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  1. Any ballpark on a resupply for the Star Wars RPG Game mat?
  2. I really like the ideas shown here! I will most likely use the silhouette setup listed above but I will have to tweak the HP and hardness. I'm running a few tests on the power of a base against various lvl ships to see what a good defense lvl is. Will let you know what I find.
  3. I wonder if I have that in my collection of tabletop pdfs... Thanks for the info.
  4. Yeah, my plan is to use it as yet another credit sink and thing to give them upgrades for - between their base, ship, and themselves, I have so much I can do in terms of loot. The group is about halfway through finishing the mission that ends with them finding the area for their base - it is the asteroid from the adventure in the corebook that I've pasted into another adventure. The next several sessions will be setting it up into something that actually resembles a base instead of a cavern I'm sure. But before I do that I would like to have to have somewhat of an idea of how much it would cost the group to build, say a hanger that can fit three silhouette 3 and two silhouette 4 ships or one silhouette 5 ship. I've thought about making it roughly the cost of the total silhouette it can fit (which would allow room for upgrades in the future) but in many ways a ship is more expensive than a room to keep it in.
  5. Been looking into this exact thing and my issue is pricing. The Galaxy at War and the AoR books don't mention pricing at all. Or have I found something like "trade goods" to make a judge at pricing.
  6. So I've been running a game for nearly 2 months now and the group wants a more stable home base than their ship. Rather than giving them a pre-built base, I want to give them the location of a sizeable asteroid that they can use to build a base. Unfortunately, I haven't found anything related to the cost of building such things. I've considered making liberal use of obligation to help them get the base up and running but I have a feeling they will do what they can to avoid that so I need to have some sort of pricing in mind before I start. Any recommendations for material to look at or should I just start making numbers up (using ship costs as a guide)?
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