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  1. In the original novel, some of these guys get more of a look in. From memory, Black Squadron wasn't his squad, he just took charge of them. Part of the reason so few fighters went out to meet the X-Wings, as they weren't considered a threat, the general alarm wasn't sounded. when Vader says "Get your men to their ships."That pilot was Mauler. Howlrunner was the leader of Obsidian which was seen in Empire strikes back chasing the Falcon in the asteroid field and again at the end of the movie at Bespin.
  2. Nar Shadda... I've said it once, I'll keep saying it until it happens. Zuckass, 4-LOM, Ghand hunters, Hutt crime lords, Rebel spies, Imperial Spy Hunters/Counter Insurgency units... too many missions to count. It doesn't have to be a big box expansion, it can be a little box, with a few additional tiles, and cards. I like all the fluff regarding HOTE, let's put some of that into a dark and seedy corner of the universe, where all three factions rub shoulders freely (thinking of Manaan from Knights of the Old republic).
  3. Oh yeah... that West End Games set great. I'm hoping they release it out here (Australia). I'd be all over it for sure! So many fond memories for the game and our time playing it.
  4. As Mercenary units that sit in the 'Gray' zone, useable by both sides. I'm sure Boba Fett would work with the Rebel Alliance if it suited his needs. This looks like a tabeltop game vs a campaign game like IA; which means that 'factions' will be limited to Light and Dark (as suggested earlier). If they're not careful, the game could quickly fall into RoboTech RPG Tactics; with so few options, available as factions and models. RoboTech Tactics is an OK game (as mechanics go), but the game has a very limited offering long term. I would not like FFG to fail in a Star Wars game that they have clearly heavily invested into.
  5. Thought about this over the weekend. Avatar, The Last Airbender (probably not Korra, but the Fire Nation war Avatar) Richness of models, special characters with abilities, a world of magic, secret societies, mixing mystical with mechanical... of course, there's the Avatar, but also the crazy mish-mash of animals. I don't know who has the IP on the product, but as successful franchises go, this tops the list of 'under developed'.
  6. Warlord games put out Test of Honour about two months ago. I'm thinking the Feudal Japan style miniature game is not in any immediate future plans. Which leaves FFG working Marvel (easiest to do - from a business position), and since all the Warner Bros kit seems to be slowly tied up by Knights Models (Harry Potter, DC Superheroes), and I reckon the horror genre of Dracula (not Vampire, but Drac himself), The Werewolf, Mummy, et al, will be locked up there, I'd love to see a Creature from the Black Lagoon mini. Runewars is not my thing, but I'd be open to a solid genre or cross-genre game (anyone out there remember Torg the RPG from Wes End Games? Solid cross-genre game with real rich background and structure).
  7. The way I see it: Whilst the Empire is technically in control of the Universe (or a solid functionally large portion of it), there's still a fair bit of wild west lawlessness about. The Outer Rim worlds provide us the scum and villainy section of the figures. I think if we roll the clock back 20 years, those same fringe elements were more on the villainy side of the argument (Han Solo defined the 'good natured rogue' character). Ultimately, who were the bad guys from the Clone Wars era? I think the new storylines aren't as defined (I don't how much involvement George Lucas has these days), whereas the OT are defined, printed, labelled and are held in a very special place. Back on topic, I don't think it's a matter of 'loving Original Trilogy' over 'hating the Prequels', it's more that the era of the OT is content rich.
  8. 4-LOM and Zuckass could also have additional cards for The Fett, The Solo and The Wookiee (Wookiee on drums of course).
  9. Heroclix is pretty cool, but the gameplay is still limited by its simplicity (the thing that makes it good by the way). To maintain that Imperial Assault feel, I think, now that Knight Miniatures are no longer doing a Marvel miniature game, it opens up for FFG (who already play nicely with Disney), to pick it up. Roll out 3'x 3'maps of city streets and the like, a few tokens to represent moveable/breakable terrain like cars and such. I could see this type game of game take off.
  10. Whilst not as a third faction, I think I like the idea that there is a 'grey' group that can side with either the Rebellion or the Empire. A 0 point card that allows for an alliance of x number of Fighters and/or Ships. Something where the Faction has to purchase a small base ship and some squadrons; or a formation of small based ships (two or three ships/flotilla). That seems to be more thematic and reasonable.
  11. Don't forget the Utinni! card. Add that, and the Jawa become serious.
  12. Wasn't too sure which Forum to use, but I figured there might be more of an impact here in Imperial Assault land. I was looking at some DK Star Wars Rogue One books, one of them was a visual guide to the movie (contained some photos of the shooting of the film as well as the bits and pieces in the film); in the book we saw the home that Jyn Erso had when she was a child, and then the book did a break down of her toys and the names she gave them. Mr. Stormie was the storm trooper; she had some wooden hand made toys of a Star Destroyer, Light Cruiser and a Clone Wars jedi cruiser. One of her 'toys' in her possession was a tall lanky metallic droid she called Mr. Iggy. Looked a lot like IG-88 series. Could her Dad have built these droids? Imagine having a special action/ability: 'IG-Series immunity: No IG model of Assassin droid can target you for an attack if there was another target on the board.' Of interest or not?
  13. I had to look up who this Dr Aphra is. yeah, I'd say no. Actually, I'd say, I really hope not - in the strongest terms. She's the Star wars Renee Belloq, from the few pieces I have read about the character, background, history and motivations... very (bottom) third tier character. I'd prefer a Jar Jar Binks character before this one. If FFG wanted to bring the gender balance back into play for the Imperials, then a few Officers and Commanders are a better choice. These box expansions are perfect for nemesis characters (regional Governors and the like).
  14. I think there's probably more chance of Gary the Stormtrooper making an appearance. we can't have everything and I think it would be better for the company to be able to introduce new characters that expand their stories that may or may not have a link to the new canon. If Rogue One taught us anything, it's that the Imperial Assault game is rich with heroes yet to be named. For my vote, I would still prefer Nar Shaddaa settings to get some Star Wars love. (I mean c'mon, how long do we have to wait for 4-LOM and Zuckass?)
  15. Stephen Colbert made the declaration that our current time system should be based around the Battle of Yavin. He said that there was life before Star Wars, then there was life after Star Wars; which means that all our time ought to be listed at BBY or ABY.