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  1. Ok there is it with some minor highlighting. I think the skulls might come out better once I use the technique from the beginning rather than this batch where I had to go back and change what I did.
  2. Followed some of the advice here. Tried my hand at highlighting and also attempted to fix the skulls a bit. Was going to post an update shot but it says I am at my attachment quota. Not sure how to post multiple pictures to the forums I guess. *shrug*
  3. Those looks really great! Can you share some of your technique regarding the skulls? I am trying to get a similar effect but I am having a little bit of trouble.
  4. I love the blue gold! I don't hate the orange but maybe try a different shade? Is there maybe an orange that is more redish you can use? Either way, if I saw that army across the table I would be very excited! Thats just my personal take on the color, very nice either way.
  5. @NeonWolf Thank you for the kind words and advice. I am certainly going for a "tabletop" quality. Though I would like to push the higher limit of that standard. I am in fact planning on doing highlights but I am holding off for a little bit because I am not sure how to do it. For instance on the cloth parts, since it has been washed and darkened, can I highlight with the original shade of blue or should I go with an even lighter shade? My biggest question and dissatisfaction about my models is how the skulls have come out. I noticed that some other people who have posted have very clean skulls with nice clean shading. How can I achieve this? Is there a good tutorial I can watch? @bumyong Thanks! To be fair they aren't my first paints ever. I painted like 5 or 6 Warmachine models like 3 years ago!
  6. Take this with a grain of salt as I am a very novice painter. The first thing to realize is that you can likely paint better than you think. Just have some patience and go slow in the beginning. I swear, you will be surprised by your abilities. I took 7 semesters of drawing courses back in the day and my ability is absolutely laughable. But I will say that I am at least satisfied with my miniatures. Secondly, any color generally is an upgrade. Even if its not the best paint job it will still look fine. Also, it is not like you are required to paint. If you really don't find that aspect enjoyable then just don't do it! There is also no rush...you don't have to jump in to the hobby aspect right away. And when you do, take it slow. It is pretty neat when you first start and you have a derpy unit of guys..then months later you produce a super sleek set of figures. It is very rewarding, but, it is also completely optional. Basically, if you are interested in playing the game then play! You can decide how deeply, if at all, you want to get into the hobby aspect as you go.
  7. Pretty new to painting minis, just finished a tray worth of undead (second tray is almost done). Any helpful feedback would be appreciated!
  8. Saga sets are strange to me because you only get 1 of each legendary. There are usually quite a few you will want 2 of. If you get a saga set you don't really have any spares to trade for those legendaries. You are then in the awkward spot of having to buy singles off the secondary market, buying packs, or trading away some of your playset. I'm sure this approach works for many, but for me it kind of defeats the purpose.
  9. Here is my up to date trade list. Want: 1x Captain Phasma 2x Thermal Detonator 1x Princess Amidala Have: Legendaries: 1x Millennium Falcon 1x One with the Force 1x Poe 1x Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber I have 2 of every rare for trade with the following exceptions: 1x Cunning 1x Force Protection 1x Gaffi Stick 0x Holdout Blaster 1x IQA-11 Blaster Rifle 1x Infiltrate 0x Princess Amidala 0x Qui-gon Jinn 0x Speeder Bike Scout
  10. That makes sense but I am still confused. When looking at the card curse of years, "attached unit get -1 hit points for each resource token on this card. Action: at the beginning of its controller's turn, put a resource token on this card." What is to stop you from just putting as many tokens as you want on the card at the start of your next turn? (since it does not say the action has a limit).
  11. I have searched around and have not been able to find the answer to this question. Hopefully you guys can help. I know that when putting resources on a quest card it comes from the resource pool rather than your own personal resource pile. What about non quest cards with similar actions though? For instance, the card curse of years. It seems like this card requires resources to come from your own personal pile, is this true of all non quest cards with actions to put resources on them?
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