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  1. I am currently runnin the game and I am liking it. I am still unsure what the strain stuff is. Is it a light part of damage? Or is it to add a added deterant dice? Also it mentions cool. I never really undestood that either. Can any one explain that to me in laymans terms. Coming from a D&D environment some of these terms are new. And apart from buying the next guide is there a quick way of creating caracters and stats for them. I am thinking we may explore Tattooine before taking off. I did see the bonus things others have written and they are great but wanted to create my own scum and villany. Any thoughts? And thanks in advance for the thoughts.
  2. I would love to see a cards only pack. You could have a black market pack that would go with the scum and villany , You could have the champions of the rebellion pack for the rebels and the might of the imperials card pack. Also a Best of the EU card pack. Black market could have a bunch of illegal modified weapons, shield up grades etc. Champions of the rebellion could have a bunch of new weapons , pilots, double agents etc. Might of the imperials could have Imperial specialty cards upgrades and cloaks. Best of the EU card pack could have an Imperial and Rebel side. With all characters pilots etc totally dedicated to the EU.
  3. 1. Wraiths could not cloak. the Cloak X-wing (called the StealthX) was invented by the Jedi and put into service immediately after the Vong war. Thanks for the correction. I was totally thinking of that as I put it. I would definetly like to see one of these. Could counter act the Phantom
  4. Dont know if the Hapan's had anything really special would just like to see a different kind of ship
  5. Man my font size went funny ! Sorry for that . What is the ruling about putting stealth on ships like that. thought you could only put it on the phantom.
  6. Stealth device on Tycho ? Sounds cool will have to try that one. Still a newbie here did not think you could add stealth to him
  7. I would like to see and play the Ghost from Rebels. Maybe a Mandalorian Baislik or one of the jedi starfighters from Clone wars. Others would be to put a cloak on an Xwing like the EU wraith squadron I think it was that they could cloak. Also a Hapan ship or Yzong Vong ship would be intersting.
  8. Get you some Phantoms!!!! Cloaking devices cant go wrong. Get you a Phantom swarm. Might be interesting
  9. they could time travel I believe Jacen Solo did a form of Time travel in one of the EU Books. Some kind of Time walk when he was Darth Cadeous
  10. Just Dr Pepper. Or some Blue milk if I have it
  11. This sounds like a great idea. I have never thought to try a solo mission. I am going to go home after work and practice shooting astroids . It will be better than the video game. ha ha ha
  12. Also it is not a reboot. The confirmation from Lucas Films is that it takes place about 30 years after Return of The Jedi
  13. Actually I believe the rumor was John Boyega was a stormtrooper that was destined to defect. At least I think that was what it was. Not that anything is confirmed. But that was the must rumored of the Stromtrooper rumors.
  14. Thanks you have given me some great ideas. Just wish Fantasy flight games would make an official mat for the game. But it should be fun coming up with an idea for a mat myself. What is the best fabric to use?
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