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  1. I would always go with what I feel is appropriate and what the table seems content with when deciding on conflicting source material.
  2. Agree, a very simple task. Do you think it's your Agility and Athletics score that determines whether you are a complete klutz or not and botch it anyway? Or should it be whether you are good with a one-handed firearm/blaster that determines if you are a klutz and mishandle tossing that grenade into a hatch? It's that kind of strange stuff that my group discussed and resulted in us eventually using Athletics. I would think it is the care and attention to detail I learned in weapons training that would lead to me being respectful of handling a timed explosive as opposed to spiking the volleyball which I learned in Athletics......
  3. I respect what you're saying; however, I worry about a nemesis with three to five ranks in his combat skill plus whatever talents they possess blasting a well developed hero into atoms. Some people have essentially said it works out and I should just let the system play out to the higher level game. This is the tact I'm going to take. However, I still have worries. If you're having your players face a Nemesis then they themselves should be somewhat experienced. Many of the specs have direct Talents to provide defensive bonuses directly in the form of upgrades, or bonuses to the amount of defense and soak armor will provide. I would be curious how much xp have your players earned and what are their specs?
  4. XXXX<-------crossed fingers and toes.......
  5. I'm looking forward to simply have it in hand for the content and the ability to integrate the Force more fully into my games. I'll pick and choose as I like, but I always have with any games I have bought.
  6. Politico, for Inspiring Rhetoric, and the ability to heal your group's Strain more effectively.
  7. It's generally more how a character is played rather than what sort of class/career they are that causes the most discontent. The name of the game is "Star Wars" which certainly would be ironic if there weren't any combat related fellows moving about.
  8. Should Computers just be used instead of Astrogation? Why use Gunnery for a grenade launcher? How come Lightsaber is a different skill? What if I am just dropping a grenade into a hatch? I don't think I would need to be too heroic too accomplish that physically.
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