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  1. What does it happen if the Loser has declared an Upset and both the cards revealed are Morphs?
  2. 1) If the Pacifist reveals an N card and his opponent an Attack Card, can his opponent then play Emotion Control to change the result of the encounter into a deal? 2) Pacifist vs Chosen: the Pacifist reveals an N card and the Chosen an Attack Card. Can the Chosen use his power to change his card into an N? Or the Pacifist's power still works because it considers the original card revealed? In this case, if the Chosen is the defender, can he use his power or the Pacifist's one triggers first and ends the encounter?
  3. What does it happen if the Chosen changes his encounter card after his opponent has revealed a Morph card? The Morph will copy the new card or the original card played by the Chosen?
  4. What would happen if the Runner plays Forged Activation Orders on Architect and the Corp can't (or doesn't want to) pay its rez cost? If the Corp has enough credits to pay, can however decide to not rez Architect and neither to trash it? Has the Corp to expose it to prove that it can't be trashed?
  5. I agree with you... I hope that they will release more co-op expansions (maybe with real campaigns) in the future. Forgotten Souls is a very good start and a solid basement to build something great on it. I don't think that FF should eliminate the OL at all, but they shall consider the idea of making both classic expansions and full co-op expansions. Sometimes is fine for us playing with an Over Lord in the game... But not always, and after having tasted the possibility of playing all together vs the game in such a great gaming system... Well, we want more of it
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