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  1. Played our first game yesterday, and the dark lord escaped on won in the third week. 1) From what we can gather, supplying at all costs in the early game is essential to the hunters. 2) How many hunters does it really take to take out Dracula, and with which items? Plz post your expertise! :-) Cheers, Kepler
  2. I do a color copy of the mini map, and draw on it with a sharpie. I also ad a number to each location - just for the fun of being able to follow Draculas journey around Europe. :-)
  3. Erm... don't build it seems to be the answer to that. Saboteur is by far the most useless crew outside bomber-crew on bombless ship... action, range sucks, not 100% chance and paying 8 points for eliminating 1\3 of it's miserable failure sounds too pricey for me.[/quote So you see no benefit to the Emperor, should the Saboteur not be available? Makes no sense. Fact is the Emperor is a very strong card with alot of versatility. Hence 8 pts. 2 pts saboteur to create a R1 safezone against damaged ships is obvoiusly situational (what isnt?!) but cheap for the safety and potential gamewinning crits it could provide.
  4. Wow - FFG take note of this
  5. Imagine a damaged Corran or Poe getting a blinded pilot to sabotage. Would a Rebel risk that by moving into R1? I suspect not. Would you use that action to secure that crit, AND take your chances with firing afterwards. I suspect you would. All crits are a gamble. I agree. But thats not a saboteurs fault. Just the nature of the game. My interest is that basically - crits wins games. The more the merrier
  6. Dont forget that its a 100% sure crit with palp. Sure better than most combats? Goes past shields right? Crits do NOT go past shields. forget what i said. With sabotage a dealt dmg card becomes a crit with no escape.
  7. Sure its cute, its also controlly, unexpected, and according to Worlds lore could ensure a gamewinning crit. Same control could be said for Nera Dantels. Basically - come into R1 and receive advanced protons in return . At any angle. That controls space and it all adds up into winning a game. Especially if an opponent opts to avoid the sabotage and stay outside R1.
  8. The point is that if you are gonna bring Palp, you might as well squeeze a saboteur onto whichever youd want to either protect and/or bully an enemy ace around the board . Thats cheap for 2 pts
  9. Well - your condescending would make sense, if it werent for the fact the palp is very useful in all phases of the game. And - its a way to create a R1 safe zone against ships with damage.
  10. Illegal - palp takes 2 crew. Yes? Yup. but the Decimator can hold 3. ah my bad. Like it. Cheers
  11. Dont forget that its a 100% sure crit with palp. Sure better than most combats? Goes past shields right?
  12. Well its a strong way of keeping enemies outside R1. Basically - come into R1 to fire your torpedoes etc, and you get zapped by a critical sabotage Palp lightning. Beautiful and game controlly
  13. There will be more ships that eat stress like Keyan and Tychu. An obvious road to balance the stress-meta
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