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  1. More Factions?

    The other thought is whether FFG will allow Legion to be like Lord Of the Rings SBG as it stated out (where Aragorn could be in the same army as Elendil), or more like the Legions of Middle Earth companion book with suitable factions and the attempt at themed army lists. I suppose it would be nice if Luke (Jedi Knight from ep VI) and Ben Kenobi team up with Rey and Captain Rex. I would like to think that they do care about themes, that's how I've always built my armies; which has made them often non-competitive.
  2. Thoughts on why people play unpainted

    The whole 'to paint, or not to paint' stems from the 40k world. Once upon a time, the entry requirement for 40k official tournaments was a three coloured paint job. So even the promotional photos from a distance had that cool look of two painted armies going for it. Many years later, there's little need for the paint requirement. I can understand the urge to not paint as well as understanding the urge to paint. from some of the shots I've seen from the website, there are two coloured bases for models, so, with the plastic the same colour, the unpainted bases differentiate the armies. Unless the FFG organised tournaments require painting to be mandatory, then let's enjoy the hobby as we interpret it.
  3. Tips on teaching the game

    Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. When you read you begin with A-B-C. When you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi..
  4. New preview: save the dream

    Isn't there an errant Evade token in that image? I'm hoping the S-Foils card gives an Evade ability, Sacrifice shooting (can X-Wings shoot with the wings closed, I forget...) to close the wings, gain Boost and an Evade.
  5. With X-Wing getting Saw and his peeps in ships, There might be some room for Scarif/Partisan characters.
  6. New preview: save the dream

    So we finally hit the YY and ZZ Target Lock tokens. AAA is next. "That's a AAA Target Lock!" or "I'll give that Target a AAA rating" . B'Doom Ching.
  7. Delivery delayed in Australia

    The three or four Retailers I use for all my gaming kit in Melbourne, use the same Distributor for the FFG Minis (I'm guessing an exclusive contract?), and they get no word of 'actual' confirmed release dates. It could be the distie is playing games or just being a tool, but I'm inclined to believe the retailers when they tell me they don't know.
  8. Delivery delayed in Australia

    I was recently told, that We (in Australia) probably won't be seeing the Legion game until mid/late March. Apparently it was slated to appear late Jan or early Feb. The FFG distribution to the antipodeans is too often delayed. We have money and We are ready to spend...
  9. Differentiating Troops --What's your plan?

    I always colour the rim of my bases. With my Imperial Guard army (40k), I have about 30 squads of infantry, so colours and (when it was relevant) roman numeral notations on the bases; for Imperial Assault, coloured rims and each squad model has I, II, and (if required) III on the base. IF I do Legion, probably squad based coloured rims, unless there is a reason for each model to be numbered, I'd leave the numbers off.
  10. Max number for a functional game.

    as my Son's birthday is near the Grand Prix - and that's going to be his primary present, we have been able to bring his party down to a manageable 5 to 6 friends. I appreciate the response and some of the creative ways getting the game moving, I like the 6th player utilising the Ally idea. If the crew had more experience, I'd try and set up a tournament style play in two teams.
  11. West End Games had unprecedented access to Lucasarts notes, artwork, journals, and every backgrounder that was available. I believe the lead designer said, he just rang up the ranch, told them what he wanted to do and they let him in. Back in the day, many were questioning whether Star Wars was still relevant, those resource books were the best. They NAMED races that we didn't know about. Because Lucas had all the stories figured out, WEG used as much as possible. We have the Star Wars Universe because WEG made this game. I'm glad these companies are re-releasing the 'classic' games (AD&D 1st ed by WOTC, SWRPG by FFG); I'm waiting for the FASA Star Trek game to make an appearance next (we only played that game for the ship to ship combat - which was first class design). There are not enough word to express my joy at this release. Thank you FFG, again!
  12. Stormtrooper article is up

    I think I would have preferred the cost be about 30 or 35 USD and then two units of models and cards. We know the minis don't take up that much space, and those boxes all look oversized. I'd rather pay for content than packaging. Also, if there is a max of 6 Core Troop options, 2 are already in the main box, I'd pay the money top rush to the capacity if it was an option. They could always release individual squad packs down the line, when the game expands to 1500 points and we have a Force Organisation Chart that emulates 40k.
  13. Max number for a functional game.

    I very much appreciate everyone's response. He's pretty keen to get some of his friends into the game. Some of these suggestions are pretty useful. The only other person to run the game would my daughter, and I don't know if the 16 year old boys want to get beaten by a 13 year old girl. She wipes us out every time. Girls can be ruthless. Again, thanks.
  14. My son is turning 16, and he wants to have an Imperial Assault game day. Hassle is, even with him as Imperials, pulling it off will mean there will be 6 to 8 players. Does anyone have any suggestions to make it happen?
  15. And a new Article!!

    I reckon Corvettes and Flotilla, to get some movement and try to put the Imps out of position while they chase the little ships buzzing around. The Imp player will know it's coming, you know it's coming, everyone knows it's coming... the you have the choice of deploying the ship and launch some torps right up the jacksie.