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  1. About droidekas i see them as a unit with speed 3 move and some rule that makes them cumbersome and deactivate their shields when they move that fast (to simulate rolling) byt they can keep moving with speed 1 and dont suffer those effects.
  2. About jedi hunters. It would be thematic if republic will get jedi padawans (or knights) as a melee unit and in return cis will get those hunters (and they could have jedi hunter rule that they gain aim when attacking a unit with jedi keyword). Would be awesome
  3. Well, ive ended up third in local tournament with an at st list. Basicly managed to position it to either fire at exposed units or provide my own guys with cover. It decimated 3 stormtrooper squads opening an objective for my troops and blocking enemy movements and even scoring an objective. With 9 activations it made a lot of sense in my list and i loved fielding it
  4. Ita not that hard but dependa on deployment to be honest. And speed 2 move with its huge base is long
  5. And experienced at st players will put it right in your face so you HAVE to deal with it or you cant reach objectives or risk getting squads exposed.
  6. Well, our first big local tournament was won by spammy list, but second place was taken by rebel with t47 (and second only because that player was also participating in armada tournament and after that he joined at the start of round 2). On second tournament there were 2 lists with at st, one of them made it to the top 3 while other was in the top half. Its not LVO but minor events in Poland (there is no love from ffg to us, europe so no maximum firepower and such) but still there were list with those expensive units in them and they did well. Its not about the stats. Sure in terms of damage they might be overcosted. But they have resilence, at st provides mobile cover for troopers (!!!) and they HAVE psychological effect on players that face them. We cant compare 2 things that fill diffrent roles. For some of us they might be unplayable, but some players (myself included) can find them usefull in their style of play. Its not like there is just one way to play certain faction
  7. Ive loved the concept of ace with 4 ship mini swarm and when cis will show up i will definetly test Grievous as an ace and 4 vulture with energy shells. hoping for 3 precise hunters and DFS 311. I hope it all fits within 200 points.
  8. 4 rounds should be fine. unfortunately i cannot afford the trip to gen con but i would help as much as possible.
  9. Only thing krennic is worse than leia in terms of survival is his lack of nimble keyword. Other stats are the same. You can aleays put esteemed leader on him and surround him with troopers. Speed 2 is shorter than range 1, so death troopers can either standby for fleets or shoot from range 3 and move away. With supression fleets have 66,66% chance of NOT removing that suprresion whats leaving them with 1 action unless they have officer or leia activates before them. Also for me death troopers have the flexibilty the fleet troopers lack: thry can fight from ANY range band availabe to regular infantry (dlt will give them range 4, range 3 regular rifles). Also youve skipped cover taking effect. With scatter gun 2 hits will be cancelled compleetly. Also death troopers with their grenade launchers ignore cover so one can shoot with grenade launcher and rest can fire their regular 2 dice attack. There are more things to consider here than just numbers and keywords and hardly ever you se just 2 units trading shots with each other and in regular game death troopers can fufill multple roles while scouts or fleets cannot.
  10. You guys are all forgetting anout the medic in personel expansions. Sure death troopers are expensive but they are strong. You could have a stormtrooper unit with medic hanging not far behind death troopers to heal them if necesery and that healing would really be efficient (at least more tuan healjng regular stormies) and all of the sudden thise scary troopers your opponent sacriviced so many resources to damage are back and ready to kick some more . Also about that fleet trooper comparison. Fleets are highly spevialised close range unit and in battlefield scenario death troopers would deal damage to them before fleets have any chance to return fire and then with 4v4 scenario deaths would win just because they tank more. Also with krennic in list one of those squads have always a free order and that makes them better than scouts.
  11. I want Jet troopers for the imps
  12. Republic commandos (delta squad) Droidekas Grievous Clone speederbikes Cody Clone at rt B2 super battle droids Droid speeders (those from episode 1) Droid hover tank
  13. Well, they changed the rules to allow standby to be used by ground vehicles so they might change it again. I believe that in personel expansion there is an upgrade that increases courage that wpuld synergise well with this rule change to allow fleet troopers to standby more relaiably.
  14. What overwatch upgrade? Also as ive mentioned in another topic i would experiment with the removal of standby. I will test out the varian when you only remove standby token when your unit has gaineda supression token and that token equals units courage value (supresses them in a way that they lose actions). Sure it could still be removed but would need more resources from your oponent than single dlt shot on certain units (pathfinders, guards, death troopers, wookies, cannons)
  15. Ive been thinking that in almost every game standby is the most underused action. Sure it can be powerfull but its just too easy to shrug off. I would sugges that troopers lose standby token the miment they become supressed (number of supression tokens equal to courage value. for now it wont change a lot but for wookie warriors, royal guards, cannons, death troopers and personel upgraded fleet troopers this would mean harder removal and wpuld make this action more usefull). Im curious what do you think.
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