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  1. I've recently started a DH2 campaign and I do not understand the requisition system. If a player wants to requisition a silenced autogun does he have to roll twice to requisition it? Once for the gun and once for the silencer? Or am I supposed to combine the availability of the two items and he rolls just once?
  2. I changed Willpower's aptitudes to be, Psyker and Defence, to make Willpower advances more accessible to my players. Leadership, I made into a "Bonus" aptitude so the Ministorum Background would provide Social AND Leadership aptitudes, it hasn't caused any problems yet.
  3. I'm definitely going to be using this in my upcoming campaign.
  4. For what it's worth I emailed FFG when my first copy of DH2E started to fall apart and they mailed me out a new one, and it seems to be holding up well.
  5. How about a planet that is almost entirely devoid of light, similar to the deep oceans of Earth? Possibly featuring bio-luminescent fungi, ambush predators that can see in the dark, and unseen pits filled with hazardous chemicals ?
  6. After reading through this entire thread, you guys have really changed my opinion on using Bows in Dark Heresy, at first I was thinking "What a bad idea, Who would waste their time on a bow?!" but now I am probably going to award one the my group's Moritat assassin. Thanks for opening my eyes
  7. http://savageheresy.wikidot.com/ambulon try reading that.
  8. I had a similar situation when I used to play. My Character managed to take control of a ship, (a badly damaged But still functional ship) after completing our mission the GM and I decided that I would keep the ship, hire a crew, and run small charters. I would use any money gained, to further repair and Upgrade my ship, eventually we decided that I'd earned enough money to be able to purchase a second small ship (roughly 2 years in-game time). Though my character never actually gained any physical thrones, I had gained the ability to 'purchase' any small character based items I would like eg. An apartment of my own, better quality clothing, In your case I think a set of BQ Bionic Respirator units would be a nice achievable end goal.
  9. I like your idea of making corruption more dangerous. I also feel that it is an often overlooked element of the game. I'm also not opposed to removing the Untouchable's ability to use fate points, or at least reducing it. Likewise you would probably have to have some form of Increased Fate Point abilities for acolytes that are more pious, perhaps adding an extra degree of success, or being able to re-roll the number of wounds you gain from Fate point healing?
  10. I honestly was expecting you to say that someone brought him a blanket and Pillow.
  11. I get the feeling that we may be running the same story, my Acolytes started a fight with the enforcers, and then decided to 'purge' the rest of them, and we're very quickly mowed down, despite my best attempts to talk them out of it. Eventually leading to the fleeing of the rogue techpriest, and the unleashing of the plague to kill everyone/thing living in Coscarla, forcing Interrogator Sand, and some senior agents to go down there and burn the entire district to prevent the plague from spreading. Thus creating their nemesis for this campaign. I keep dropping clues for them but so far no one has pieced it all together that everything they've been going after stems from the same guy.
  12. Thank you Gregorious, for more or less completing my story arc, for my players. I've been featuring alot of Tech-heresy, in my campaign, intertwined with some horror based missions (my players don't do very well with subtle investigation style missions, so I use alot of combat heavy slugfests, and insanity/corruption filled horror stories) you have just laid down all of the framework I've been trying to sort out to complete my story.
  13. The way I read it is that if you're making a counter attack it is a single standard Attack (no option to swift Attack) with a -20 penalty instead of the regular +10.
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