it's a little of both... He is usually a very good role player at the same time being a power gamer who liked to break 3.5 d&d. He is also doing it for fun hanging out with the guys and he thinks it funny and no one has told him differently this far... 5 gm intervention - the gm is getting prepared he is going to use obligation AND send a bounty hunter after him. 6 player intervention - as I said none of us could sat are him down as he could beat us all up with his character BUT he and I have spoken and decided he is going to be my trader characters body guard (he is a body guard after all) and I am going to pay him as well and will be able to control his actions to a degree 7 player motivation - he wants to be a thug female twilek ex slave. We are going to let him do it obviously. He doesn't like liers or bullies. We have also agreed he has to care more about civilian casualties at least. 8 destiny point use - our gm allowed it and likes it. We all thought it was good idea but the rules are so vague I figured I would ask! Thanks for your time!
  11. Ok, Had our first game and everyone loved it but I do not now if we were using destiny points right... what we ended up spending them on ALWAYS was stopping our murdererous player from well....indiscriminately murdering EVERYTHING. Here were the main two uses Our murderer was questioning a suspicious fellow and knew he was lying about who or what he was or why he was around our ship so he "I draw my blaster and shoot him in the face" one of the players says "I spend a destiny point and your blaster was thankfully on stun." IS THAT LEGAL?!?!?! second instance Some thugs are running through a crowd to get away and take a civilian hostage murderer - "I throw a frag grenade" a different player from above - "Destiny point - the blast only hits the one bad guy who trips trying to wrestle the civilian and falls on the grenade." IS THAT LEGAL?!?!?!
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