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  1. TheEldarGuy

    Other good gaming companies?

    It's the 'uniform fatigue' that gets me. Though, I must be a glutton for punishment as I've started a Black Powder collection (Napoleonic era more specifically). My IG/AM army in 40k has about 130 painted guardsmen, and about another 45 more to paint (not to mention vehicles). I like the individual nature of the IA models, it takes about the same amount of time for a squad of Guardsmen or a single IA mini (or Batman mini out of Knights Models' Batman Game). When I get disheartened, I always think back to an early Sorastro vid where he makes a comment about games like these demanding quality effort. As a side question: Has anyone looked at Gangs of Rome?
  2. TheEldarGuy

    Chewie article is up

    I absolutely love the card art for the Notorious Scoundrels. Looks good.
  3. TheEldarGuy

    FFG Playmats Suggestion

    does anyone use the rules for the terrain printed on the mat? I'd prefer a flat desert, flat grass, etc. Then add terrain pieces, otherwise if a 'hill' is printed on the mat, how do you play it?
  4. TheEldarGuy

    Imhotepmagi's Legion Painting-The Emperor added 11/25/18

    I thought that was Max Rebo for a moment; laying down some funky tunes.
  5. TheEldarGuy

    Imperial Assault - First Impressions

    if you have any questions only listen to a1bert . The only name in rules referencing credibility.
  6. TheEldarGuy

    So what’s exciting around here?

    I get why they don't, but we have to be in a position to get over ourselves. I mean we immediately assume WW2 Germans are Bad and WW2 Allies are Good, to try and show otherwise would be ideological suicide (especially for Disney), but to show they are both sides professional and 'doing their job' goes some way, and why Imperial 'villains' are redeemable (like one particular Agent), or just plain too cool to not like/admire (Thrawn).
  7. TheEldarGuy

    So what’s exciting around here?

    Yes and no, I think the Imps could very well be against a Scum/Merc opponent. It could be more akin to a special ops team from two or three different units - Stormie elite, commando/sniper elite, and a named junior officer type - versus a Hutt crime expansion. Let's face it, not every Imperial soldier is a rabid homicidal looney, many would be actually trying to do the right thing. I think I remember a Soontir Fel quote saying as much when asked if they were on the 'right' side, he said he was charged with keeping the peace and that's against the pirates as well as the Rebel Alliance. From the right angle, I think an Imperial campaign would be good and useful to the game (a few more named/special characters never goes awry). (This is where I keep saying the same thing, hoping one day it will be true) And we could open up having a Nar Shadaa scenario and have 4-LOM and Zuckass as part of the bad guy cadre.
  8. TheEldarGuy

    FASA Star Trek Miniatures

    The Star Trek Combat Simulator was an amazing ship to ship system. With one v one or mass combat, the game rocks. In the RPG (Boo! that was very ordinary), There were various cardboard consoles for each player: Helm, Navigator, Science, and Engineer. Each player would take a role and the final player was the Captain who gave the orders. "Move us over there and we'll hit them with a barrage of torps. Shields Full front." The Engineer would assign power, the helm would move the ship as best, the Nav would assign weapons and shields. Quite involved and collaborative. As a table top strategy game, it was difficult to use more than three ships per player, which was actually quite Star Trek themed (with only one or two capital ships ever in combat at a time). The Combat Simulator and all relevant documents are available online somewhere.
  9. TheEldarGuy

    Clone Wars!

    I think for the purposes of balance, the CW Y-Wing ought to have slightly better stats than the OT Y-Wing (being that the Clone Wars Y-Wing was probably the top of the line Multi-Role of the day). Same goes for the Headhunters. With the 2nd edition releases I miss the Mission based Scenarios and a 'Campaign' structure, not only was it good for beginners, but it adds a little extra to the gameplay options. I wasn't too sure how I'd react when/if the Clone Wars was announced, but I'm kind of excited to see how it develops.
  10. TheEldarGuy

    I am bad at guessing.

    BSG is only because Starbuck is awesome character - no matter the literature or genre.
  11. TheEldarGuy

    What IP would you like adapted to an Armada style game?

    In an Armada style setup, with perhaps an Imperial Assault feel? I'd call Wing Commander/Privateer, failing that I'm sure the IP for Freelancer must be available.
  12. TheEldarGuy

    Unplayable figures...

    On Saska, I used her recently to bring in Boba Fett. Y'know because he's Boba Fett. The list included Luke, Hero of the alliance, and some other dudes. I just thought the mission briefing would be so funny. Luke: So is your contact coming to join us? Saska: Should be here any minute. Door opens and in walks Boba Fett. Luke: Saska…? Saska: Hey, me and Bobes, we go way back. Don't we Bobes? Boba Fett <Nods>: Boba Fett. Luke: Uh, I have a bad feeling about this... Boba Fett <nods>: Boba Fett.
  13. TheEldarGuy

    Wave 12 Wishlist

    Wouldn't a sniper have 2 Blue dice? As an idea: remove the Surge Pierce (or swap it for a Boom or 2 Boom), reduce the Health to 4. That way if you make it a 2 model squad, the other is a Spotter with a Green-yellow Blaster. For the Scout, if the Spotter takes a Double Action and is within 3 spaces of the Sniper, the Sniper gains pierce 2 (or 3), a Spotter action could be to throw a Focus on the Sniper within 3 spaces.
  14. TheEldarGuy

    MHD 19 and Medpacs

    The words from a1bert are as good as carved in stone.
  15. TheEldarGuy

    Played Jabba's Realm - got smashed

    Plus it seems that Diala never gets that Lightsaber. I've heard others say that they let her pay 1000 for the Obi Wan pack Lightsaber at the 3rd XP spend. I was wondering if she starts with one if there are only two Heroes being used, I'm sure I read that a Legends campaign with 2 Heroes, each receive a Reward Card.