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  1. Thanks for the replies so far. It sounds like the meta is a lot healthier if there are that many top builds. Will have to start getting some of the new stuff to catch up.
  2. Hi guys, Been out of the loop since around Christmas now, and am looking to get back into things. Can anyone give me a brief overview on the state of the game right now? Last I played was just after the Decimator and Outrider came out, and two ship builds were making a come back. But what are the main offenders today? I am a competitive player so would like to know the facts of things when apparent, and not everybody's "I like this ship s it must be good", if we can avoid it. Thanks in advance all.
  3. You don't really need any particular get-up to beat a Decimator, or even two; just shoot it with what you have. They go down really easy.
  4. Going back a bit, this response is to the OP. To answer your points: 1. Making a whole list of the one ship viable isn't an issue, it is if it becomes a no-brainer that it adds to power creep. In this instance that is not the case. They made a bad ship good without diminishing the roles of any other ships on its side significantly. 2. Yes the title is an auto-include, but that's kind of the point of a fix. It wouldn't be much of a fix if it wasn't definitely worth taking.
  5. Any Phantom hit by Ten is not worthy of the name. The B-wing is SO easy to out fly. I'm assuming you've never seen Advanced Sensors. Barrel Rolling before your move rather than after doesn't make the B-Wing more maneuverable than a Phantom, nor does it make the B-Wing harder to outfly or predict; the end result is usually the same. Advanced Sensors is really just there to avoid bumps and to get actions even when you go red.
  6. Yeah but the game balance breaks down even further, and is arguably less fun.
  7. It really isn't as versatile as you make out, and to be honest, it is so easy to take down that all that extra thought into coming up with strategic builds may not be worth it in the end. It is definitely a good ship, but certainly not the ultimate.
  8. This toss up is basically what keeps Dash honest. I have tried both. With PTL he falls prey to Phantoms. With VI he falls prey to PTL Dash and the like. PTL is more universally useful in my experience however, meaning you need to build the rest of the list to handle any Phantoms. As such I am trying some two ship builds next, pairing both Corran and Chewie with Dash in different lists.
  9. I see mentions of Fat Han and Phantoms; I think you are a Wave behind us brother.
  10. Nice. Reminds me of the double Predator Mandolorians with the PS3 HWK.
  11. I have not seen anyone interpret it otherwise. Where are you seeing this?
  12. 3 modifiable green dice might be better than 4 straight green dice, but 2 modifiable dice are not, especially when you can only modify one. Nothing has changed for how to build the best Phantom in Wave 5.
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