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  1. 3. One HCD (?) mat that is a bit smaller than 36"x36", a FFG Bespin and a FFG Starfield mats.
  2. I like to keep my ships lean so I don't have many card interactions to remember, and potentially forget. I usually park a ship on a rock, by accident, once per game.
  3. Or the Omincron Shuttle Pilot.
  4. Back from the dead but it's the closest I can find, I had an opponent that wanted his ship stressed. He "attempted" a linked action, I think the 2nd action was a barrel roll. Couldn't do it, and took stress. Was that wrong? He knew the barrel roll would not fit one way...should he have been forced to do it to the other side. Can he say it failed and still get the stress he wanted (The Resistance A-Wing that can roll an extra die when attacking while stressed.)
  5. That's what I thought too. I had a guy at a tourney yesterday tell me I could only barrel roll with the T70 with the foils closed. I had BB-8 equipped too.
  6. So a T70 with the s-foils closed can do a barrel roll, whether they have a BB droid or not?
  7. I forget crits effects. I have really been working on using crit markers.
  8. It's not a trap. It took a few days for them to ship but my Core set and Home One arrived today. Brand new. The packing slip is a bit shady. Under SOLD TO, it lists someone else's name. SEND TO, lists me. IDK.
  9. Halliday

    FO Force upgrades

    I guess. It worked in the app when I tried it ....so FFG has spoken
  10. Halliday

    FO Force upgrades

    In the app, Hate is a Dark Side card. I think it might be a typo with it working on Kanan.
  11. I ordered another Core set (for my son) and another Home One (for me or him?). No word on them shipping yet.
  12. The very first game with my son. He had the X-Wing, I flew the Ties. I gave him the red dice to use. I used only the green dice. At the end of the game, I figured out why I never landed a hit on him. I had been ONLY rolling the green dice.
  13. I played in a Regional last week. QD and 2 FO Silencers. Out of 16 I got 5th, which won me 2018 FFG range rulers and the best standing I have ever had with that many players. I'm sticking with this list till 2.0.
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