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  1. I was yelling so loud with excitement that my neighbors came over to see what was wrong. So yes, I too am excited for this game. Fantasy Flight now officially owns me.
  2. Of course! There are 2 different models... This game looks incredible. I was hoping a victory class star destroyer would make its way to X-Wing but now I don't need to. The only downside is that Fantasy Flight is now getting all of my money but at least they are putting it into something awesome like this! Early 2015 can't come soon enough!!!
  3. I am right there with you. Between X-Wing, Armada and the LCG Fantasy Flight now owns me. Oddly though, I am ok with that. My soul for a star destroyer sounds like a fair trade to me...
  4. Look this is how it works; most of us are gonna end up buying this stuff and give FF all our money, least thing they can do is let us complain and whine a bit on the forums. Except for the xcom mandatory app- that stuff just needs to change! I agree with Robin. Everyone is entitled to post what they please on these forums because we all are invested in the games Fantasy Flight keeps pumping out. It is difficult to complain about something we don't really know much about, though people certainly will find a way to do it. That being said, we just need to ignore the complaints and look for the positive because there looks to be SO MUCH positive with this game!!! X-Wing is cool and all but if I had the option to lead a squadron of fighters or the whole **** fleet, I would jump right up to the challenge and start planning my fleet's attacks. I cannot wait for this game and will be watching out for all the news like a hawk in order to be prepared for its launch in early 2015.
  5. Tractor Beam is a solid guess for the black dice, but it could also represent a bonus damage done to an enemy ship at range one similar to how there is an extra attack die rolled in X-Wing at range one. This die could also represent a critical hit effect, though most likely the damage cards will do that. Tractor beams would be awesome! All in all this looks like a great game to watch for in the coming months!
  6. Thanks! I will try this deck out this weekend and see how it runs. I did notice that the lucrative contract was going to be a problem and thought about Jabba's Reach for the objective damage (and of course, Jabba). The only thing holding me back from that was the fact that I got the Corrupt Officials from LC but I guess if the deck works right I may not even need them.
  7. So in looking to the next cycle of expansions coming out later this year I decided I want to put together a scum vehicle deck, just to shake things up right now with all the character decks people are running (at least at my local store). This is what I came up with: Affiliation: Imperial Navy (Core) Total Objective Sets: (10) 2x Kuat Reinforcements (Core) "Backstabber" (Core) TIE Fighter (Core) TIE Bomber (Core) Tallon Roll (Core) Death from Above (Core) 2x Defense Protocol (Core) TIE Attack Squadron (Core) TIE Fighter (Core) Tallon Roll (Core) Death from Above (Core) Twist of Fate (Core) 2x The Hunt for Han Solo (A Dark Time) Ugnaught (A Dark Time) Z-95 Headhunter (A Dark Time) Z-95 Headhunter (A Dark Time) Cloud CIty Incinerator (A Dark Time) Carbonite Chamber Activation (A Dark Time) 1x Lucrative Contract (Assault on Echo Base) Outer Rim Space Pirates (Assault on Echo Base) Corrupt Official (Assault on Echo Base) Corrupt Official (Assault on Echo Base) Explosive Charge (Assault on Echo Base) Twist of Fate (Assault on Echo Base) 2x Hunt Them Down (Escape from Hoth) Dengar (Escape from Hoth) Kihraxz-class Assault Fighter (Escape from Hoth) Kihraxz-class Assault Fighter (Escape from Hoth) Remote Hideout (Escape from Hoth) Target of Opportunity (Escape from Hoth) 1x Carbonite Transport (Edge of Darkness) Slave I (Edge of Darkness) Traitorous Wing Guard (Edge of Darkness) Prized Possession (Edge of Darkness) Tractor Beam (Edge of Darkness) Target of Opportunity (Edge of Darkness) I don't think scum is strong enough to run a straight vehicle deck so I tossed in the lower cost navy units for extra units and the Tallon Rolls. Any suggestions?
  8. Hey I am a newer player to the game but seem to have some luck running a Sith control deck myself. It is all about sitting back and having the stronger board presence while controlling the force. This is what I run: 2x Fall of the Jedi 2x The Emperor's Web 2x Agent of the Emperor 2x The Plan of the Prophetess 2x Council of the Sith Flipping the Plan of the Prophetess early on is key to holding the force since it lower's an opponents committed units force pips by 1 making it much easier to hold it or forcing him to commit a higher profile unit. Vader is great with all the events in the deck and his ability and Mara is also great. Her with her lightsaber is one of the most powerful characters I put out in the deck. Once my board presence is strong enough I shift from a defensive to an aggressive style and try to send the dial up by destroying objectives. Along the way, once I shift to the aggressive play, Mara's targeted strike and Palpatine's tactics or Vader with his lightsaber/targeted strike. This deck has decent success against most types of decks the LS runs. Hope this helps!
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