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  1. I think to increase some longevity for the game, (as mentioned earlier - and I know it has been called for by others), a custom campaign set for 'build your own adventures'. up to six different end-game goals, with at least 4 different episodes in each; all tolled, with the side missions and customised decks... it'll equate to dozen or so campaign boxes. Then some of the story arcs could be for higher XP and Credit value characters - forcing the characters to have cut their teeth on earlier campaigns (sort of like how Basic D&D moved to Expert, and so on). Another way for FFG to 'up the ante' with the game; run an Imperial Campaign, and have Imperial characters (the players) running against Mercenary opponents. There might be some Rebel entanglements involved in the game (disrupt a smuggling run, or weapons shipment, etc.), in reality, the Imperials were still required to keep the peace, and bust up bad guy cartels. The GM supervillain character could be a Hutt overlord, overstepping the boundaries of some unwritten arrangement, and now the local captains have to clean up the Governors mess ("The Regional governors now have direct control over their territories."). The players could represent either some strike force, an Investigative team (ISB Agents), or even a junior officer contingent (bring in some alternative Imperial Officer models/characters).
  2. An Ithorian might be handy, for that single mini blister - akin to the Alliance Smuggler ally - one that brings some extra bling to the campaign, or passes a surge or two to others nearby in skirmish. Mandalorians that could be Alliance or Imperial, comes in a 4-Pack with cards Alliance and Imperial, so they can play off each other. I'd still purchase plasticless blister with cards for Mercenary Han Solo, Lando, and Chewbacca (they do dance the line); Generic Hutt gangster... Who am I trying to kid, they could package last year's Christmas Pudding and I'll buy it, then tell everyone how great it was!
  3. Ninjo v Giri is strong in Japanese folklore. I was told of a Samurai that was ordered to bring someone whom he had a debt of honour toward; so he broke his own arm so that he was unable to fulfil the task, but sent others to make the attempt (also knowing the other guy would put those men in the ground), this way he felt he could keep his word to both Lord and Friend (I think he ended up committing suicide anyway, but hey, that's how they roll, right?).
  4. My primary concern with this game (Legion) is that with only two forces (and all of them known quantities), there is no 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' element. I've stayed away from watching demos and any 'tube documents. I know the lure will be too great and I won't be able to resist. However, I think that since Imperial Assault has two elements to the game (Campaign and Skirmish), it's a little more bang for the buck. I'll be watching carefully, and listening to others on the line chattering about it, and I'll attempt to make an informed decision later. Besides, over here in Australia, the cost will be double the listed USD (usually how it works).
  5. Making solid maps with no squiggly edges was difficult, but the Heart of the Empire gave us a few end pieces. To make things easier, we scrounge through the maps in scenarios and side missions. My daughter loves the narrative campaign elements, my son prefers the Skirmish game. We're all over Knights of the Old Republic, making the characters for Mission, Bastila, etc.
  6. 'Back in the day'... Dash was actually the better smuggler, and had real ties to the Rebel Alliance. In fact, I once upon a time, that ship that is flying out of the Mos Eisley Spaceport as Luke and Obi Wan show up is supposed to be Dash flying out after being at the same bar as Han and Chewie. Meaning that based on old fluff, Dash would be better equipped and be the 'wolf in sheep's clothing' giving him more bite, even though it is a freighter.
  7. Wow. That's the sort of hate on I'm talking about. Back in 1st ed AD&D days, the Orc was about 14 to 16XP, ran with and average 4 to 6 HP, attacked with either 2d4 or d6 damage, had a THAC0 of 19, and in terms of loot had <5GP worth of kit. The poor Magic User had to accumulate 2,500 XP to advance to 2nd Level. I don't know what games of D&D you played, but I'm pretty sure that not EVERY campaign ran like the style you described. I reckon I'm backing off now. I'll watch and see what they do with the RPG, and hope that something interesting comes out.
  8. I think the Scout Trooper would have a White Dice for Defense; and their attack of Blue-Blue would be a special move: Sniper: If the model doesn't move, the attaack can be B-B with +2Acc or +2Boom; those little pistols don't seem to be so great, maybe a GY or even YY, and load the surges like +1wound, +1Acc, Hide, etc.
  9. I think there's room for the ability to make custom campaigns. Something like that will probably be a plastic-less box, filled with cards, and new tiles. With something like this, I'd like to see about 12 to 15 new maps, and a number of scenarios that can be played separately or the parameters for creating our own campaigns. We already have enough side missions, but a few more would be cool (Imagine a side mission where the reward was using Jyn).
  10. There's real anger-burn for AD&D out there isn't there. I hate to admit it, but if anyone designed a fantasy game from 1985 to 1995, then yes... AD&D was an influence. I would even go as far as saying that the 1978 to1983 AD&D (pre-Unearthed Arcana, but including Oriental Adventures), could match or surpass any RPG of our current era. Everyone has to remember, back then, We didn't really know what We were doing. Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, and Krynn were some of the best settings developed. So, I am sorry, if you had a bad DM, and it has clouded your assessment of the game. I think L5R has potential, but either the game has to get over itself, or the people have to get themselves. Start from as scratch as possible. Star Wars did it, Marvel and DC do it regularly, reboot the setting and fire it up. The designers still need to find the inspiration. whether it's cinematic Samurai (Kurosawa), Mythic Fantasy (Lone Wolf/Baby Cart series), or something semi-Historical (anything by James Clavell). I don't think debating whether a Geisha is a prostitute, or what adds to the daily stresses of being a Samurai, is really helpful for working through the Beta testing process of a game. As I said, I like the theory behind the game, and I like the setting, but is it worth all this grief?
  11. I have no idea about the history of the Legend of the Five Rings (I guessed by the Musashi reference that it was an East Asian and/or Japanese based game). I certainly never heard of it before FFG promoted it. I really liked the idea of an RPG in a different setting drawing on one of my favourite settings. The biggest challenge for this type of game is the whole Giri vs Ninjo struggle. Any old Fantasy RPG can set a number of Characters up against a bunch of marauders, and apart from weapons and armour, what's the difference between 4 Knights in European setting and 4 Samurai? As an outside observer, I see the conflict between die hard L5R people, History fans (with an almost academic level of knowledge of the period), and RPG types who want a cool game to play. I find the setting interesting, and the history of the world also interesting. I can, however, separate 'real' historical fact from fantasy gaming. I think FFG jumped into the game thinking one thing, but never really investigated the best way to package it (assuming the designers have an image of a finished product in mind). My best suggestion would be to recall the product, and have another go at it.
  12. My claim to fame in this type of endeavour was by creating plans for a military takeover of Indonesia with less than 25k troops. They were fun days.
  13. Players will always take advantage of disadvantages. (if you get my meaning). It's up to the GM to make the disadvantage pay. If the Player insists on having some phobia of water, then put the macguffin in a waterfall. Is that right? Should the GM do it that way? **** yeah! It's a disadvantage for a reason. That's how I've always used them (in all game systems that I've played). It doesn't have to happen all the time, just enough to remind the players that if they decide to be Blind One Armed boxers, then guess what... that is limiting, and that does have an effect on everyone in the team. They have to be measured, but if the GM isn't going to squeeze them one or twice, then can they be called disadvantages?
  14. That scene with 3PO tearing off the Wampa warning didn't even make it into the final film. Pity, I liked the segment where the Stormtrooper opens the door, gets taken, and Darth walks off as if he's thinking "Ugh! I don't have time for this!".
  15. Australia is all delivered. I got my copy about an hour ago. At work... staring at the box. The temptation is too great. I'll blame it on the Sith forces.