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  1. TheEldarGuy

    Ignore thread....delete.

    Nope. Hu's on 1st.
  2. TheEldarGuy

    Ignore thread....delete.

    I once saw an elephant in my pyjamas...
  3. TheEldarGuy

    Other good gaming companies?

    Has anyone seen/played the Legend of Korra game? I see it on my local store shelf - my kids enjoyed the two Avatar cartoon series - and it makes me pause for a moment each time.
  4. TheEldarGuy

    Other good gaming companies?

    I'm waiting to see how the Harry Potter miniatures game looks. That should be out in a few weeks (Knights Models). Looks like a similar format to IA, though the 'tiles' seem to be boards next to each other rather than cardboard jigsaw style. I was hoping that FFG might pick up and run with a Marvel style IA game, but I see Wizkids is going to destroy that idea (I sort of liked Heroclix, but the ordinary models and painting finally got to me).
  5. TheEldarGuy

    Kessel Run - small box wish list

    I've been hoping for a Nar Shaddaa box set/campaign set for ages (that long awaited Zuckass/Ghan Hunter and 4-LOM model please). Could be Rebels meeting with shady people, could be Mercenary do shady business, could be Imperial (with that long awaited Imperial Hero) to stop Mercenary boss being shady (good generic Hutt). With similar styles. Akin to Rogue One, straight out of an Imperial Assault box. Which means that it works as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Played the game solo. I took Biv, Gideon, Mak, and Diala. In the first couple of missions, I activated the Heroes in the wrong order, which often left someone twisting in the wind, or in a position of near-uselessness. Some heroes have actions and additional cards that can be exhausted at any time, I really need to keep that in mind. one classic example, Diala was going to rest and throw a Focus on someone, she started with 2 Strain, rested, then I decided to force throw a guy (could have done it before resting), then I decided to spend a strain to move into reach range (still could have done this before resting), and then spent 2 Strain to remove a defence die, to lay down some smack. My take on the strategy is to manage your activations. By the end of it, I started to work out routines, which helped. Unfortunately, I got smashed. Totally wiped out. The Freedom Fighter episode was a lot of learning, and some rules/interpretation mistakes were made. So I might revisit that before attempting this one again. Jabba's Realm seems to be up a level or two.
  7. TheEldarGuy

    Ignore thread....delete.

    Y'all should try and get some single malt Tasmanian Whisky. That stuff rocks. Funnily enough cheaper in the US than in Australia (I can buy it off a website out of California or wherever and have it shipped over and still be cheaper than the local bottle-o).
  8. TheEldarGuy

    Ignore thread....delete.

    Was his name Ralph?
  9. TheEldarGuy

    Ignore thread....delete.

    Honestly, once a Moose bit my sister...
  10. TheEldarGuy

    Ignore thread....delete.

    I've seen that production three times on stage. Twice with Tommy Steele in London (two separate years) and with Todd McKenney in Melbourne. It's worth the viewing if anyone gets a chance to see it.
  11. TheEldarGuy

    Ignore thread....delete.

    How can a 5 ounce bird carry a one pound coconut? Seriously though and back on topic: The best Old Fashioned recipe I've come across is: 2 oz blended Scotch Whisky 1tsp water dash of bitters 1 sugar cube combine everything except the Whisky in a glass (of course in an Old Fashioned style glass) and muddle well; add the whisky, garnish with Lemon Peel or slice of orange and a swizzle stick. Must have a swizzle stick. Then simply hold the glass and stare into it. You don't even have to drink it. This will make you look cool and mysterious.
  12. TheEldarGuy

    Where are the shield tokens?

    I think they assume that you have enough tokens from the previous version to pile them to the moon. It also gives them that sense of instead of $65 per box, they'd have to charge $75 for extra cardboard.
  13. TheEldarGuy

    Promo Damage Deck?

    Yes, I picked up mine and the deck was OK, but I saw a couple of decks that were put aside as they had some weird cutting error splicing the top of the deck. So much for Quality Control. Something like that shouldn't have even left the warehouse.
  14. TheEldarGuy

    What to do with 1.0 stuff

    At the moment, if you want to play with Epic ships, it's all 1.0; I haven't cracked open my 2.0 boxset yet, but I'm hoping there are scenarios - I find that these are the best ways to introduce someone to the game. which means, if the new kit doesn't have scenarios, then I'm 100% keeping stuff. Finally, coming into all of this the second time round means that I'm wise to the FFG ways, I might only need two conversion kits and a couple of individual sets to do what I need to.
  15. TheEldarGuy

    Are You Good At X-Wing?

    Nah, I'm terrible. I play lists that are connected, themed, and that are fluffy. Therefore the META kills me. Same too in 40k, Still love the game.