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  1. Ok... Here are the pics of my indestructible dream team.... That kept Cthulhu dreaming... Note the gold for Leo and Jenny... I simply got bored, and only had 2 on the Doom Clock. I think I could have player forever... Someday I may try again, but substitute Leo for Luke (that opens other World's for 4 tokens)... The other world's would create a way to increase the points faster, and maybe the -1 Doom clock would mean that Jacqueline Fine would be able to do more adventures, instead of buying clues to use to reset the Mythos effect... I don't think this accomplishment could be done without Jenny, as she is so overpowered... Joe is probably critical as well, as the double clue effect is the second most powerful skill.
  2. I am presently at 135,715 on a Cthulhu mission, with nothing on the Doom Clock. I can post screen shots if people want? Jenny (obviously), Joe Diamond (he is always my #2 as his "extra clue" feature is amazing, Leo Anderson and ending with Jacquiline... She is needed as she can reset the Mythos effect if its a doom... The secret is to just keep the screen clear of deep ones... then when the mythos effect is connected to the amount of Deep Ones, it is the same as no mythos effect... Leo is useful as his extra token really adds up...and his 5/5 makes him well rounded to deal with Alter of Darkness and Measureless to Man, each of which can take 4 from a stat... He has over 340 tokens now, and if I ever get a string of bad luck of Twilight Rituals that occur after Jaqueline took a turn (as it is Doom +2)...and if Jaquiline fails to stop the doom clock on her turn (sometimes Doom +1 can become Doom +2 and it sucks...) So Leo can buy the 15 token bonus, and has a good chance of getting a Doom -1. I usually only do this at Doom clock of 7 or 8, as you can usually fight it back down to 0 by focusing on the right missions... The other secret is to power through the missions that have a Doom -1 chance (Raging Storm, Monsoon, Sailor's Doom, Temple of Madness, Measurless to Men), as they give Lighting Guns and Doom -1. A lot of missions have a monster as a reward, so I find its best to do them in groups of 3, and then have the 4th investigator use a lightning gun if there are Deep Ones that spawned.... If the 3 monsters are not deep ones, focus on the other missions and save the lighting gun for the next round. Anyhow, Jenny also has about 250 tokens, and the characters all have 20-30 clues and dozens of other items... So, I think I could play forever now... But think that I will stop at 200K, so I can play more Ithaqua, which I find the best adventure... hope this guide helps get some great scores! Cheers! Pat P.S. I reached 8210 on a Jenny/Ithaqua Solo as my second best score...
  3. Yes, please for the love of all that is unholy, more expansions please! I would pay a lot for more expansions. And I bought all the board games because of this little app...
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