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  1. How can you build an epic list if the official app doesn't support it... come one FFG... anyone have an eta until its updated?
  2. As the title says, anyone have pictures on how they use the insert? I am not sure what you are suppose to use to divided the cards.
  3. Hey all! I have 2 questions for you. 1. If chewie is in range 1 of a unit of troopers and has los on the attacker. He uses his guardian 3 ability to pull 3 hits off of them. He also has a dodge token from his turn. Can he use it now and bring it down to 2 hits? 2. During placement, I am putting down a strike team of rebel commandos. They use scout two to get to a small building less the range one high. Can they use that scout to get to the top of the building? And additional if the building is in the deployment zone can they just deploy on top of it? Thanks for your answer and help!
  4. thanks for the responses... sad to her about the T-47 as it is one of my favorite ships in star wars... so besides leia and commandos any other must haves... I was reading about the pathfinders... are they worth picking up?
  5. Hi all, I am just now taking the dive into Legion... going to be all rebels until clone wars come out... what units and commanders are doing well... what does the "meta' look like. what until should I buy/avoid. Any other tips about all thing legion. I appreciate your responses!
  6. I was understanding that hyperspace was used at store championships and regionals. Extended was system open. Is that correct or did I miss something.
  7. I can say that our LFGS did not order any where near what this thread is saying and is getting the kit. Maybe its region based/ IL store with no issue and a small to medium order netted him one.
  8. would love to know the artist as well.
  9. its not the translation. Its the mass printing.. This way the only have to print on type of each card in large orders.
  10. It is so they only have to print one type of card for the world... no need to adjust for other countries at that point...
  11. I have been playing since day one and my storage for the map titles is beyond full.... I need a new storage system for them... anyone have something that holds all the map tiles out so far. Any links or pics would be great!
  12. Just wanted to throw this out to the community. Kylo is a beat, he eats rebels for breakfast. I am wondering what list or ships in general do well against him? Can rebels bring him down? are the other factions better against him? Also what does the meta look like in your area... I am curious to see how much it differs from place to please.
  13. kujoe1988

    Wookiee Ship

    Just to clarify.... When it talk about shooting the fore or the aft it mentions the firing arc. Is that the normal firing arc or the 180 arc... I have heard it argued both ways and trying to see what the community says on this?
  14. That story was already told in the C3P0 comic one shot
  15. With the newest expansion out I need a new form of storage for the Map tiles. What are people using??? Looking for any ideas and pictures or links would be an added bonus. Don't get me wrong, I am glad to have this problem with all the options we have now for this great game. Looking forward to the next box. Can't wait to hear from you all!
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