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  1. Looking at $102.05 in my shopping cart right now...
  2. I play both. In Armada, I like that there is no InstaWin list there is in X-Wing with Jumpmasters.
  3. If you don't learn something when you lose, you will never become a better person/player.
  4. One each, unless it's beautiful like the ARC.
  5. Exactly. Any f-up's in these ships will be fixed in another release down the road. I learned my lesson with TIE Bombers and Defenders.
  6. Too bad Snap Shot is only out the front arc.
  7. Porkins. A guy I play vs regularly was always talking about bringing Porkins. Last store tourney he actually brought him. Took him down in the 2nd round of combat. He got one shot off
  8. This thread got linked to from a fb post about someone selling dice.
  9. Maybe just burn that set of dice and buy more?
  10. I do get tired of the super card combos in X-Wing. MtG in space.
  11. I've been under that bus all CC. 6 battles and I had the first Rebel win on #6. *Beep beep* Look out for the bus.
  12. BrobaFett, My Rebel partner is scrapping his fleet after 3 losses. We are going into the All Out Battle and he needs something better. He should have never gone with his choice in the first place...
  13. Once one side has won a few battles it's really hard to stop them. Snowball. Scrap a fleet if it's really not working.
  14. Good lord these are so beautiful. Thank you.
  15. The first game I played was with my 10 yr old son. I gave him the red dice to use for the game. I used the green dice for ALL my rolls. It was not till later I figured out why I could not land any hits on his ships :|