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  1. I think finding the parts for the lightsaber is easy. Even the crystal part is one or two sessions, but eventually they'll get what they want. The tricky part is - in my opinion - to find someone who can teach the player how to assemble it. The schematics doesn't tell a jedi how to concentrate the Force to fine-tune the crystal, or don't blow her hand off when she turn on the saber for the first time.
  2. Let her superiors think that she joined the rebels. Maybe it's just a false intel or a Rebel sabotage, it doesn't really matter. Her "job" is simply survive this. Anyhow
  3. Maybe because he would kill the processors, circuits and engines in his arms and legs. He could use Force Lightning but chose to not to.
  4. I'm using a house rule for force sensitive player. I give him ten force tokens at the beginning of the session. Five dark side and five Light side tokens (Many thank's for the Beginners Game boxes ). We call it The Balance. Each time he act "like a jedi"[sic] he can flip one dark side token to light side and vica versa. At the end of the session, if he has more dark side tokens than light side tokens, then he lost Morality (we called it Destiny, but we change it Morality now) and if he has more light side tokens than dark side tokens he earn Morality. The detection part. If i'm curious about that two force sensitive character are sense each other, then I throw secretly a sense or disciple check both of them and I add five minus the difference of they The Balance ratio difficulty. The thing is, if they are the different side of the Force, then they detect each other easier. The rest is always narrative.
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