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  1. The key issue with X-Wing 1st edition was the power creep - it got pretty extreme. Imperial Assault started to do the same, but where this game is different lies in it's core strength: There are multiple ways to play! X-Wing was one game with really only one way to play - I made some 'campaign' style things, there are some linked encounters from the 1st edition boxes - overall, X-Wing was a tabletop miniature wargame. IA has class and sophistication. It has a true Campaign mode, it has tabletop elements where the board could literally change withing 15 minutes (if your tiles are organised otherwise 30 minutes), it has a strong tourny scene for those so inclined. I think Imperial Assault is almost THE game - the core set has everything for providing more hours of game play than any console game can match. There's a part of me that thinks they got too close to getting it right and it scared them off. People are screaming "Endor! Endor!", for my money it's "Zuckass! 4-LOM!Nar Shadaa!". A campaign on Nar Shadaa could easily be that campaign with the Imperial 'hero' with a couple of bounty hunters breaking a spice smuggling ring - we could get a better generic or named Imperial Officer, generic Hut gangsters, generic bounty hunters, Ghand Hunters... too much source material here for it to be left alone. There are stories yet to be told...
  2. I like to think that Imperial Assault has 'stepped out of the room'. The powers that be can bring it back whenever they like. It's a game, it has a following, and as a system it is very robust. It's up to the community to determine how dead the game is. Of all the FFG Star Wars miniature products, IA is my favourite.
  3. Hi people, Sounds corny, but isn't that real Star Wars? It's up to us to keep this alive, I think FFG would be smart if they've placed the game to the side to see what we do. If we keep posting vids of games and campaigns (especially campaigns) I think there'll eventually be some love back at us. This is a great game and deserves to be played. It's rare when a game like this is around; even if they shut down the whole site, I hope there's enough supporting members that will be there to start IA Forum pt2 (hopefully not required). I can say with all strength: wherever A1bert goes, I'll follow. I might even support a patreon page to keep him on a 24x7 Imperial Assault Support Hotline. And that scout trooper scene was what I'd expect from something directed by Taika Waititi.
  4. I'm not into the Marvel card game. I get that they can't do a miniatures based game in case they looked like they were ripping off Knight Models, but still.... A decent Captain America model would make my day to paint up. Card games don't really interest me, the 5-Rings is OK, I play that with my daughter when the mood hits. IA still has a lot to offer, but with Legion, I think the miniature making/designing people are probably focused on that. I'll spit the dummy if Legion get 4-LOM and Zuckass before IA.
  5. Are these paints "Sorastro Approved"? I want a big red sticker with "As used by Sorastro!", otherwise, I'll stick with my 200 or so Citadel/Vallejo paints.
  6. I don't really get into Skirmish that much (time permitting - being an adult and all), so the Campaign and App is what I (90%) do. I have an IA Skirmish appointment this weekend (appointment sounds so much better than playdate when you're over 40), and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a super-meta list I'm against. I was looking at some options, and I thought of the following against what is probably a Spectre Cell list: Bossk's boyz Bossk Elite Trand. reg Trand Elite Nexu Reg Nexu Under Duress Beast Tamer Explosive Armaments Feeding frenzy A command deck that causes affair bit of strain on the opponent like Dirty Trick, Toxic Dart, Out of time, that sort of thing (and of course Celebration). I still think it sounds like a fun enough list to play against anything else. (I really want to say "You've been Bossked!" - that's the real motivation for the list) The other option I thought of was about 4 units of Stormtroopers with Blaise and Imperial officers, then go all out offensive, make each squad target one opponent at a time and hopefully win by a VP chase. There will always be lists that break the game, and there will always be players that take full advantage of the rulsets to make sure they have maximum Gamesmanship result. Game developers need to stop trying to over buff the next thing to sell it and resist the temptation to over do revising rules to limit options. I have everything IA can throw at me, and I use about half of it. I'm in. As a 40k player, I remember the old Death Company super Jetpack bomb of death, they had stupid rules, they had stupid abilities, and so on; power players loved them, power players also loved the old Armoured Company setup also. You know we got over it and just played - sure I lost, but if I made them bleed for it, when you can get your opponent to get doubt in their mind, then it was still a victory.
  7. Who doesn't love Oxford Grammar. Commas save lives man... they're not a joking matter: "Let's eat, Grandma!" vs "Let's eat Grandma!"
  8. I know the concept of Timelines is thrown out, but I feel that Imperial Assault fits somewhere between Rogue One (Ep3.75) to just after Hoth incident (Ep5.2), and each of the box sets and campaign missions fit in here. I would like to see that continued, and stay away from anything post Asteroid scene from Ep 5. Is that too specific? As to Rogue One people, a small box campaign taking place a little bit before, or during the timeline would be cool.
  9. I do like this map! Seems to be nice combination for indoors/outdoors, mid-long range and short-mid ranged operatives. Looks like a solid tourney map to me.
  10. Ewoks have been represented in the art for a while now. Efficient Travel command card has an Ewok on it. I think the Ewok is there to reinforce the 'Endor' effect rather than as some mysterious prelude to a new box-with-ewoks.
  11. That's a pretty smooth calculator. Not something I'd rely on, but I like it.
  12. I honestly believe George Lucas would see that, nod and say: "Yeah."
  13. I think players would respond better with an Empire based campaign over Yoda. I could see an Empire ISB agent, a force sensitive operative (without a lightsaber), and maybe an Imperial Officer. The opponent could take a Hutt gangster, and the Imps (they still have a job to do in keeping the peace) need to bust up the syndicate. for Skirmish, the Imps could be named characters, we could finally get the LOM, a new Hutt figure (or at least some new Hutt gangster profiles). I know that the Imps are supposed to be the bad guys, but has anyone seen the movie The Night of the Generals? That's what I'd prefer to see before Yoda, Mace Windu, Yaddle, or Yarael Poof.
  14. I vote No. I love the little guy, I was against Palps getting in also; I think these guys belong on a different scale to a standard IA campaign mission. From a Skirmish point of view, I think the power levels of Palps and Yoda have to be scaled back to a point they lose their iconic status. I want Zuckass and 4-LOM way before the Yoda question comes up.
  15. I think there ought to be rule that if the player rolls the dice and they don't all make it onto the table, then the result is a complete fail; if the player can't hit the table, then what hope does the mini have?
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