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  1. Personally I'm a fan of Snudge and Gateway to Dis. Reap with Snudge, send either him (or often Charette for me) back to my hand, destroy the field, play Snudge. I often find people underestimate Safe Place's interaction with Bait and Switch and Effervescent Principle
  2. Thanks Duciris. Im going to bring it to my group on saturday when we play our next chapter. It may also give us some flexibility when people arent around. Honestly, I'm more concerned about the game balance than I am about card scarcity. Two of my group have their own cards and the rest of us use mine, but I have 4 core sets (in the beginning I was the only one who bought anything). I'll see what my group wants, but if thwyre cool with trying 5 then we'll do it and report back. I can't be the only one who's curious.
  3. Thanks Starbreaker for weighing in. We will give it a shot. My group is on to The King in Yellow now (though we've certainly had trouble with Essex before)
  4. So I've seen this asked way back in the beginning but I thought I'd ask again. What's the popular opinion on including an extra player in a campaign? My group is a little odd that I have 5 people in it all interested in Arkham. I'd like to all be able to play in one campaign but I'm concerned about the scaling (which I know has been somewhat suspect at times). Has anyone successfully played a campaign with 5 players that can shed some light on what it looks like scaling wise?
  5. Depends on for whom. Jim does perfectly fine alternating between spells, equipment and his pretty reliable statline. Agnes not so much. I think of book of shadows less as a permanent source of charges on spells and more like a stopgap. I'm going to have two copies of shrivelling with Agnes, but if i only have 1 out and am low on charges then i can spare an action or two to extend its life while I look for my other copy. Also, the extra arcane slot is REALLY useful with her. I generally don't use scrying in a 4 person game unless it's on my 3rd (or 4th) spell slot with her. Seeking and Shrivelling are just too useful. And if u don't expressly need one then the other is for clarity, which she needs.
  6. I'm guessing an intelligent build with Lola wouldn't use all 5 classes, but would rather build an effective strategy with 2 or 3 classes that you wouldn't be able to do normally. Kind if like how effective seeker became with survivor cards (scavenge + disc of itzamna combo) when rex was introduced. I don't imagine shifting between all 5 would really be that useful unless there was a good reason.
  7. South shore people: independence mall in kingston, medieval starship had a bunch of miskatonic U packs.
  8. It'll end when the cycle ends. Their predictions were way too conservative for the popularity of the game. By the time Lost in time and Space comes o7t most of the set will already be reprinted and the next set will be ordered in about 3x the number. Things will improve.
  9. I actually frequently run with minimal or no skill cards in mystic decks like Jim and Agnes. I will however usually run both copies of their available talent cards. That's arcane studies and dig deep for Agnes and arcane studies and hard knocks for jim.
  10. Hey, you know Murphy's Law when I'm playing a deck meant to intentionally mess with the odds, im Definitely bringing insurance.
  11. Interestingly, I think this highlights one of the disagreements floating around. In my opinion I wouldn't be thinking of this from the standpoint of "when would I rather have this than another skill card?". Like the icons all cards have to commit to a test, Defiance can be used to alter the probability of a test but that isn't what I'd look to it for. I see it as disaster mitigation, even if the overwhelming odds tell me that I'm not likely to pull the one token that would end the game for the party, I'd keep Defiance in for that peace of mind. Sure you can use it to further modify odds, but if you're playing Jim you should already be doing that in other ways. That's my 2 cents anyway.
  12. Ken, do you talk to Battleground Games in Abington at all? I've been preordering everything through them and so far haven't been disappointed. They had a bazillion copies of Essex county express last I was there.
  13. Ahhh, yeah I totally see the confusion. I should have been more clear about where I was pulling the numbers from. Yeah the idea is to stack the bonuses in Jim's already modified favor. Pretty easy to do with his skills and deck setup. I like it a lot. That shouldn't make me as excited as it does, should it? Because that actually made me laugh out loud when I looked at the numbers. There's definitely something wrong with me. Some of it is definitely Jim, but remember he doesn't ignore the skull result. He only sets the numeric to zero, so there may actually be times when Jim would want to use defiance on a skull to mitigate secondary risk, especially since he may want to turn an elder sign token to a skull if it didn't make things worse.
  14. Whoops, sorry, that was to a revision. Here you go: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/661/jim-culver-luckiest-cat-in-town-1.0
  15. I'm talking about using a deck construction with Jim to rig the bag in your favor: https://arkhamdb.com/deck/view/6493 I run it a lot in my group as support.
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