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  1. Don't forget you can use Double or Nothing to resolve the effects of the test twice.
  2. Patience. Disney is doing a Boba Fett spinoff film, and I expect we'll get a new Firespray with an alternate paint scheme around that time.
  3. If the R3 Astromech does allow a ship to swap a focus token for an evade token, Juke would become viable on the T-65, and even more viable on the T-70 with Comm Relay.
  4. Rock should be unique or banned outright. Scissors desperately needs a fix. Paper is fine.
  5. In a meta where you see a lot of swarm I bet that would work pretty well. Now, if scouts could take Assault Missiles instead of torpedoes, we wouldn't even need to have this conversation. Good job on balance, FFG.
  6. Show me where I said that game stores are more dangerous for women than anywhere else. A direct quote, please. Go ahead. I'll wait. Also, "anictodle" isn't actually a word. Perhaps you meant anecdotal?
  7. "Sorry, but no" is not a valid argument. Try again.
  8. It absolutely happens, and it happens everywhere. Just because you personally haven't witnessed it doesn't mean it's not real. What do you stand to lose by taking women at their word? Thing is, men who harass or assault women rarely do so in front of other men. If you saw someone cat-calling or groping a woman at a convention or a game store, you'd probably try and stop it, wouldn't you? The men who act that way know that. They are discreet with their violence. In order to get away with it, they rely on other men disbelieving the victims: Stop being so emotional. I've never seen it happen. It sounds like you're overreacting. Don't be so hysterical. That kind of flippant disregard for women's stories is exactly the reason why women have learned to stay the hell away from gaming communities. It's not safe for them. They cannot trust that men will not harass or assault them, and they cannot trust that other men will believe them if it happens. Don't be part of the problem. Start by believing women.
  9. My guess is that Thermal Detonator is 3-4 point bomb that damages ships in the normal area of effect for a bomb and also assigns them a stress token. Over-charged/clocked Astromech is probably a pain-for-power upgrade like so many other Scum cards. It may have a Leebo-type effect where you get an extra movement or can increase the speed of a maneuver. I wonder if there's a die roll effect, similar to Cloaking Device, so the overworked little guy has a chance to blow his motivator every time you use him.
  10. I'm pretty sure Adaptability works like split cards in MTG. My guess is that you choose which side of the card to use when the match begins (which lends itself to tournament play), but the implications of being able to adjust your PS round to round are fascinating. Especially when the only cost is the opportunity cost of your EPT.
  11. I don't believe so. Ruthlessness triggers the moment you hit a ship, we it would occur before the movement happens Tractor Beam triggers the moment you hit a ship. The defender receives one tractor beam token, which triggers the mandatory movement on the Tractor Beam reference card. Ruthlessness triggers after you perform an attack that hits. The assignment of the tractor beam token and the mandatory movement occur as part of resolving the attack, therefore Ruthlessness would trigger afterward. I'm stoked.
  12. No Kanan clears stress after you execute a white maneuver, Daredevil says "Action: execute a red *1 hard left* or *1 hard right* maneuver". Even if you don't get to execute red maneuvers it's not a big deal, in the falcon's dial the only red one is the k-turn. You are correct in that the card does say the maneuver is red. However, the errata in the FAQ changed the way Daredevil works to prevent abusive combinations, namely using an R2 astromech to count the maneuver as green. Instead, Daredevil is now a white maneuver and the ship is assigned a stress token after performing it. I believe Kanan would trigger directly after executing the maneuver, before the second instruction on the card: "Then, receive one stress token." I'm sure once the Ghost is officially released there will be an update to the FAQ to clarify.
  13. Poe is still quite potent with PTL, BB-8, and Autothrusters. You're really slippery with pre-maneuver barrel roll/boost shenaningans, and being able to boost with Poe and still nab a focus token is one of the advantages the R2-D2 build doesn't have. How do the folks you play with feel about proxying upgrade cards? It's not unreasonable to print a couple out and give them a try.
  14. Jake is one of my favorite pilots. He's like a mini-Soontir Fel in terms of maneuverability and action economy -- you might consider swapping Veteran Instincts for Wired to bump him to PS 9. I've found that Jake tends to fly well with ships that are more obviously threatening because, unless he's packing proton rockets, opponents often ignore him and leave openings for those sweet R1 shots. He rounds out a three-ace list pretty well, and my favorite combination so far has been Jake, Horton Salm + TLT, and Poe or Wedge.
  15. Gamma Squadron Veterans have an EPT slot. Take Deadeye. Never worry about target locks again. Anything that flies into your arc is fair game.
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