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  1. TheEldarGuy

    My IA painted minis dump

    My Daughter has been all over the campaign since she was about 11, she started playing Knights of the Old Republic, which is a great precursor to Imperial Assault. My son (3 years older) prefers table-top skirmish (I introduced 40k to him at Age8 -his first game was about age10) style games, but they work together well. We all have a crack at painting, and your right, that feeling of accomplishment when seeing the finished product on the table. Life does have a habit of getting in the way of making regular games (bills have to get paid right?).
  2. TheEldarGuy

    My IA painted minis dump

    These look great. I find it rewarding also, to see the final products on the table. I know there's a gamesmanship edge to leaving the models unpainted, but a painted mini (like these) are just great to see. With Sorastro's vids, my painting - across all games - has improved. Good work.
  3. TheEldarGuy

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I've had a conversation with FFG directly a few months back; and they seem to think that there is no issue in Australia. It starts with the distributors and then the issues trickle down to the retail outlets. They get little (I'm being generous as I believe they get zero) support from FFG to run events. Aussies already suffer from the tyranny of distance, but we're dedicated to the cause. All it will take is a couple of events in the major cities, once a year, leading to a national, which launches into the worlds. Like I said, I've tried to open a dialogue - the people I've spoken with at FFG just don't feel there's a problem.
  4. I think even though the 'people' remember the prequels, as a community we can see what happens when George is involved and when he's not. The Original Trilogy are always going to be awesome, for many different reasons, Rogue One was great because as a prequel it set the scene for A New Hope, and the people involved were devotees of the Star Wars brand. I read somewhere that Joss Whedon would have turned down The Avengers if he had known that Star Wars was around the corner... who would have sacrificed Marvel MCU for Star Wars. George Lucas always had an idea of story across the movies, each Movie (Eps 1 thru 6) can be stand alone, but there was a 1 to 3 feel across the arc, and same to with 4 to 6. There was always that 1930s movie serial/Western/Kurasawa blend. Movies 7+ seem to miss that, this maybe is the Lucas signature that's missing, Plus the audience is different. In my earliest youth, I would get up at 6am every morning to watch the old black and white Flash Gordon serial, I remember my first colour TV, I grew up with the Saturday afternoon matinee movie WW2 and westerns, the Friday night classic movies of Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, etc. also, I wasn't alone, you didn't have to be some film connoisseur or film buff, it was just what was on; before Superman, Jaws, and Star Wars, movies were made in a similar way. By comparison, I can't even get my kids to watch a B&W movie. When I saw the trench run scene as kid, I immediately put Bridges of Toko-ri and Dambusters as my reference points, the lightsabre duels were straight out of Samurai movies (and pre-Golan/Globus 80s schlock), the Tatooine scene was any western (when Anakin went after the Sand People, that channeled the John Wayne character from The Searchers). So, it's not that the prequels are suddenly great, but they still have the same allure and capture the imagination in a similar way as the original trilogy. Eps 7+ may not be bad movies per se, they are, however, built for a different audience, one without the same reference points or movie history. George Lucas made movies for himself, THX was built to make the Star Wars film better, Industrial Light and Magic was designed to make Star wars films better - everything these companies and their offshoots do was built on a mission to build a better Star wars film. Who does that today? I'm betting George Lucas twitches a bit when thinking about these movies. End.Rant.
  5. Yup, and that Obi Wan cover art looks perfect for a Clone Wars Ben Kenobi model. Before leaving, Petersen said that he's put the next 12 months into the pipeline, I'm guessing this is to be his final gift. Legion, Star Wars RPG... Armada (70% maybe)?... IA (40 to 50 %), and finally X-Wing (they still have the Resistance and First Order to knock out).
  6. I want Knights of the Old Republic before the Clone Wars... KotOR is the best IA scenario in the land. Gimme some of that Canderous and original HK please! we did try to put together a Home-Brew KotOR, a while ago, but my brain began to explode and I had to stop.
  7. TheEldarGuy

    I think the best SSD list is the carrier battleship

    According the old information, there were about 7 SSDs in total. These things are the Flagship Battleship. the HMS Victory (104 guns baby!) in space, that sort of thing. The Empire would bring them to the party to cast an imposing shadow over the battle "Asteroids do not concern me Admiral". I'm a little conflicted about all this, I'd like to see more of the game balancing elements before making my mind up completely (Of course I'm going to get one!). I think it was a Zahn novel where I remember the comment "Promotions were readily available when Vader was in command of the SSD Executor", so I imagine there'll be lots of 'sacrifice this card for that effect' going on.
  8. TheEldarGuy

    Scum is Dead!

    I reckon treat the 'Scum' faction like the Mercenaries they are. We have operatives, so why not Mercenaries. I remember the old-40k days (circa 3rd and 4th ed.) the Kroot were a mercenary force that existed outside the force organisation chart, but they had their own force org chart. In Legion terms, 1 merc commander to 1 to 3 merc troops, Opens possibilities for a Special crew (or two), and some heavy kit (all old CW kit that's been kit-bashed, or new Imp kit that's been kit-bashed). That way the Mercs are open to both sides 9as I'm sure they were inclined to do. As my final words - the issue with Droids vs Wookiees, is that the Droids need to be programmed with blueprints, Wookies have an instinctive nature with tech and don't need to learn it. That's why (in part) they've lived the way they have for thousands of years, they probably have issues designing complex tech (apart from the Wookiee Bowcaster, of course), but when it comes to looking at something and making it work they don't need plans or prints it's almost like the ability is imprinted into their brain (the Empire would have some serious trust issues regarding keeping documentation around).
  9. TheEldarGuy

    SSD and Objectives

    Thinking about the SSD, I do prefer that the beast didn't count as a Scoring model, and I would have been all over it if it had no anti-squad dice. Something that large is an imposing figure on the battlefield, and in my books counts as the most obvious target. I think it should almost be forced to bring with it some support craft. My thinking is that, as a scoring unit, it is entirely possible for it to be within range of two objectives, and something that big should have problems against fighters. This thing could almost be a one model army list, and with the right firepower, lay down enough smack to devastate an opponent.
  10. TheEldarGuy

    Executor arrives

    I think I would have preferred for it to have no anti-Squadron dice. That way it still needs to have supporting craft, haven't seen or read any rules on it, but it would also help the game if it was a non-scoring unit. It's cool. Yes. Will I get one. Yes. (**** you FFG for making stuff that I want to buy!) Do I think it's functionally playable outside of special missions or scenarios... probably not.
  11. TheEldarGuy

    BoLS Tie Advanced Unboxing

    Hopefully, the 2.0 model was a dud. I watched with the sound off, and the comparison between the old and new highlighted how nasty the 2.0 TIE Advanced was (and not in a good way). Unless there was something specific, I won't be getting many of these new models. Firespray alternate paint job would have been nice. Vader as a PL4, I wonder who would a 5?
  12. TheEldarGuy

    Thank You Christian

    To Mr. Petersen, You will be sorely missed. As someone who watched TSR crumble and fall 'off-mission' once the key people/drivers left, I do worry that the next managers will be less about the games and more about the rehashing stuff because it's profitable. The original TSR crew would halt business to play the games (now a science in itself called playtesting), but the next managers stopped those shenanigans and then shovelled crap for the next 5 years. The purity of FFG was always the key differentiator in my mind. There are many places to go get our plastic-crack fix, I choose FFG first because of it's commitment to the essence of gaming. As a teenager, I sought solace in the fantasy worlds as my world was the last place I wanted to be in, so many years later, I know how powerful a good gaming system/community can be. I thank you Mr. Petersen for your diligence and vision. I'm a little jealous of your success, because you had the stones to make something happen, and I am happy for you that you can pursue your own path (as a parent and working stiff, I get the need to spend time with the peeps, that's what it's all about - kind of like the hokey-pokey). It will be interesting how long before you make an appearance elsewhere (I'm sure there's a no-competition clause somewhere in the arrangement). Thank you. One of the millions of adoring fans.
  13. TheEldarGuy

    More spoilers on facebook

    Zeb is violent in melee, two red dice against an opponent that doesn't cost an action! The opponent will be forced to think... keep taking 2 free red hits or get out of the way and cop the damage and strain. It's not just the 'Will anyone play it', but something extra the opponent will always have to keep in mind because it can be played.
  14. TheEldarGuy

    The Big Gen Con Reveal — what will it be?

    The big reveal... George Lucas is really the secret Prince of Moldavia! or... A free stack of pancakes for every purchase of 10 or more boxes.