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  1. TheEldarGuy

    Official Rules Interpretations

    We should start a topic labelled: "Ask a1bert" the easiest way to clear up rules queries in my mind. I know whenever I see a topic that I also need to go over, the first responder I look for is a1bert.
  2. TheEldarGuy

    Hera Syndulla and C1-10P

    Wow! Hera and Chopper look like they've come straight out of the TV Series. Amazing work; such beautiful detail. Thank you for sharing.
  3. TheEldarGuy

    SW: IA - APP - Bug Report

    Using an iPad series 6, the program seems to not only turn the application off, but revert to the iPad lock screen, I think the timeout on the iPad (which is set to 15mins) creates a weird trigger in the program - I have to unlock the iPad and restart the application and revert to the last saved point (previous end of turn). I think the single taps that I make on the icons aren't registering on the iPad as activity. I have turned off the timeout setting, but not tested the app yet.
  4. TheEldarGuy

    New map

    I'd agree with you, except the Lothal post is still up a week later - usually they take mistakes down or correct them within a day or two. If it was a mistake, I think they're running with it, otherwise it's a very odd move to put a new map that no one has seen or played into rotation - is that the plan maybe?
  5. TheEldarGuy

    Need more content

    Yes. We need the infamous No-Prize! I believe you can have the first one. Congratulations!
  6. Yep. I'm all over it. Some of the best product available. We have names and locations BECAUSE these sourcebooks exist. This stuff is straight out of the vault of The Ranch.
  7. TheEldarGuy

    E-Web Engineer

    Now we know!
  8. Actually the best way for an Indiana Jones RPG would have been with the TORG RPG structure. The designers referenced Raiders as a major influence for their system. It was a system before the 'Dice in a bag', 'roll for Priority', or 'Take the Lead' style. The to-and-fro element made combat and actions quite exciting. The actual TORG milieu was 7 out of 10, but I have always liked the RPG structure.
  9. TheEldarGuy

    Priority Supplies Battlefield Expansion

    Those crates are SO going into Imperial Assault!
  10. TheEldarGuy

    Over charge ability...?

    OK, so we know it was a lone T-65 that destroyed the Death Star (major spoiler there, thanks FFG!); it didn't fire a single Photon, but two Photons. This led me to think, I hope we have an over charge option where we spend the two charges and either double the number of attack dice, or roll the normal amount of attack dice and shields can't bock it. I mean clearly once the game mechanics puts a 'charge' on an action, we'll want to overcharge the action - imagine a boost action with 2 charges, an overcharge can use the 2 move instead.
  11. TheEldarGuy

    Help with Boba

    Honestly, Sorastro is the best start. If you are new to painting miniatures, Sorastro starts small then goes large. Soon you'll be thinking to yourself "Now to make it really pop!" It will be interesting to see how different his Legion Boba will be to the IA Boba.
  12. TheEldarGuy

    Identifying Figures in Units

    I paint the rim of the base for each of the token colours (which also match the stickers), plus white and black (I have a few squads of Stormies - but really 4 colours is probably more than adequate), then use roman Numerals on each member (I, II, and III). There's a basic template available where the Unit card is placed on it and there are three stripes for each of the unit figures. I printed and laminated it, so I can track wounds on each squad member easier. I run Imperial Guard in the previous version of 40k and have 30 squads of Imperial Guard (and extras) that needed to be easily identified by squad and platoon.
  13. TheEldarGuy

    R2-D2 might have a way to get infinite regen in 2nd eddition

    Next we'll be forced to wear clown shoes and call ourselves Mary.
  14. TheEldarGuy

    Share Your Questions About X-Wing™ Second Edition Here

    The word you're looking for is: boondoggle. It's a real word, I accuse my children of it all the time. a boondoggle. This is the benefit of a classical education.
  15. TheEldarGuy

    So what's next?

    I haven't seen Gary and Jessica mentioned yet. That's always an option. Seriously, I think to prove there's nothing against Bothans, a two-pack of Bothan Specialists.