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  1. There is also a huge difference in hyperspace and extended. Hyperspace doesn't have as many anti swarm tools available. As more bomb delivery and aces enter hyperspace you'll see some shifting around. The hyperspace trial I was in last Saturday was very fun but exhausting because my inferno swarm flew against 2 vulture swarms, a 5 ywing swarm, a trip tie advanced list, 2 jedi 2 torrent mix, and a boba guri list. 3 swarm duels are rough. I also saw other vulture and tie swarms, as well as a few 5 a-wing lists
  2. It's a Long shot and doesn't really make sense, but I always thought Admiral Trench would be an amazing model to paint.
  3. An old trick with flags is to coat an index card with white Elmers glue. Then you bend it as is dries to get a flag waving effect.
  4. In terms of the hudson valley, Poughkeepsie has options catskill has options, Albany has options. Poughkeepsie is very easy to get to from NYC by train or bus
  5. SamTheJ

    Acrylic Templates

    Get a set with notches for marking ships, it's super useful. Curled paw has this feature.
  6. SamTheJ

    Wave 11 Art

    Deviant art has a lot of the art from the game. A few of the FFG artists have profiles
  7. I just looked at this. It really cannot be done symmetrically. The best you can do is 2 seismic torpedoes.
  8. Call other stores. Barnes and Noble always has weird ships on the shelves.
  9. I'd like a wave about theft and capture. I'm thinking about Palob like effects. Pilots that steal focus, evade, or shields from enemy ships. They could switch red and blue target locks, maybe even Pilot skill for a round.
  10. I found a simple folded sliver of paper solves the problem immediately. Just put it between the main plastic and the cardboard dial. Doesn't even have to be neat. You'll forget its there and have no more problems.
  11. Can we also acknowledge that the scum nerfs were actually way more harsh than the imperial. Or that 6 months ago everyone said rebels were dead. After playing this game for four years I've learned that nothing is going to stay dominant for long. Except pre nerf Emperor who was in every big top cut for a YEAR before the nerf.
  12. As a moderately successful K-wing (won some small local stuff, nothing premier) player I will concur that SFs are bad news. Also, any true Jouster is scary because of the damage they can lay down on the approach. A lot of aces take just as long to turn around as a Kwing, but true Jousters that aren't afraid of the K turn can also help. Aces just need to do a lot of range manipulation. It's actually similar to what I had to do against 2 Triple scouts lists last year with my Imperial Pocket aces list during regional. I won by avoiding range three at all costs. Rule of 11 and rule of 16 can be a lifesaver. Remember, the K-wing 2 dice turret is worthless against most imperial aces. I will also say that formation flying can be a counter too. I learned the hard way that if you have a few ships in formation, I can't slam behind you or next to you, so I get stuck.
  13. Maybe it's because he not a native english speaker, but this read like the most happy go-lucky X-wing article every. "I like X-wing! You should like X-wing! Yeah X-wing!" It was actually really endearing. I'd be curious what a more competition oriented article from him would look like.
  14. The trick to bomber Heff is electronic baffles. Stop, rotate, take a damage and clear the stress, drop the bomb on the guy who was right in front of you when you activated. Next turn your opponent is stuck either staying behind you and getting the second bomb, or flying ahead and getting shot in the back. Two bombing warden squadrons and you've got yourself a list.
  15. I'm loving heff tobber with Sabine and Anti pursuit lasers. Makes a great blocker/bomber.
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