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  1. Will this release have the version 2.0 bases and dials and stuff?
  2. There's a sub forum??? I must find dis! Oh...I just found it! It was hiding in plain sight!!!
  3. Ok...wow...looks gross. NEXT QUESTION--- When you have Zeb docked with the Ghost, can that combined ship benefit from all abilities on that ship (Crew and Pilots)? I don't use the Ghost so I do not know. For instance...when defending with the Ghost, does it benefit from Zeb's ability to cancel crits before hits?? I assume that Fenn Rau in the Sheathipede is survivable? With only 2 defense dice, I would worry that he would go down quickly. I guess his roll is to strip tokens from Ghost targets?
  4. Hey folks, been off the forum for a while. Come back and folks are irate about these new Ghost builds. I've searched "Maulzra" but I am not finding these lists. Can anyone enlighten me about the new builds? I understand there are a few. Many thanks.
  5. Nope...going there now. Thanks for all the tips
  6. My group is burning through the original campaign and wanted an expansion. They do not play skirmish YET. I gave them a choice between Jabba's and HOTE as both were highly recommended. I wanted small expansions that the kids could use in either campaign...that's why I chose Han and Darth Maul. If C3P0/R2 are no good for us, then should I get a different blister pack...like Ashoka or Palpatine??
  7. Is there a site where you can find print outs of the campaign mats???
  8. Hey folks, I'm back with a few more questions. Although many folks promoted Jabba's Palace, my gamer group decided that they wanted "Heart of the Empire." I have a few extra bucks and was going to add one or two small expansion packs. They really wanted Darth Maul. I was thinking Han Solo and maybe the C3P0 and R2 packs. Are those the best blisters to go along with the Original Campaign and the HOTE Expansion?? Thanks Shaner
  9. I hear ya Fickle and Bonza. I was just thinking of Dash Rendar's ship with the 2 Attack dice primary....at least it has an option to pay a little more for a secondary weapon. I didn't really plan on using a large based ship for just a blocker. Seems a waste. I'm sure someone will find a way to use the Jumpmaster again (doubtful) and folks will cry OP and it will be made entirely useless.
  10. They could have at least given the thing a slot to add a cannon or turret upgrade or something. My Lord, the thing is nearly useless offensively now.
  11. Hey folks. Having a look at the little quadjumper. Trying to figure out how to use it effectively. It's neat and all, but how would it be useful in any competitive situation?? Thanks
  12. Hey folks, is there a link or something with all the basics concerning HotAC? I did a search and was overwhelmed with info, but nothing that was basic start up. I have read about folks having a blast, but I know nothing about it. Off to do a Google Search, but I figure this place was a better spot for information. Thanks
  13. Hey folks. My after school club is loving the core set campaign. There are now so many expansions. I am wondering which set will give me the best bang for my buck. Hoth looks like it adds lots of tiles and models...So does Jabba's palace. Any suggestions? Also, which expansion provides good models for skirmish?? Thanks
  14. Can range between 5 and 15 teenagers. I'd say 14 is the youngest. They are interested in a ton of stuff...Talisman, Zombiecide, Coup, Xwing...etc.
  15. Hmmmm....I wonder if you can run decent games of skirmish using just the core set?? (IA)_
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