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  1. Ha yes a few mistakes. I meant I ran them through the INTRO several times. My bad. And while I did mean I am murdering my players characters, I might be murdering the players themselves as well with all the junk food I end up throwing at them when they come by. Hopefully I'll scrounge everyone up this weekend and give it another go. Considering they've been a little hung up on stand and fight and thus have missed a lot of search tokens, I've actually come up with a delightfully dorky way to make them RP a bit and gain an extra shop trip (since they've kind of ignored it except for the scepter)
  2. Yeah he specifically chose her thinking "I'll walk through everything, dropping mirror image as I go to have a large option of attack positions" But I had gummed things up quite a bit with spiders by the second turn and the player would have had to stop in a few pretty precarious situations. I recall her health only being 8? or so and she'd already taken a bit of fatigue and damage from me popping a couple of said images I guess I might have them restart if they are willing, or even have them swap out their classes, keep the gold/xp pool and restart the quest from there. If they're up for it of course.
  3. No it's fine I appreciate it. I didn't really specify further that the "stun lock" was more they didn't have a chance to really pick everyone up/deal damage/heal. They were just stuck burning actions to pick people up or maybe take a pot shot. And since I was knocking them down so often and have a pretty consolidated deck, I was getting a lot of frenzy cards/blood frenzy/dark fortune. So basically it was throw special attack as attack 1. Sometimes throw a card that adds a surge if no surge on the dice etc etc. I've def tried to find rules to slow me down As far as who is playing what we have Nara Beastmaster Augur Prophet Zyla Conjurer Grey Ker Wildlander So I've bought pretty much everything Descent 2nd Edition so we have a full range of options. Thanks to both of you for the opinions.
  4. Doing Shadow Rune. 4v1. Have done interlude, fat goblin, Castle Daerion and suspended encounter 1 of death on the wing. I put some more specifics up in a more appropriately titled thread Here http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/113884-im-murdering-my-players/
  5. So we've done the interlude several times. Did Masquerade ball but scrapped the result and started the campaign over. Have thus far done A Fat Goblin, Castle Daerion and encounter 1 of Death on the Wing. The PCs have 3 xp each, I have 5. They only have one item "Lifedrain Scepter" but a decent stash of gold. I think 200+the scepter after 2 quests. But I am just crushing them. I'm trying to maintain the spirit of the OL being an antagonist, not a story teller position... but it's exceedingly hard. A lot of the problem seems to be that I'm doing a good job of choke pointing the poo out of them. Example. On Death on the Wing I parked a Master Giant on the "transition" between their entrance and the fire pit. They weren't able to shoot him down on their first turn so I just pushed him up and started using sweep to basically stun lock their whole group. Then I put a few of them down and drew up several extra OL cards. Once they whittled him down on turn 3 I played ... blood frenzy...? and party wiped them w the giant having 1 hp left, attacking basically 3x in that round then keeling over dead.... with another giant right behind him to sustain the block. I don't see this as any masterful tactics on my part, and I don't really see what they could have done due to LOS making it pretty much impossible to plink the guy (especially since he has reach). When I got to respawn him in a reinforcement wave we agreed to suspend the game. I don't know that I'll be able to get them to pick it back up unless I figure out a way to balance things out. Do I just nerf myself and stop picking particularly "meta" monsters? Do I limit the amount of OL cards I can play a turn? Sorry if this is a bit disjointed, long day at work
  6. Going to start another thread, have played a decent amount... but there is a major problem. I've been kicking the tar out of my players. , they're pretty disheartened. I'm trying to figure out ways to do justice to the "Antagonist vs Story Teller" appeal of the overlord while not just crushing the player party.
  7. Wahhhhhooow. That is really really excellent. I actually think the eyes are done really well. Not sure how you managed that on such a small mini but they look fantastic. Everything looks great, show more
  8. Wow so between you guys and the Bones miniatures forums I'm sort of kicking myself in the ass for not going full throttle on my board game geek interest years ago. Both seem like stellar communities and I have a feeling I found a hobby combo that is going to eat up dangerous amounts of time. I'll also make sure to share pictures whenever my girlfriend starts up the painting madness I've gotten to run the introduction from the base set a few times with a few people and we're comfortable enough with things to start up a 4v1 campaign tomorrow. I will def let you all know how it goes and thanks for the welcoming :::thumbsup:::
  9. Wow, thanks all for the prompt replies. I've got to say I'm really excited about this game and it's community. Just digging around on these boards I can see that as far as the internet goes this is just about as pleasant a place as can be found lol. Thanks again
  10. Hi all, sorry to start a new thread but I couldn't find an answer w search. I've just started playing 2nd ed and did 2 play tests on the introduction quest "first blood" In one run I had the Ettin throw one of the heroes in to a water tile. The throw ability says "the hero counts as having entered the space".... So here is my question... would the hero suffer 2 fatigue (as if forced move in to a water square)? Or would they lose 2 points of movement on their next turn? Or neither?
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